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Monday, May 08, 2006


New Orleans says "Thanks Houston"

"Thanks Houston" decals are starting to show up all over New Orleans vehicles for taking the worst that the city had to offer and not give them back.

Famous gangters like NO's 'B-Stupid' who has no regard for human life, has killed over 700 people, actually its about 739, with at least 12 of those killed in the Houston area.

While New Orleans crime rate has gone down, Houston is dumbfounded trying to figure out why its murder rate has suddenly went up without trying to offended those former NO residents that kill indiscriminately and who are actually responsible for the increase.

Now that B-Stupid is out of the way, will the murder rate B-going down. B-Stupid can't be responsible for every murder and crime since the rise. So there has to be more of them out there, perhaps C-Stupid, D-Stupid, and E-Stupid.

In time the situation will right itself, but how much time. HPD has many officers ready to retire, and it the backlog for new cops taking over and getting experience can take up to five years or more.

One things for sure. I'm glad I have the capabilities to answer attempts by ?-Stupid with some of their own medicine.

Screw the libs!

B-Stupid did New Orleans a favor.
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