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Friday, May 12, 2006


A Few Random Thoughts - XXXIV

- Internal al-Qaeda documents show that they are losing the war on terror. But of course you won't see that in the liberal media.

- Black Conservatives are never celebrated for their diversity. Ask "People for the American Way".

- The Civil Rights Movement has been wandering in the desert for over forty years. Moses would have been done by now.

- Bad news for liberals -- national healthcare in Canada and the UK is dying.

- Liberals never cry about Google handing over millions of internet search records to the Chinese government, but if the U.S. government trys to make connections to al-Qaeda in U.S. phone calls, then the libs go crazy.

- Libs never have a bad things to say about communism or their idols, communist leaders.

- Liberals hate reality. Tax cuts favor the economy and jobs; not the rich.

- Brazil became energy indepedent when they sunk a giant well off their own shore. Not only by sugar ethanol alone.

- Liberal pussies think about power and how they are going to take it back with their lies. They never think about for the good of the country or all things -- sacrificing for their country.

- It is physically impossible for liberals to listen in on each and every conversation made on a daily basis, and is an example of liberals investing in the defeat of America.

Those liberals must really be getting in your head.
No were trying to stop them from getting in innocent people's heads.
There's enough neo-con propaganda already. Give it a rest.
This is referring to the quote on top of the page.

How are you going to protect America if you can't even write a coherent sentence?

Just my $.02.
How will the liberals defend America if they can't even come up with a coherent platform? "We hate Bush and hate the Republicans too" is not a platform that can win an election or take the country where it needs to go.

Just my $0.02.
We have so much time left till the mid-terms its crazy for the liberals to be calling it for themselves.

Hell, America doesn't even wake-up until sixty days out, and the GOP base will wake up by then.

I love the liberals hatred of Bush. He's a tough guy, and just let's the crap fall to the side.

I'm still confident that VP Cheney will step aside and let the natural frontrunner for 2008 take center stage -- come on J.C. Watts.

Screw the libs!
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