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Monday, May 15, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'The Immigration Issue Creating More Black Republicans' (Liberals to call the Blacks Sellouts)

The Washington Times is reporting that Black Americans are participating in the protest along the border and are "joining Minuteman militia groups opposed to illegal Hispanic aliens working in the United States, saying they take jobs from blacks and piggyback off the strides made during the civil rights movement."

Blacks are becoming more offended at the liberals attempt to equate the immigration issue with black civil rights, which are two entirely seperate issues. Any Black American with two eyes can see that illegal immigration is slowly going to make them a third class citizen.

Without a doubt, the democrats and the liberals are slowly selling out the Black community for future Hispanic votes. The only problem is that less than half of the Hispanics that are in this country can vote. Of that less than half, count out the children, and the people who will not vote, and probably the most votes you can get out of the new Hispanic community can be less than one million.

Knowledgable Blacks, free from the influence of the NAACP and black leaders like the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are starting to be known as the ones who are "leading blacks in a circle." Mr. Ted Hayes, a member of the Minutemen has predicted their imminent overthrow, and uttered the quote.

Hayes, a black Los Angeles-based homeless activist and founder of the Crispus Attucks Brigade of the Minutemen, is fighting to keep the Black community vibrant, and free from the influence of immigrant rights groups, who want "to link their movement to that of black civil rights."

Mr. Hayes believes that the "civil rights movement was made by black citizens of this country, but [illegal aliens] are claiming civil rights as a key to cross the American border illegally," and he couldn't be more right. Blacks are losing jobs because illegal aliens are accepting "slave wages."

Blacks are worried about "illegal aliens' 'flooding' historically black neighborhoods without assimilating and taking advantage of overburdened government resources such as public education and health care." The key really is assimilation. The Irish did it, the Eastern Europeans did it, the Chinese did it, even the older Hispanic generations in America did it.

We used to be a melting pot society. As late as the seventies, before the sixties liberals took over, immigrants simply added their ethnicity to America. Immigrants came here to "become American," and to speak English. Now the oath of citizenship is given in their old home language, which in itself is a crime.

"About half of blacks [] see immigrants as a burden because they take jobs and housing," Immigration has gotten to the point that it is becoming more difficult for Blacks to find a job, and that a growing number of their relatives have recently lost employment to illegal aliens, and they feel that the "American dream is becoming the American nightmare."

It is time to close the border. Better yet, have a reciprocal agreement with Mexico's Southen border, which would immediately stop illegal immigration by posting more men on the border.

First things first. Illegal immigration must stop. Keep them from coming in. Take it seriously. The one who takes the action will be heralded as great. We can only allow so much illegal immigration before it truely overwhelms us.

Screw the libs!

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