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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'What should the US role in the Sudan be?' (The same role as the Clinton Administration took in regards to Rwanda - zip)

For those libs clamoring for the troops to get out of Iraq only to go save those doomed in the Sudan. Forget it.

Clinton wouldn't even allow private military corporations (PMCs) to stop the genocide in Rwanda, because it didn't sit well with his liberal polling groups, so the doomed in Sudan as far as I'm concerned are on their own.

PMCs, were a great idea. A company of 100 men could literally control a country, they spread that much fear, and they were the good guys. I can't remember the country, but a South African PMC stopped a civil war in one country in Africa, then a UN force of 18,000 went in and since the guerillas had no respect for the UN, the civil war erupted again. PMCs are that good.

The only way to save the innocent in Sudan is to hire a defunct PMC, let them be ruthless to the evildoers in the Sudan, and keep the UN and US out of the way. US liberals would never let US troops in Africa again anyway. Better yet, the UN could issue a resolution for the bad guys in the Sudan to just -- stop. Good luck, seeing as a UN resolution isn't worth the paper its written on.

The US wimp leadership in the waning days of Somalia, gave rise to the butchery in Rwanda and now the Sudan, not to mention OBL himself.

As far as President Bush is concerned, liberals will damn him for going into Africa, then again, they are going to damn him for not going to Africa. I say don't go, and save yourself from being damn twice by the liberals Mr. President.

Screw the libs!

I say let's not fight anywhere unless we absolutely have to. Let them deal with their own problems.

Fuck Iraq.
Fuck Iran.
Fuck Sudan.
Fuck Korea.
Fuck Israel.
Fuck Palestine.

Get Bin Laden.
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