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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'UN Violations Are Serious' (Yet the liberal media protects them with their silence)

Among the UN violations noted in Eric Shawn's book "The U.N. Exposed: How the United Nations Sabotages America's Security and Fails the World", it makes the U.S. look like a school boy as compared to corrupt United Nations which is:

On all of this stuff the liberal media has refused to really investigate this stuff, while at the same time trying to make the United States look like the world's most terrible felon.

Liberals can never find fault in communism, communist leaders, or the United Nations, when all three are corrupt.

Screw the libs!

Couldn't practically all of these arguments be applied to the United States itself? IE: failing to condemn terrorist acts, supporting the world's most oppressive governments, being complicit in genocide, etc.

Are you fellas ever concious of what a double standard this is?
You're right, but with the US under the Clinton Administration.
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