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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Thanks To Liberalism U.S. Infant Mortality Rates on Rise' (US Blacks fair worst with most dead per 1000 live births)

Here is something you won't see on WIN or in the Daily Cougar, the Houston Chronicle reported that U.S. Blacks are driving up infant mortality rates, thus bringing the US rate closer to that of developing nations rather than that of the industrialized world.

I guess the Culture of Death impression that the liberals are leaving on young Black youth is really hitting its mark. "Among U.S. blacks, there are 9 deaths per 1,000 live births," making the US infant mortality rate of 5 deaths per 1,000 live births on par with the likes of Hungary, Malta, Poland and Slovakia.

Of course, when you have a liberal culture that has to post a sign of "NO BABIES" on dumpsters in rundown areas, what do you expect. Hell even, Japan's rate, which was 1.8 would spike if even a small percentage of American Fourth Warders would all of a sudden up and move to Japan.

The experts are trying to blame this on America not spending enough money on getting health care to the poorer communities. Bull crap. The poor know where to go to get medical attention. That is not the excuse. It's Hollywood liberalism and video games, and the general lack of respect for Black human life that are driving the numbers higher.

This is about instilling liberal victimhood in an entire race of Black Americans that offers virtually no hope in their poor people except for a few lucky extraordinary athletes that make millions upon millions yet offer nothing back to the community, their race baiting religious and civil rights leaders that in order to remain in power have to keep the people in intellectual bondage, and Black liberal politicians that keep getting elected to Congress who only offer government assistance with no regards to improving their constituencies self esteem.

The Chronicle article "U.S. infant mortality rate ranks poorly" held the reason for the spike in the U.S. infant mortality rate until well in the middle of the article. They had to lie, instead of exposing the Black culture of death mindset, they blamed White because of "racial and income health care disparities." Again, BS.

I'm really not surprised about the U.S. Black mortality rates. This is not about medical care, its about the regard for human life, and quite frankly with B-Stupid popping caps all over the place, the Black community is going to become desensitized to human life and just fend for themselves.

Black teenage girls have no time to raise a baby. When you live for the moment, you have no time to take responsibility for your actions, if you happen to get pregnant, and avoid counseling and their parents detection, a dumpster or toilet is where the off-spring is likely to go, and the ones that are found are lucky as compared to untold percentages that are rotting in our landfills today.

Following Japan's 1.8, the Czech Republic, Finland, Iceland and Norway came in with 2 per 1,000.

Not surprisingly, Africa faired the worst with 65 out of 1,000 live births. Incredibly, Liberia, a nation of freed American slaves, ranked the worst among the African nations.

I'm not being racist in writing this, I'm simply telling what needs to be told. Nobody ever tells the Black community to ever look to the future and not to the past. They always look to bad things that happened to them, and celebrate them and use that for their greed. They never say "you can get out of the grips of poverty by working hard, and believing in yourself." At least I haven't heard it as one voice coming out of the civil rights leaders and Black congressional members.

Excuses such as national health insurance and short maternity leaves prove unworthy. If a pregnant woman asks for prenatal medical care in this country she is going to get it. If she goes to the food pantry or a church, she is going to get free food. No, the mindset is set that those who get pregnant don't care for themselves in their first place, and the fetus suffers with the premature births and low birth weight and eventual death or being allowed to die in a dumpster.

Screw the libs!

Hey, do you think you can remove this image from your website? It's linked directly from my website and it's draining my bandwidth. Thanks a lot. Interesting site BTW, I will check it out more in the future. Thanks a lot. Russ, Denver, CO
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