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Friday, May 19, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Senate Committee Approves Gay Marriage Ban Amendment' (NOW and other liberals to have 'shit fit')

NOW sent out an e-mail tonite that condemned a Senate Committee's Vote approving the Federal Marriage Amendment, or a federal gay marriage ban.

Hooorraaay!!! NOW President Kim Gandy is pissed.

I don't care about the party line vote, I'm just glad the GOP Senate is starting to piss off more liberals. This should hopefully be in the news in the morning. Hell, hopefully they might go for broke and put in a full abortion ban as well.

The liberals called the vote "marriage discrimination" of all things, but thankfully the amendment will now be sent to the Senate floor for a full vote.

Gay marriage has to go down. If not, when will it stop, when old men and young boys are being discriminated against because they want to marry.

Thank God for George W. Bush and the Republican leadership for supporting a Constitutional amendment to guarantee the end to gay marriage, and giving hope to millions of loving heterosexual couples into maintain the Republican majority in November.

Liberals are trying to say that the Federal Marriage Amendment will harm all families which is bullcrap. Gay marriage is a result of liberalism gone array.

Yes the Constitution protects the rights of all people, but those deviants who choose to be different cannot and will not be allowed to destroy the traditional marriage values our country holds.

In all this turmoil, NOW, in their e-mail turned to Sen. Edward "Ted The Swimmer" Kennedy (D-Mass.), probably the one guy in the U.S. Senate who holds the least respect for women, having killed one, and The Swimmer said "a vote for this amendment is a vote for bigotry -- pure and simple." Kennedy did go on with his tripe, but it was obvious that he supported a reverse bigotry that in itself is "pure and simple," a.k.a. - traditional marriage.

NOW questioned the Committee's secrecy, that there was no cameras, no press, and no public scrutiny -- BRILLIANT. It's kind of like a liberal meeting of the minds trying to find out what they stand for, since we still don't know.

The Federal Marriage Amendment is not discriminatory, nor is it cruel, nor is it contrary to the fundamental guarantees of the Constitution. It just makes sense.

Screw the libs!

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