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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'NSA Story a Big Lie on Liberals Part' (Bush has done no wrong; conversations do remain private)

Big Brother is not listening to our conversations as liberals would want you to believe.

Aunt Sally's cookie receipe is safe -- the government does not know it. Conversations between fags on what bottles they are going to use on each other when they get together will not be noted by President Bush. And conversations between drug dealers on when the next buy goes down will remain a secret.

Liberals are crazy. They don't cry when Google let's the Chicoms have tons of internet search records. But when our government at war tries to stop known terrorist, democrats go crazy.

Frankly, democrats want to protect terrorist. They in no way want get the upper hand on the terrorist, only to get their power back. The President's statement today was right on, and in no way offends any American going about their daily business.

In a time when we were not at war, during the Clinton Administration it was common knowledge that domestic activities were underway, and not one liberal raised a stink. Clinton read FBI files, and liberals didn't care. Clinton actually listened to personal conversations of ordinary Americans, and again liberals didn't care.

Fast forward to a time of war. A time when liberals absolutely hate the President and want him gone even if it lays waste to our country. Any move that the President makes is hounded and is always wrong.

The same liberals who hound President Bush for doing something in the War on Terror, would be the same liberals who would claim that he did nothing if we were hit again. So Bush can't win with the liberals, and he goes about his daily business anyway.

USA Today held this story, and whoever leaked this information should be arrested. Liberals and our liberal media are aiding the terrorists.

I've gotten to the point that I'm starting to look forward to the day when liberals, especially influential liberals, start winding up dead in back alleys for selling out America and helping our enemies.

It's time for the Conservative Mafia to rise up. Since liberals don't believe in guns, it will be a turkey shoot.

And finally, get this. In order to complain against the USA Today, you have to give them more private information, include DOB and address. That is more information than the government is collecting in the first place.

Screw the libs!

Nice magazine cover. Now, only if the defense and intelligence agencies did their jobs. I'm sick of my tax dollars going to people and organizations not doing their jobs or not representing the average American.
A turkey shoot on liberals. Yeah, that's real American behavior. And you wonder why you guys are called Nazis.
>Since liberals don't believe in guns, it will be a turkey shoot.

You might be sadly surprised.

Of course, you don't actually have the balls to do it.
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