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Monday, May 01, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'NOW claims 350,000 showed for March for Peace, Justice & Democracy' (Some numbers as low as 25,000)

Just to show how much respect NOW holds for its members, Mai Shiozaki send out an e-mail stating that 350,000 people showed for that wacked out event, when other estimates figures in the low thirties of thousands, and some even say 25,000.

The New York Times reported numbers in the tens of thousands, with no mention anywhere near hundreds of thousands, seeing as the illegals can put up the anti-war libs numbers in their sleep.

Screw the libs!

WiN won two first place awards and two second place awards from the SPJ for their work this weekend in Oklahoma City.

The two first place winners will now be competing against universities across the country. The winners will be announced this August in Chicago.

Just thought you should know.

So the liberal establishment that gives out awards for stories that are in line with their politics gave liberal WIN a couple of pats on the back. Get some awards from a neutral organization or a conservative one to balance out your leftist awards and then you will have something to brag about. I thought you guys thought the neocons here were about self-agrandizement. Looks like the pot calling the kettle black eh?

My $0.02.
The Society of Professional Journalists is not a leftist/liberal organization.

It is the most prominient organization for journalists.

I'm sure Bill O'Reilly, William Safire and George Will are a part of it.

I'm noticing your $.02 much of the time is ill informed. Do me a favor and the next time you want to add your $.02, know the facts.

Politics aside, it is good for the University that WiN won the awards. We were the only group from UH to win anything. I guess The Cougar just wasn't good enough.
I'm noticing your $.02 is often ill informed. Why don't you do us all favor and know what you are talking before you add your two pennies.

The Society of Professional Journalists is the foremost group of journalists in the United States. I wouldn't doubt if conservative journalist such as William Safire, George Will, Bill O'Reilly, etc. belonged to it.

Politics aside, winning the awards is a good thing for our University. WiN was the only group from UH to win anything. I guess the Cougar just wasn't good enough.

Just my $.02
Hey you conservative guys should comment on this. Pretty interesting.

You'd think a leftist organization like the Washington Post would never run an article like that, now would you?:)

It's not the first time they did work. Nice job on Watergate.
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