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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberals Arrogant Towards Winning '06 Elections' (Speaker-to-be Pelosi already choosing drapes for her office)

I recently saw Seabiscuit on cable and I couldn't help but see the correlation between Seabiscuit and War Admiral and the Republicans and the liberals in '06 and '08.

The War Admiral liberals are so confident about the '06 elections that Speaker-to-Be Nancy Pelosi is already choosing drapes for her Speakers office, and top liberals are so giddy that they can't help but call her Speaker Pelosi if only by accident, but we can't forget Seabiscuit, whom the Eastern press overwhelmingly saw as just another victory for War Admiral back in 1938.

Of course when you have the liberal press on your side, the hype can be so much that most of the country will believe that Seabiscuit will not only lose but will have War Admirals trainers picking out new drapes for War Admiral's private stable.

The numbers just don't add up for a democratic sweep in November. They can play up the "Speaker-to-Be" hype as much as they want, but when the political season heats up, liberal poll leads will drastically narrow and then they will be overcome by good 'ol Seabiscuit.

The War Admiral democrats debate over their "vision," uh pardon me, shouldn't you guys already have had vision, like more taxation, more abortion, more government control, no school choice, more activist judges, no Patriot Act, higher than we already have gas prices, cutting and running from Iraq and the War on Terror, a $9/hr minimum wage, and a general hate for the military. What more of a vision do you want. I could go on, but I have things to do.

How can the liberals actually believe they are "winners" in '06. They have no "vision," they have no idea what they stand for, Conservatives do, liberals only have gasps of air and sips of hope for '06. The liberal media that they hang with is losing circulation and viewership, and quite frankly the American people are turned off to the liberals. The liberal media will get theirs one day.

The liberals always need victims. Victims give the liberals power. Liberals cry about high gas prices, but allowing drilling in AWR and elsewhere in America, which would help their victims in the economy with lower gas prices is not allowed.

The humility of the Conservatives will allow them to prevail. We believe in God, and the greatness of America. We hold America in "awe" while liberals liberals hold our country in "contempt." America knows this, and that's why Conservatives will continue to be seen as the "bad guys," while the real bad guys such as the Kennedy's will continue to cover-up their offenses and blame it on something else, like Ambien.

Liberals, the Common Sense American knows better. That is why you won't win in '06, '08, '12, or in any other election year.

For if democrats ever win again, America will surely lose.

Screw the libs!

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