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Friday, May 05, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberals think they are above the law with this cover-up' (Congressman Patrick Kennedy not processed for DUI)

Another Kennedy is in trouble.

This time it is Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.), son of "The Swimmer" Sen. Ted Kennedy, who was involved in a crash near the Capitol Thursday morning, in which Kennedy nearly hit a Capitol Hill police car, and smashed into a barricade.

Acting Chief Christopher McGaffin, who should be fired for not allowing Kennedy to be processed for DUI, is being asked by his union for the investigation to be completed.

Officer Greg Baird wrote that the wreck took place at approx. 2:45 a.m. yesterday, when “the driver (Kennedy) exited the vehicle and he was observed to be staggering.” Baird wrote that officers approached Kennedy who declared to them he was a "Congressman and was late to a vote." The only thing is that the House adjourned nearly three hours before the wreck.

The driver was officially identified as Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy from Rhode Island. Capitol Hill police are trained in DUI situation, but were prevented from processing the scene and from completing sobriety test at the scene. Two officers of higher rank showed up and took control of the scene. They talked it over with the commander on duty at the time, and Kennedy was escorted home without being processed.

Sources have confirmed that Kennedy was drunk and stumbling, and claiming to be late for a vote. Kennedy had been involved in an accident just two weeks ago in Rhode Island. No word if that wreck was alcohol involved.

DUI situations are no stranger to the Kennedy's. Patrick's Dad, Senator Edward Kennedy, set the standard for DUI's when he killed Mary Jo back in 1969 following a night of drinking.

Of course P. Kennedy wrote in a statement later yesterday, that "I consumed no alcohol prior to the incident. I will fully cooperate with the Capitol Police in whatever investigation they choose to undertake." So somebody is a liar, and I willing to take the word of the Capitol Hill police over The Swimmers Son.

If anything, The Watch Commander, and the two sergeants should be fired for not allowing a sobriety test to be performed.

Don't tell the people over at the Hawk & Dove about Pat's drinking the night before, but the New York Times and CNN spent more time trying to explain Kennedy's elaborate excuse that he was taking Ambien and other medication than in actually explaining what went on, so you can see the liberal coverup already, which is probably more than enough to get him off the hook seeing as liberals never find any fault in dictators, communist leaders, and white liberal politicians (Cynthia McKinney and William Jefferson not included).

Screw the libs!

The libs talk about Limbauh who became addicted to the painkillers he took after painful surgeries. Wonder why they can't talk about this. Standard times two.
If Limbaugh were a Hollywood liberal, he would be lauded for overcoming his addiction.

What about that double standard lib?

Rich white liberals like Kennedy have the backing of millions while Black liberals like McKinney are thrown to the wolves.
I think you misunderstood me hater. I guess I didn't phrase my comment well, hey its finals. What I was pointing out was the double standard that the media and libs are all over Limbaugh, when he became addicted to painkillers that were prescribed for initially a perfectly legitimate reason, when Kennedy is getting a free pass from the liberal media for another animal altogether.
So who are these sources who confirm that he was drunk and stumbling?

It was all a lie and yet he feels he needs to check into rehab? Why can't the libs be all over this guy if they are going to be all over Limbaugh?
No matter what drug or alcohol that Kennedy was on, he was still DUI.

The idiot liberal media is concentrating more on Ambien than on Kennedy himself.

That in itself shows the cover-up.
I believe we have a President with DUI in his past.

Oh, wait, it's been expunged.

Now, there's a cover-up.
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