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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberals turn their backs on the real torture going on out there'

The Executive Director of the American Communist League Union Anthony D. Romero recently sent out an e-mail that "Torture is un-American".

Of course Anthony and the liberals can believe that as long as they ignore the picture on the right of an American head after being beheaded.

Liberals forget that September 11th happened everyday in order to believe what they believe. Quite frankly, the liberals trash our beliefs in favor of a religion that would have most of them put to death if they were to live under the influence of Islam.

Besides a few pictures by some stupid soldiers, liberals have not found any abuse at Club Gitmo, only well treated detainees whose Korans have never been abused.

Romero is desperate to add names, dead or alive to his petition. He will meet with the Committee Against Torture in Geneva, and you can be damn sure that no pictures of al-Qaeda holding severed American heads will be around, but plenty of Abu Ghraib pictures will be on the walls.

Romero's e-mail was a bunch of lies, talking of "illegal spying on innocent Americans, gag orders used to silence political debate, warrantless searches," and goes to show his desperation in getting donations to his organization.

Romero never holds President Clinton accountable for the FBI files in the White House, the actual wiretapping of Bill's political enemies, and other miscarriages of justice. Stuff that he alleges that Bush has done, but where was the ACLU during Clinton?

Screw the libs!

The modern Conservative, who is in fact not a Conservative at all, is one that has adopted ? on a rhetorical level ? perspectives that were classically Liberal (especially in regards to Market Liberalism), but yet has perverted these perspectives into something distinctly authoritarian. The perversion is not uniquely their own, however. Neo-Conservatism adopts an ignorant, self-denied love for New Deal?styled Socialism and increased regulation.

Lies are nothing new to politics. ItÕs arguable that Neo-Conservatives have lied to us on a regular basis on a variety of issues, ranging from foreign policy to the supposed destruction of the nuclear family, which they claim would result from allowing homosexuals the same rights held by heterosexuals. But in each of these cases, the lieÕs impact is diminished by a healthy level of scepticism. The most successful lie propagated by Neo-Conservatives would have to be the conclusion that they are fiscal conservatives. Few of us, unfortunately, question the existence of a Free Market appreciation within the ranks of these "Compassionate Conservatives."

Give the people a few small tax cuts, call your opponent a fiscal liberal, sit back, and let the votes roll right in. After all, your Capitalist credentials are set, right? Forget that youÕre bleeding the economy through deficit spending. Forget that you approve huge spending bills loaded with pork. Forget your fiscal irresponsibility. Why focus on the petty details?

Rep. Tom DeLay, employing doublethink as best anyone can, recently claimed an ongoing Republican victory against wasteful federal spending. "Yes, after eleven years of Republican majority weÕve pared it down pretty good." This was Rep. DeLayÕs response to whether or not the government was running at peak efficiency. It should come as no surprise that Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) named Rep. DeLay (and Rep. Don Young) "Co-Porkers of the Month."

This is really nothing new. When the Republicans gained control over Congress in the mid-Õ90s, many hailed it as the changing point: the new age of fiscal responsibility in government. The Contract with America, as it was called, had begun.

And eleven years later, if weÕre to believe DeLay, pork is dead and fiscal discipline reigns supreme.

This must explain the $2 million wasted on the USS Sequoia Presidential Yacht.

Oh, and the $6.3 million wasted on wood utilization research. We just gotta have...wood utilization research. Without it, how will we ever know how to utilize...wood?

These are not things we need. These are merely pork-barrel projects, slipped into large bills for political gain. When Congress passed a $388 billion spending bill last year, it contained a provision allowing the House and Senate appropriations committees or their agents access to "Internal Revenue Service facilities and any tax returns or return information contained therein."

Since the disaster wrought by Katrina, the Federal government has approved $62.3 billion worth of contribution, most of which will go to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Many have been calling for congress to offset the spending by making cuts elsewhere, but not Rep. DeLay, whose response "to those that want to offset the spending is Ôsure, bring me the offsets, IÕll be glad to do it.Õ But nobody has been able to come up with any yet." Perhaps Rep. DeLay has never heard of Citizens Against Public Waste, but their "Congressional Pig Book" identified 13,977 pork projects just in the fiscal 2005 appropriations bills. Combined, this fat totals $27.3 billion that could be saved.

But subsidies (such as the $20 billion a year spent on farm subsidies which benefit large farms and agribusinesses, according to the Heritage Foundation) arenÕt the only indication that the modern Conservative opposes Free Markets. We must also take into account the regulations supported by these Brave New Pseudo-Capitalists.

IÕm thinking of course about CAFTA, the "Central American ÔFreeÕ Trade Agreement" which passed in both houses of Congress, and which was applauded by Neo-Liberals and Neo-Conservatives alike. Rep. Ron Paul, known by many as the taxpayerÕs best friend, stated:

We donÕt need CAFTA or any other international agreement to reap the economic benefits promised by CAFTA supporters, we only need to change our own harmful economic and tax policies. Let the rest of the world hurt their citizens with tariffs; if we simply reduce tariffs and taxes at home, we will attract capital and see our economy flourish.

CAFTA, which was similar in many respects to NAFTA (the North American "Free" Trade Agreement), opened the door to international regulation over dietary supplements and vitamins, an issue of concern for many people. It is a cruel joke played on anyone who supports these bills because of their titles, since the regulations they enact do nothing to truly liberalize the markets.

This can also be said of international regulatory agencies such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), as well as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. These are essentially unelected bureaucracies whom are not responsible to any of the people they affect. Yet the WTO is not only supported by Neo-Conservative elites, but is touted as a promoter of Free Trade. This is also true in the distorted eyes of the media.

On November 14, 2001, Pres. George W. Bush said,

I commend the decision by the worldÕs trading nations, meeting in Qatar, to launch a new round of global trade negotiations. This bold declaration of hope by the World Trade Organization (WTO) has the potential to expand prosperity and development throughout the world and revitalize the global economy. It also sends a powerful signal that the worldÕs trading nations support peaceful and open exchange and reject the forces of fear and protectionism.

TodayÕs action advances the United StatesÕ agenda to liberalize world trade ? something that will benefit all Americans. By promoting open trade, we expand export markets and create high-paying jobs for American workers and farmers, while providing more choices and lower prices for goods and services for American families.

One has to wonder if he actually believes what he says.

The modern Conservative is a new animal, not a supporter of small government as many would claim is the inherent nature of Conservatism, but rather a supporter in strengthening the Leviathan for security. The inevitable result is more Big Government in all spheres of public life, from inappropriate restrictions on rights resulting from bills like the USAPATRIOT Act of 2001 and the REAL ID Act of 2005 to exorbitant federal budgets and appropriation bills.

It seemed no one in Congress wanted to acknowledge that the last budget Bush signed into law was too big. All anyone talked about on Capitol Hill were the cuts, and how they would improve (or hurt) our economy. Were cuts made? In places. But overall, the budget increased seven percent from the previous year. That was 41% higher than even ClintonÕs biggest budget.

Since the completion of the Clinton-years, Democrats have been losing ground in political battle after political battle. But there is a solution waiting for them, if theyÕre willing to embrace it. If the Democrats want to regain their political relevancy, theyÕd be well-advised to borrow a page from the Libertarian handbook and begin looking critically at the "spend-first, ask-questions-later" fiscal policy of modern Conservatism. Of course, to be successful this would necessitate a welcome change in the DemocratsÕ approach to economic policy. It would be a smart and decisive move, catching the GOP completely off guard. Although itÕs a change IÕm not actually expecting to see, my fingers are crossed.

Just a couple of pennies worth.
Anons comment is exactly the same as the last post. Someone is lacking originality.
I'd like a reply. This is a discussion group, correct?
Here is your reply....

You are desperate for attention and you need to learn proper Nettiquette. If you wan't to give a couple of pennies, you don't get to give the same ones over and over again by copy and paste several times.

My $0.02
Fuck you. Answer the post. I posted it in two areas so it wouldn't miss your attention. If you had responded to it, I wouldn't have posted it again.

I guess you can't handle the truth.
Boy "Fuck You" is a real way to show your intellectual credentials. Did you learn this during your pursuit of "two degrees"?
The fact that you wanted to insure that it "wouldn't miss my attention" proves my earlier point in the minimum wage post that you are desperate for attention.

This behavior of yours is like a little kid who throws a temper tantrum because one of the neighbor kids won't play with him.

Use this two cents to buy yourself a hankercheif to wipe up your tears of anguish from your temper tantrum.
Here's a good story for you Liberal Hater. The market is on fire! The Dow is only 300 points away from its all time high and may surpass it soon. I guess the Democrats won't like this news come November!


Use these two cents to invest in the market!
You sure seem alot like Missed the Bell. Are you related?:)
Nice swing and miss.....!

Saved by the Bell claimed to be a Libertarian, but if you read his comments many of the things he said were the total opposite of the Libertarian Parties position. The Libertarians are very much pro gay rights, very much against the Iraq War, very much against the Patriot Act, Guantanomo etc.

He was pretty funny though...I guess he really hurt your overly sensitive psyche for you to be so paranoid about him... Didn't Liberal hater tell you to go see Dr. Phil before? I think that was good advice for you.

A lot of us Poli Sci students from a couple of my classes have started reading this. I've been reading a while longer than most, but I've shared it with some of my collegues. We get a real kick out of it.

Seems like Liberal Hater at least knows more about how the government and the legal system works than you do. Don't know what he has studied, but I smell a poli sci degree in there somewhere.

When I say that the basics of government that I knock you on for not knowing were covered in my junior high school, really elementry school in many cases, I'm not kidding. Perhaps you have gone senile in your old age and can't remember. More likey you were too dumb to understand anyway.

If you really have "two degrees" then shame on the colleges that had such a poor program that they let you graduate with such ignorance of the American political system. You don't seem to have the knowledge required for a sixth grade civics class.

You don't have to be a poli sci major to know these simple concepts. It should be considered part of being an informed citizen.

Now get to work on my nachos! Here is another $0.02 for an incentive... and if you use illegal aliens in your kitchen I'm calling L'immigra on you!
I wasn't wrong about the executive order and I didn't do any research regarding it--just off the top of my head.

Do you honestly think I do a lot of research for this blog? That's for losers like you.

I'm too busy for that. I work for a living.

So, you're a future government teacher? That's assuming that you actually get a degree.

I've probably met two more U.S. Presidents than you'll ever meet so you can say what you want about my knowledge of the system. It has been good enough for me to be in the company of George the First and Slick Willie.

As to my degrees, neither is in political science. One of which is from the university you attend--journalism.

The other is from Texas Tech--Business-Finance.

Still haven't responded to my post about the current Republicans. I guess you can't handle the truth.

And that's my two shillings.
Texas Tech?

Sad, I seriously doubt you will ever have any success in business. You are not too bright and your "business degree" is from a very low ranked school.

The Poli Sci department at UH is ranked much higher than the business school at Texas Tech nationally. I'm an Honors College member besides. I'm sure you would never qualify for membership based on your poor writing and research skills.

Don't knock the government too much now. They are paying your salary right now Mr. UH employee who wastes the taxpayers dollars by hanging out on this blog instead of doing the job you are paid to do.
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