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Thursday, April 27, 2006


WIN Softballs Sheila Jackson-Lee in Recent Interview 'Her career is headed the way of the Dodo McKinney'

Does anyone remember when Sheila Jackson-Lee asked the Mars Rover Team to scroll the camera over so she could see the remains of one of the lunar landing sites. That was prime.

Well WIN is at it again interviewing a Black Congresswoman who has a 50% chance of being probed by a Grand Jury for total arrogance in the future. This time it is not Cynthia McKinney, but Sheila Jackson-Lee, who was recently in the Middle East looking for one of the elusive lunar landing sites in Qatar.

Jackson-Lee offers no leadership in the interview, but only an understanding of the enemy, and wanting to bring the United States on the same par as let's say -- Iran, whom Jackson-Lee sees as "nation state that is part of the world of governments" rather than as a rogue state that calls for other nations destruction.

Jackson-Lee in no way blames President Clinton for his administrations part in getting us in this Middle East mess. Clinton's wimpish responses to terrorist acts against Americans only toughened OBL's resolve and set the stage for 9/11.

Jackson-Lee holds contempt for President Bush and lauds the United Nations, perhaps the most corrupt organization in the world that is on par with the democratic party and the liberal media. Her attitude that we are to blame for the actions of the UN inspectors in Iraq is ridiculous. Iraq has always ran the show when it came to the UN inspectors, and she knows it. If the UN and the liberals had their way, Saddam Hussein would still be in charge and probably be close to having nuclear weapons.

Jackson-Lee is an embarrassment to Houston and Texas. Her call that "the soldiers [in Iraq] should now be brought home" is totally irresponsible. Like every other liberal, Jackson-Lee calls for the US to be torn down to the level of the likes of the peaceful nation of Iran. The "reasoned members of the US Congress," a.k.a. liberals, or otherwise spineless democrats, who don't see Iran as a nation that does not want peace, but "as a nation state that is part of the world of governments" that has called for the complete destruction of Israel and the United States.

WIN in no way challenged Jackson-Lee in the interview for fear of losing funding since Sheila's husband is a UH bigwig. But in the end they wouldn't have challenged her anyway seeing as they agree with her bent philosophy that the US is the bad guy, Hamas is good, Iran is good, and Saddam Hussein is good, and bring back Saddam so he can help the people of Iraq and work with the United Nations.

Liberals like Jackson-Lee have absolutely no patience, seeing as her staff turnover is so high. If the US is not losing a war she is not happy. She calls for minority representation in a democratic government, but when it comes to Hispanics in the US getting more representation than the Black community, she turns her back.

Screw the libs!

Whoever said WiN was supportive of Jackson-Lee, Hamas and Iraq/Saddam? More bullshit spewed by Rushbo The Drug Addict Jr.?

She just happened to be at a conference in Qatar that was discussing the unrest in the region. The reporter there asked her questions about the Middle East. What else she had asked her?

Why she is not more supportive of the President's policies?

And still pinning all the blame on Clinton. What a joke. What about Bush I and Reagan? That region has been a mess my entire life. In fact, during the Iraq-Iran War this country under Reagan's leadership supported Saddam with weapontry. So, who's really to blame?
Hell, we can go back to Carter and his price controls and wood burning stove in the White House.

The US had always been a friend to Iran until the Shah was toppled and then came the Hostage Crisis. By supporting Iraq in the Iraq-Iran War, the US sided with Iraq and supported them with arms in an effort to find some way to resume a normalcy to oil production in the region to stabilize the world economy.
So, you agree with my observation?
No one President is completely responsible for what is going on in the Middle East. Some are more responsible than others. Now if President Clinton would have OK'd drilling in ANWR when given the chance, perhaps the situation wouldn't be as bad today, but that's a moot point.

The key to getting out of the Middle East is for the US to become energy independent, and in the meantime develop alternative fuels that are cheaper than fossil fuels. Liberals have fought against this for over 30 years.

Now that we are truly in crisis, driving habits are not changing. In Houston, we still have to get around. People are not buying more hybrids because they know they are being ripped off, and we will continue to stick to our gas powered vehicles. Once again, the liberals thinking that habits would change, well, they were wrong again.

Yes, things in the economy will change in our gas crisis. Not as many people will be taking trips to Disney Land or travelling in their RVs like they used to. SUV sales are dropping and Detroit will feel the pinch.

The only ways to drop the price of gasoline now is to relax federal taxation, go with only one national blend, and if Detroit has that magical 100 MPG engine, its time to put it in a car and sell it.
I think if you want to pin blame on anyone, I would say a large portion of which should be placed primarily on the Republicans that have controlled the White House and the country's energy policy for 18 of the last 26 years and the automakers who haven't developed a more cost effective vehicle.

I disagree with you on liberals being the hold-up on finding other energy. In reality, it has largely been Republicans who are being bankrolled by big oil and the energy companies that placed the raodblocks.

Have you forgotten that the Dubya's administration did not even want the public to know who was influencing the country's energy strategy?

One of the individuals who Dubya held in high esteem is downtown on trial now. In all probablity, he's soon to be the resident of one of our fine Texas prisons.

Hopefully, our other favorite criminal, Tom DeLay, will be joining him soon. Hope it was worth him collecting money for his district to without representation from June to Nov. He's one helluva man of the people.

From what we've found on Joe Barton -- he probably belongs in the pen too.

All good things come in time.

Kinda like the end of this blog and the Neo-Cons' control of the White House.

Have a nice day!
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