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Monday, April 24, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Offers a Red Letter "Anti-American" Edition Today

If you are cheering for al-Qaeda in the War Against Terror, then today you will have a big smile on your face while reading the UH Daily Cougar. The inept writers at the Daily Cougar can only spread doom and gloom, and in not one place do they instill any hint of hope in the US coming out the victor and thus keeping us free from being hit again.

The dimwit David Salinas in the tripe today Bin Laden still worth capture? equates UBL with of all people, George Washington, thus giving Bin Laden and his followers hope that the man can overcome his early defeats and yet come out victorious with only a few victories. That folks, is the measure of liberal resolve. George Bush and his people can do no right in the eyes of liberals, no matter which position he takes. That point has been proven time and time again.

Liberals, who become offended if someone asks for a required photo identification to vote, will never play by the rules. They always have to cheat. And when they do lose become irate to the point of siding with al-Qaeda. And when you have the liberal media and blatant liberal professors on campus, you have a lot of ammunition at your feet.

Anyway, if Salinas was given the chance between joining al-Qaeda or the United States Army, Salinas would probably join al-Qaeda.At least Salomon Fuentes in his tripe The Summer of George tries to shine a little good on the President mentioning a few good things, and may offer a little hope in Bush's abilities, but why even offer to disarm Iran? In the end, the only way to disarm Iran will be to invade and conquer, and liberals will never go for that. So why should liberals even be mentioning Iran in the first place.

Liberals conviently forget that September 11th ever happened when they talk their tripe. Liberals are wimps. If libs did somehow wind up in a combat zone they'd crap their pants for the fear they would have of being shot at or being blown up by an IED.

If liberals really cared about high gas prices they would have voted for drilling in ANWR and elsewhere, because those prices hurt their constituencies. But notice how they really cry foul. Because it keeps less money in the Blacks and Hispanics pockets and those same people dependent on the democratic party for leadership.

Seeing as liberals and democratics have to maintain a current crop of victims to maintain their leadership, high gas prices falls right in line in keep their constituents down.The liberals are nothing but a bunch of treasonists pigs. They would rather give up our governments secrets just to make the President look bad.

Former CIA employee and known liberal Mary McCarthy, who leaked secrets to the press just because she disagreed with the President, has done nothing but hurt the United States.Liberals support illegal immigration because they see 'victims' and a future constituency designed to be dependent on them. Liberals, who cry for 'fairness,' don't see why the illegals should wait in line just like every other legal immigrant does. Legal immigrants who did the right thing wait years for citizenship, and illegal immigrants must yield in some form or fashion if they harbor any hope in becoming citizens.

The future of this country is bleak if liberals are allowed to continue their treasonists attitude. Liberals want power and they're willing to throw our country away to get it back. Don't ask me, ask David Salinas.

Screw the libs!

Did I really equate Bin Laden to George Washington ?

Here's what I wrote :

"...everyday that we cut and run from the war against bin Laden, by denying his importance, we help breathe new life into his organization and help give him a George Washington mystique that is spread through radical and backwards madrassahs throughout the Muslim world."

Hmm... A George Washington mystique that is spread through RADICAL AND BACKWARD madrassahs....

But of course you didnt see this, because you missed the whole point of the column : CAPTURING BIN LADEN !!!!!!

Fuck... you are either really, really, really, incredibly dumb or insane. My guess is the latter.

Anyways, I'm done reading this blog because you have avoided responding to my challenge. You can continue to lie and talk about me, but you obviously realize your words are worthless because you CANT BACK THEM UP in any way. Through facts or strength ( the old "might makes right, theory" ). I've beaten you on all counts (and the sad thing is you are the one who picked the fight).

It's sad really...I have no clue who you are, but you hang on my every word. Your goal is to "be in my head," yet you are the one talking about me ( how many times have you written my last name? creeeeeeeepy) week after week. I would understand if I was a writer for the New York Times or Washington Post, but I write for a college newspaper, which shows just how pathetic your real life must be that you make this your life's work. How old are you ?

You arent a "secret agent" fighting for truth and you arent the leader of some online war against liberals. You arent Rush Limbaugh. I mean at least he gets paid to be obnoxious. You are just an unbelievable ( in every sense of the word) loser who feels so irrelevant in life that you choose anonymous blogs as a way to affect the lives of other people...or at least to attempt to. If you want to have some meaning go to church or volunteer for some non-profit organization. Have a positive affect on people's lives. Spending time criticizing others behind your internet-shield is incredibly lame.

Seriously, who wants to spend their time being so hateful towards people they dont know? I would understand if it was just about issues, but it's not. You attack people personally. For the record, I hope you dont think I hate you. I dont. I dont even know you. I feel sorry for you though... and everyone else that posts here ( whether they are liberal or conservative) who likes to anonymously insult people they dont even know. If you disagree with each other, be civilized about it. Talk about the issues... and dont be batshit insane about it either.

Whether you agree with me or not. Whether you like my style of writing or no. I write because I do care about the world we live in. I like getting emails from people who agree or disagree with me because I like knowing other people care about the world as well. This blog is just pure hatred though.

So you can continue to talk about me all you want, but you know your personal attacks are worthless. If your goal was to engender some emotion out of me you succeeded, but the emotion is sadness. I feel sad that people like you live with so much hate inside you.

Get help.

Nice job, Salinas. I absolutely agree.
You sure have been here a lot for someone who is just waiting for a response to your challenge? Are you sure it is not something else?

Just my $0.02?
Damn, libs be pissed.

If Salinas wrote from the side of being a patriot instead of being a Bush and America hater, his blood pressure might not be so high.
Did you see the cartoon today? I think it was a response to this.
Hating Bush and America are not synonoumous. If anything, hating is Dubya is quite American.
Sorry "synonomous" is spelled incorrectly.
im gonna agree with salinas here. mostly this blog's attacks are on people, rather than issues. mostly its you calling people weak minded liberals out to pervert the world with their liberalness.
in the end salinas wins out since he has the courage to stand behind his convictions while the people behind this blog don't. i dont think i have to remind you that Jesus died for his beliefs, he did not hide them. Hiding behind veils and sucker punching is the easy way out. writing a guest column is the way to address a columnist's fallacies.

ps =
the links to other blogs contain discriminatory language as well as statements. guilt by association? i guess so.
Is "Damn, libs be pissed" your way of making an intelligent argument?
No, "Damn, libs be pissed" is my way of having a little fun.

For the culture of death and corruption that the democrats and liberals are, they are sure hellbent in only capturing OBL. We don't need a "captured" bin Laden. We need a DEAD bin Laden.

If bin Laden were captured, chances are that the liberals would flock to his side trying to make sure he was given his prayer rug, a koran, and three meals muslim squares a day.

Not to mention, liberals would probably start a OBL Legal Defense Fund, and demand that he have a trial in American courts.

I'm tired of liberals thinking that 9/11 did not take place. That the "United 93" movie was made so close to September 11th.

I'm tired of liberals blaming the President for high gas prices when the libs know they are the ones that never allowed for exploration or new refineries.
After reading this article, you've lost any form of credibility. It is nothing more than mere continuouis pitiful rant.
What a bunch of lies. Complete garbage with no factual basis.
corporate upper class / consumer rights

Big Oil Looking for a Government Handout

By Matt Dougherty
Apr 18, 2006, 16:55

Shortly after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita blasted through the South, petrochemical refineries in and along the Gulf of Mexico were flooded and damaged, unable to produce gasoline. As a result, the price of gasoline jumped to over $2 a gallon across the country, a 90 percent increase since January 2001.

Many gas stations reported that they were running dry and would not be re-fueled until a much later date. Lines of frightened drivers waited in for hours in order to fill up on what gas was left. The media reported that Americans were scared of the monetary effects the increase would have on their families. The United States was now in the midst of what many were calling an "energy crisis." Others believed that this was only a short-term situation. It was how politicians chose to react to the "crisis" which might be the real reason it will ultimately be remembered.

"A 'crisis' is something that must be fixed, right now, or a catastrophe will result," University of Texas professor and oil industry expert Dr. David Prindle said. "Such a description does not fit the situation after Katrina. Prices went up. That's all."

On Sept. 26, 2005, Rep. Joe Barton (R-Tex), head of the Energy and Natural Resource Committee, introduced the Gasoline for America's Security Act 2005, to the House of Representatives in what he said was a response to the present energy crisis. The most significant part of the bill gave the authority for the government to subsidize the construction of new refineries for petrochemical companies, despite the fact that the oil companies had intentionally been closing down refineries for years prior to the hurricanes. It would allow for oil companies to construct refineries on military bases and government controlled areas offshore. The bill also included a clause in which several environmental restrictions on the oil companies would be repealed.

"The bill was an example of yet another free giveaway for 'big oil'," former Texas Agriculture Commissioner and talk-show-host Jim Hightower said. "They have their hands deep in the pockets of politicians."

The bill passed the House of Representatives by two votes on Oct. 7, 2005, with a narrow 212-210 vote. The bill, which was supposed to be open for vote for only five minutes, was held on the floor for 90 minutes, to the chagrin of Democrats who chanted "Shame!Shame!."

During that time, the Washington Post reported that Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Tex) twisted the arms of moderate Republicans who were originally opposed to the legislation, ultimately convincing them to vote 'for' the bill. Environmentalists and their Democrat and Republican allies argued that the country could not stand any relaxation of the Clean Air Act.

The critics argued in a year when oil companies were getting ready to announce industry-record profits, and since they were the ones who were shutting down the refineries just four years earlier, shouldn't they be the ones paying for the construction of new refineries.

From 1995 to 2001, American oil companies shut down 24 oil refineries along the West Coast. Gas prices in the mid-1990s were low -- too low for the likes of the oil companies. Refineries were operating efficiently, producing large quantities of gasoline and therefore cheapening the cost of gas at the pump.

According to a 2001 report by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), oil companies deliberately shut down refineries in the mid-1990s in order to increase the price of gasoline. Wyden based this conclusion on his acquisition of internal oil company documents written in 1996.

One Mar. 7, 1996 Internal Texaco document said: "As observed over the last few years and as projected well into the future, the most critical factor facing the refining industry on the West Coast is the surplus refining capacity, and the surplus gasoline production capacity. The same situation exists for the entire U.S. refining industry. Supply margins, and very poor refinery financial results. Significant events need to occur to assist in reducing supplies and or increasing the demand for gasoline."

A Nov. 20, 1996 Internal Chevron document said: "A senior energy analyst at the recent API (America Petroleum Institute) convention warned that if the U.S. petroleum industry doesn't reduce it's refining capacity, it will never see any substantial increase in refining margins...However, refining utilization has been rising, sustaining high levels of operations, thereby keeping prices low."

"The oil companies are like the old Texas ranchers used to be," Hightower said. "They don't just want their land but they want all the land next to their's too. It doesn't matter how much they end up making, they always want more."

Last year, ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco and ConocoPhillips broke profit records across all industries. ExxonMobil at $125 billion made the highest income of any company ever, in the history of the world.

"Oil companies' influence is just as great today as it has always been," Hightower said. "Joe Barton, and his cronies, are simply working in the best interest of the oil companies when he composes legislation like this; not in the best interest of the people."

According to opensecrets.org, a watchdog group that monitors monetary contributions to politicians, Barton alone has received close to $2 million in campaign contributions from energy companies and their political action committees since he has been in office. The oil and gas industry has been the top industry contributor to his campaign. This does not include contributions from individuals who work for petrochemical companies, though. Last year, employees from Anadarko Petroleum alone, contributed $50,000, opensecrets.org reports.

Barton's office would not return World Internet News' phone calls after several messages.

"Anybody who has money, and is willing to invest it in politicians, has influence in Texas politics," Prindle said. "Therefore, the oil industry is still important in Texas politics."

After weeks of trying to contact ChevronTexaco and ExxonMobil for comment, they would not return World Internet News' phone calls.

On Oct. 24, 2005, the bill moved to the Senate. No vote was taken. It has been referred to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources where it remains.
"What a bunch of lies. Complete garbage with no factual basis."

That perfectly explains a lot of what the liberal media and liberals in general are about.

You liberals and your class envy have got to stop. Who do you think employs the poor people who have the opportunity to achieve in this country.

You libs attack Capitalism in favor of communism, and your non-aborted kids will pay the price for your sins.
The story has nothing to do with capitalism--it's about corruption and elected officials not representing the majority in lieu of big payoffs.

Politicians are meant to serve the public, not themselves.

The voting public needs to understand this and people like you are defending this kind of behavior.

As to the comment about lies, every story on the WiN website has been fact-checked. Everything is factual. You only wish you could claim the same.
Whoever said I was for abortion or communism.

I believe in responsible capitalism, that's all.

I can't understand why you don't.
I'll take reading comprehension for the win, John.
generalizing all democrats, and everyone who thinks a little left to your train of thought as supporting abortions as well as communism is obviously a fallacy.
the same thinking would lead you (in your mind) to think that all italians are in the mafia.

religion is a great thing to have, but don't use it to support the tripe that you spit out. Jesus would not condone harming the earth, increased co2 emissions have lead to global warming or wait are you going to deny global warming as well?

when science tells you that your cancer can be cured from chemotherapy, you say praise jesus i'll live.
but when science tells you that global warming is a fact, and that the next generations will suffer, you say science is a quack.

who's the hypocrite now?
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