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Thursday, April 13, 2006


New UH Daily Cougar Editor-in-Chief To Be Elected Today

that's sterange -- i know it says 4/13, but i swear it wasn't up until today
The UH Conservative Underground possesses a time travel device. On our next trip we are going back to 1992 so that we can leak all of Bill Clinton's dirty laundry as governor of Arkansas so that his disgraceful presidency never happens, then we are going back to 1976 so that we can take care of Carter too.

For the Carter trip we will have to ask WIN Loser and Salinas if we can borrow some of their butterfly collared shirts, bellbottom jeans, gold chains and leisure suits so that we can make the 1976 trip incognito. I'm sure such little men have platform shoes for us to borrow as well.
You obviously don't know me because I'm far from a hippy, liberal sorta guy. I socially conscious, not a flower child, idiot.
Judging from your posts, you don't seem very conscious at all.
Really? That just shows how dense and out of touch you are.

Now, be a good boy and run away. Go blow your flagulance somewhere else.
you don't have to be a grammar nazi to realize that misspellings and typos make you look like an idiot no matter who you are.

or a second grader.

Your post was so clear and concise that I don't have a clue what you're saying. We're on blog and my posts aren't being graded. Get a life.
The funny thing is the liberals used to give the neocons shit about the typos before all of the time, now they say the typos are unimportant. Looks like a John Kerry waffle.
april 21, 8:35

salinas, you are out of your league anywhere other people are present.

at this point, it's just cowardice that stops you from signing up for a real name on blogspot.
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