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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Liberal Hater Recovering From Recent Hospitalization

If you were wondering Liberal Hater went since late March, well, I was in the hospital and am now just getting back to where I can get to a computer and do things. I had to have emergency abdominal surgery and my recovery took much longer than expected due to previous wounds, etc. I took no morphine, and did my best to get well quickly, but I'm afraid my classes might be shot for this semester, but I will try to work out something.

I will try and post more soon. The little cartoon that I posted today was already planned and I went ahead and posted it. But liberals will probably complain anyway. Anyway, congratulations to Kristen Young, who if she would not have been chosen would have been embarrassed seeing she was the only candidate who was considered.

Nick Somarkis' lunacy on Wal-Mart today degrades an American success story while employing America's uneducated people and senior citizens. The people who work at Wal-Mart have every right to go and look for work somewhere else.

Working at Wal-Mart is not designed to raise a family of four. Senior citizens already have their guaranteed monthly income and Wal-Mart pay is a supplement to their incomes. Ideally, one partner of a family can work at Wal-Mart, but the main bread winner should work at a higher paying job to help support the family.

Liberals like Somarkis see Wal-Mart as the bad guy in the market. Wal-Mart has taken a great idea and become successful at it. At a time when liberals have forced Americans to combine task by not allowing the US to drill for its own oil, Americans now paying near $3/per gallon will continue to support Wal-Mart buy using both sides of the store, such as using the grocery side of Wal-Mart instead of going to the local HEB or Kroger.

Wal-Mart was not created to ensure that its employees were paid $20/hr with health insurance -- it was created to make profits. Wal-mart is not the federal government yet liberals look upon it as so. Liberals should be thankful to Wal-Mart that over 1 million Americans who work for the store are not unemployed.

But always with liberals -- Wal-Mart is the bad guy.

Screw the libs!

Glad to hear that you're OK. Welcome back.
Wishing you a speedy recovery. I know the libs will never appreciate what you gave for us on the battlefield of the Gulf War but the conservatives do.
emergency abdominal surgery?! is that your excuse on why you can't throw down with Salinas?
Liberal Hater had his blood spilled all over the Iraqi sand first time around moron. As for the retarded article from Salinas, I've already answered that. Since you are friend of his why don't you change your handle to Pink Tutu instead.

Screw the Libs!
Desmond, like most liberals, has no regard for human life.

I have no problem challenging Salinas. Saved handled it fine.
You have no problem challenging him anonymously on a blog or in real life ?

There is a big difference.
Both Salinas and WIN Loser are weaker than a popcorn fart.

Their "challenges" to us are only attempts to draw us out to get our identities so that the Liberal establishment that occupies UH can do their dirty work for them. No one is falling for their pathetic trap.

Screw the candy ass libs who try to act tough just to get our identities!
Missed the Bell,

You would never speak to me in person like you do hiding behind your computer. You're a coward. So stop whining about being persecuted. Both WiN and the Cougar have offered you an opportunity to write for them. Instead, you just want to whine on the sideline. I don't know if you've noticed, but it is the liberals who get persecuted in this town.

P.S. LH, I'm glad you're feeling better, but I haven't forgotten about our bet. Your horse (DeLay) dropped out of the race thus disqualifying himself. I expect to get my steak (gift certificate to Outback) a.s.a.p.
I left instructions on another posting on how to get it to me.
Oh yeah, LH, WiN will be posting a story on the VA shortly. I'm a man of my word and as you may recall I said I would try and see that a story on the military was done. It'll be posted in the next week or so.
I would be a lot more blunt in person WIN loser. People who have seen me take on an issue would tell you this themselves.

We have already explained a million times that your threats and your invites to write are just attempts to get our identities. We have seen through this all along.
I know that Joe McCarthey is your hero and you prefer to attack without any risk to yourself, but in this country's justice system a person has a right to know his accuser.

I've told you who I am without spelling out my name. I've invited you have a discussion with me in person. You don't want to because you're a coward. You'd rather hide behind your computer making libelous claims and personal remarks.

If you recall, you were the first to be throwing names out on the Internet, asshole.

Now, you just go duck and run. The big boys will continue this discussion. Maybe when you get more time, you'll send me some more emails under a 70 year-olds guise. You're pathetic.
Hey Liberal hater, how much do you weigh???? A lot?
This guy sent you e-mails?
Not LH, Missed the Bell.
O.K. I would really rather not get involved in this, I'm way too busy, but this has to be addressed.

1. I have never nor would I ever send anyone who posts here some e-mail unless it was to communicate with one of the Members of the UHCU.

2. As for throwing names around. I have never done this. I address people by their handle, (once someone at WIN used their name for a handle and I used their name because of it, and of course if I am talking about a reporter's work then of course I'm going to use their name. I don't take an anonymous poster or one with a handle and out them. There is no need for me to do this.

Anyone who has posted here anonymously has remained so as far as my actions are concerned. If you have gobs of time on your hands, all you have to do is check everything I have ever posted and you will see this to be true.

Obviously when so many people post under Anonymous sometimes I have to give them a name like the WIN Loser, just to keep things in order so people know who I am talking about if you had gotten a handle I would have used that to address you here, or parodied it like you did mine.

If someone has ever e-mailed you or tried to contact you claiming to be me...all I can tell you is that it is not me and whether or not you take me at my word is in the end up to you.

Perhaps a very careful writing analysis would show you that it is not me, but obvioulsy if it is someone who reads this all of the time they could do their best to copy my wrting style or things I have said.

My whole principle from the start is that it does not really matter who anyone really is, it is the ideas that they have or the comments they have made, or actions that they have taken that really need to be addressed. Even though I knew your real I.D. I went out of my way not to print it, even when I used your own words to prove a point. The irony is that it seems that the current "Daily Cougar vs. WIN" battle that is going on is primarily based on outing people who try to post anonymously on here.

I really have nothing to gain by trying to convince you that I just don't like you as a person rather than disliking your political beliefs and actions to support them, especially through University sponsored media. It would make it too easy for people to just discount what I have said and just say, "Well he just hates that guy not his ideas" that would have been counterproductive from my perspective.

Sorry to hear that someone it harrassing you via e-mail and impersonating me while doing so, but if you stop and think and read over the things I have posted, I think any reasonably intelligent person will come to the conclusion that such actions would be pretty out of charachter.

If someone is e-mailing you and saying it is me, simply do what you can to investigate it and the trail will never lead to me, because I simply do not do that.

The blog is a perfect forum for people to say what they really believe no holds barred. My whole point about criticizing those obsessed with our identities was that this blog is a battlefield of ideas and if your ideas really are superior as you claim, you should have no problem winning here with them. You don't need our identities, any more than I need yours.

Next time do a better job with your research, and no this does not mean I'm going to come back to our former sparring, I've got too much to do that unfortunately has to come first. That is why I decided to leave.

However I just thought you should know that while I'm not above fighting bare knuckled, I still believe in fighting fair, your e-mails are from someone else.

Enjoy the blog battle.

Saved by the Bell
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