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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'The market will determine the shift to Alternative Fuels' (Public is not stupid enough to pay more for Alternatives)

China's annoucement that they are buying 80 jets from Boeing along with their hellbent promise that they will purchase thousands more in the future shouldn't bring a warm feeling to those of us who are hoping for cheaper gas and still depending on Nigeria and the Middle East for the bulk of our oil.

It is time for the liberals to step aside and let the United States start drilling for oil in ANWR, in Utah, and along the shores of FL and CA. Denying these chances at helping ourselves be self-sufficient will make it increasingly difficult for our economy in the future. I mean, families can stand only so much of paying $60 plus for a tank of gasoline before it takes a real toll on family budgets - i.e. no big ticket items at Christmas, meaningful vacations, and the such.

Of course, US refining capacity must increase for the time being since I believe it will take several decades before alternative fuels are cheaper than gasoline. If you haven't heard, several hybrid car makers are already planning on scaling back production due to lagging sales. It does appear that the market is rearing its head and making its feelings known as to the environmentalist wackos forced efforts at trying to drive us green. And it's not looking good for the liberals.

We never hear liberals complaining of Mexico and Cuba drilling in the Gulf and we never will, but let the US sink another well, and all hell breaks loose. I'm not arguing against alternative fuels, but again they must be affordable to the public or they are not going to buy it. In other words, it has to be cheaper than fossil fuels.

Several steps that we can take now to reduce our gas prices are to go to a single national blend and to reduce the taxation on gasoline.

Single National Blend
One reason why gasoline is so expensive is because each state has their own unique blend of gasoline that cannot be sent to another state that is having a shortage. California is among the worst offenders. By going to one national blend, refiners would be able to lower their production cost by not having to produce multiple blends of gasoline which have inflated their cost. The governments relaxing of the restrictions on gasoline formulas following Hurricane Katrina did help keep the price of gas down, but those restrictions were only temporary.

Reduced Government Taxation on Gasoline
Honestly, I doubt if all the taxation on gasoline goes to government transportation needs. I've been shown documentation that actually about 5 cents of each gallon goes to transportation. Government seems to never able to stop taking its hands out of our pockets. This is one thing I do fault the White House for not stepping up to the plate. Some relief is needed, and just maybe some hope can be given by reducing those taxes.

If no action is taken then we doom ourselves to high gas prices for a very long time. If action is taken, then we will tell the world that we are serious about our future, and oil prices will fall because of the fear of losing our business. But that does not mean we relax our commitment to making ourselves self sufficient when it comes to oil.

Screw the libs!

Good analysis... lots of points that the media does not usually cover.
The government should invest in and encourage alternative fuels. For example, In the 70's Brazil started to poor billions of dollars into developing an ethanol industry. Only until recently has it beoome self-sufficient. Brazil is not going to have to depend of volatile parts of the world for their energy and they are better off for it. I just don't see corporations making an investment into something to start making a profit decades later. Wouldn't lowering taxas increase demand at a time when we are buying all the oil we can get our hands on?
I'm not against alternative fuels, but as with Brazil, it took them three decades to achieve it.

Brazil has a patient and dedicated policy to become self-sufficient, liberals in this country will not let us be self-sufficient in oil. But we must not be self-sufficient in oil, even when we are striving to find new alternative fuels, which is probably 20 to 30 years off.

Look, people are not going to continue to pay more for hybrid cars, and its already starting to show. Especially when it takes 20 years to make up the difference in the purchase of a hybrid.

Once alternative fuels are much cheaper than fossil fuels, then the public will make the shift and make it convincingly.

I doubt if the demand on gas would increase if the gas tax were lowered. People are creatures of habit, and people are going to either put in a full tank or either buy $5 of gas just as they did when the price was $0.99/gallon.
Sorry, I meant the cartoon from today was in respnse to this one.
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