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Friday, April 28, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Did I Call It, or What' (Shelia Jackson-Lee arrested in DC)

Channel 11 is reporting:

"Five Congress members were willingly arrested and led away from the Sudanese Embassy in plastic handcuffs Friday in protest of the Sudanese government's role in atrocities in the Darfur region, including U.S. Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee, from Houston."


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'March for Peace, Justice & Democracy This Saturday in NYC' (2,458 expected to show)

Well, even the illegial immigration crowd has to have a free weekend before the big May 1st boycott on Monday, so the anti-war crowd has decided to gather and show how they can be embarrassed with their low turnout which is projected to be minuscule compared to what the illegal aliens can put forth.

Hollywood hasbeen Susan Sarandon will be there, as well as known money extorter Rev. Jesse Jackson will be there supporting the enemy and calling for the destruction of the United States.

Mother Cindy Sheehan, who has overused the memory of her son who died in Iraq for political gain, will lead the crowd in fifteen (15) chants of "STOP THE WAR NOW" seeing as she can barely put two sentences together.

The New York City Council has proclaimed Saturday "Peace Zone Day," which was the second choice after it was determined that "All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance Day" was a bit long.

The peacenics will try to cash in on the gas crisis caused low poll numbers of President Bush, hence the low crowd projections as low as 2,458. The activists that will be speaking on Saturday will call for a complete withdrawal and surrender to the insurgents in Iraq. "Withdrawing some troops is completely unacceptable" to the peacenics, and they will not be completely satisfied until Saddam Hussein is back in charge in Iraq.

Speakers will also be supporting Iran in their quest to join the nuclear club. One insider said, "We have no regrets as of yet, until Iran actually detonates a nuclear weapon in the atmosphere."

The peacenics will start to gather at 10:30 am from 7th Avenue to Park Avenue South and 18th to 22nd Streets. They will start protesting at noon, and proceed to Foley Square where the Peace and Justice Grassroots Action Festival will begin until 6:00 pm.

Only anti-war members of the media are invited and they will check-in at 17th and Fifth Avenue beginning 10:00 am. A scripted anti-war press conference will begin at 11am.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


WIN Softballs Sheila Jackson-Lee in Recent Interview 'Her career is headed the way of the Dodo McKinney'

Does anyone remember when Sheila Jackson-Lee asked the Mars Rover Team to scroll the camera over so she could see the remains of one of the lunar landing sites. That was prime.

Well WIN is at it again interviewing a Black Congresswoman who has a 50% chance of being probed by a Grand Jury for total arrogance in the future. This time it is not Cynthia McKinney, but Sheila Jackson-Lee, who was recently in the Middle East looking for one of the elusive lunar landing sites in Qatar.

Jackson-Lee offers no leadership in the interview, but only an understanding of the enemy, and wanting to bring the United States on the same par as let's say -- Iran, whom Jackson-Lee sees as "nation state that is part of the world of governments" rather than as a rogue state that calls for other nations destruction.

Jackson-Lee in no way blames President Clinton for his administrations part in getting us in this Middle East mess. Clinton's wimpish responses to terrorist acts against Americans only toughened OBL's resolve and set the stage for 9/11.

Jackson-Lee holds contempt for President Bush and lauds the United Nations, perhaps the most corrupt organization in the world that is on par with the democratic party and the liberal media. Her attitude that we are to blame for the actions of the UN inspectors in Iraq is ridiculous. Iraq has always ran the show when it came to the UN inspectors, and she knows it. If the UN and the liberals had their way, Saddam Hussein would still be in charge and probably be close to having nuclear weapons.

Jackson-Lee is an embarrassment to Houston and Texas. Her call that "the soldiers [in Iraq] should now be brought home" is totally irresponsible. Like every other liberal, Jackson-Lee calls for the US to be torn down to the level of the likes of the peaceful nation of Iran. The "reasoned members of the US Congress," a.k.a. liberals, or otherwise spineless democrats, who don't see Iran as a nation that does not want peace, but "as a nation state that is part of the world of governments" that has called for the complete destruction of Israel and the United States.

WIN in no way challenged Jackson-Lee in the interview for fear of losing funding since Sheila's husband is a UH bigwig. But in the end they wouldn't have challenged her anyway seeing as they agree with her bent philosophy that the US is the bad guy, Hamas is good, Iran is good, and Saddam Hussein is good, and bring back Saddam so he can help the people of Iraq and work with the United Nations.

Liberals like Jackson-Lee have absolutely no patience, seeing as her staff turnover is so high. If the US is not losing a war she is not happy. She calls for minority representation in a democratic government, but when it comes to Hispanics in the US getting more representation than the Black community, she turns her back.

Screw the libs!

Monday, April 24, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Offers a Red Letter "Anti-American" Edition Today

If you are cheering for al-Qaeda in the War Against Terror, then today you will have a big smile on your face while reading the UH Daily Cougar. The inept writers at the Daily Cougar can only spread doom and gloom, and in not one place do they instill any hint of hope in the US coming out the victor and thus keeping us free from being hit again.

The dimwit David Salinas in the tripe today Bin Laden still worth capture? equates UBL with of all people, George Washington, thus giving Bin Laden and his followers hope that the man can overcome his early defeats and yet come out victorious with only a few victories. That folks, is the measure of liberal resolve. George Bush and his people can do no right in the eyes of liberals, no matter which position he takes. That point has been proven time and time again.

Liberals, who become offended if someone asks for a required photo identification to vote, will never play by the rules. They always have to cheat. And when they do lose become irate to the point of siding with al-Qaeda. And when you have the liberal media and blatant liberal professors on campus, you have a lot of ammunition at your feet.

Anyway, if Salinas was given the chance between joining al-Qaeda or the United States Army, Salinas would probably join al-Qaeda.At least Salomon Fuentes in his tripe The Summer of George tries to shine a little good on the President mentioning a few good things, and may offer a little hope in Bush's abilities, but why even offer to disarm Iran? In the end, the only way to disarm Iran will be to invade and conquer, and liberals will never go for that. So why should liberals even be mentioning Iran in the first place.

Liberals conviently forget that September 11th ever happened when they talk their tripe. Liberals are wimps. If libs did somehow wind up in a combat zone they'd crap their pants for the fear they would have of being shot at or being blown up by an IED.

If liberals really cared about high gas prices they would have voted for drilling in ANWR and elsewhere, because those prices hurt their constituencies. But notice how they really cry foul. Because it keeps less money in the Blacks and Hispanics pockets and those same people dependent on the democratic party for leadership.

Seeing as liberals and democratics have to maintain a current crop of victims to maintain their leadership, high gas prices falls right in line in keep their constituents down.The liberals are nothing but a bunch of treasonists pigs. They would rather give up our governments secrets just to make the President look bad.

Former CIA employee and known liberal Mary McCarthy, who leaked secrets to the press just because she disagreed with the President, has done nothing but hurt the United States.Liberals support illegal immigration because they see 'victims' and a future constituency designed to be dependent on them. Liberals, who cry for 'fairness,' don't see why the illegals should wait in line just like every other legal immigrant does. Legal immigrants who did the right thing wait years for citizenship, and illegal immigrants must yield in some form or fashion if they harbor any hope in becoming citizens.

The future of this country is bleak if liberals are allowed to continue their treasonists attitude. Liberals want power and they're willing to throw our country away to get it back. Don't ask me, ask David Salinas.

Screw the libs!

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'The market will determine the shift to Alternative Fuels' (Public is not stupid enough to pay more for Alternatives)

China's annoucement that they are buying 80 jets from Boeing along with their hellbent promise that they will purchase thousands more in the future shouldn't bring a warm feeling to those of us who are hoping for cheaper gas and still depending on Nigeria and the Middle East for the bulk of our oil.

It is time for the liberals to step aside and let the United States start drilling for oil in ANWR, in Utah, and along the shores of FL and CA. Denying these chances at helping ourselves be self-sufficient will make it increasingly difficult for our economy in the future. I mean, families can stand only so much of paying $60 plus for a tank of gasoline before it takes a real toll on family budgets - i.e. no big ticket items at Christmas, meaningful vacations, and the such.

Of course, US refining capacity must increase for the time being since I believe it will take several decades before alternative fuels are cheaper than gasoline. If you haven't heard, several hybrid car makers are already planning on scaling back production due to lagging sales. It does appear that the market is rearing its head and making its feelings known as to the environmentalist wackos forced efforts at trying to drive us green. And it's not looking good for the liberals.

We never hear liberals complaining of Mexico and Cuba drilling in the Gulf and we never will, but let the US sink another well, and all hell breaks loose. I'm not arguing against alternative fuels, but again they must be affordable to the public or they are not going to buy it. In other words, it has to be cheaper than fossil fuels.

Several steps that we can take now to reduce our gas prices are to go to a single national blend and to reduce the taxation on gasoline.

Single National Blend
One reason why gasoline is so expensive is because each state has their own unique blend of gasoline that cannot be sent to another state that is having a shortage. California is among the worst offenders. By going to one national blend, refiners would be able to lower their production cost by not having to produce multiple blends of gasoline which have inflated their cost. The governments relaxing of the restrictions on gasoline formulas following Hurricane Katrina did help keep the price of gas down, but those restrictions were only temporary.

Reduced Government Taxation on Gasoline
Honestly, I doubt if all the taxation on gasoline goes to government transportation needs. I've been shown documentation that actually about 5 cents of each gallon goes to transportation. Government seems to never able to stop taking its hands out of our pockets. This is one thing I do fault the White House for not stepping up to the plate. Some relief is needed, and just maybe some hope can be given by reducing those taxes.

If no action is taken then we doom ourselves to high gas prices for a very long time. If action is taken, then we will tell the world that we are serious about our future, and oil prices will fall because of the fear of losing our business. But that does not mean we relax our commitment to making ourselves self sufficient when it comes to oil.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Drive-By Media Thinks They Are Responsible For Bush Admin Changes' (Rove makes a good move to focus on '06 elections)

Compared to Der Schlick Meister, the Bush Administration has remained relatively intact. Rarely were any changes in the Clinton Administration ever referred to as a "shakeup." CNN might have noted it once or twice, but of course when the liberal media is your friend, you can almost get away with everything until the spin machine stops moving.

The recent Bush Administration moves to refresh the White House are good. The White House is a tough place to work so change is expected.

The real story should be how little change has graced this White House. And not to mention, I don't think the media has grasped the importance of shifting Karl Rove to getting Republicans elected nationally. For the man who got and kept President Bush elected, his shift to focus on national elections should send shudders down the spine of the DNC. Anyway, if the White House is stumped on a policy issue, all they have to do is call up Karl for the answer.
I believe Rove's new role will breath new life into the GOP Congress. If the GOP Congresses poll numbers are much lower than Bush's 36%, can you imagine what the liberal Congresses poll numbers are -- probably in the low teens. At least Republicans are perceived as "taking action" as compared to the liberals who can only complain and complain.

There is a lifetime till the November elections, and Rove's influence will slowly but surely be felt. And liberals will be blown away come November.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Liberal Hater Recovering From Recent Hospitalization

If you were wondering Liberal Hater went since late March, well, I was in the hospital and am now just getting back to where I can get to a computer and do things. I had to have emergency abdominal surgery and my recovery took much longer than expected due to previous wounds, etc. I took no morphine, and did my best to get well quickly, but I'm afraid my classes might be shot for this semester, but I will try to work out something.

I will try and post more soon. The little cartoon that I posted today was already planned and I went ahead and posted it. But liberals will probably complain anyway. Anyway, congratulations to Kristen Young, who if she would not have been chosen would have been embarrassed seeing she was the only candidate who was considered.

Nick Somarkis' lunacy on Wal-Mart today degrades an American success story while employing America's uneducated people and senior citizens. The people who work at Wal-Mart have every right to go and look for work somewhere else.

Working at Wal-Mart is not designed to raise a family of four. Senior citizens already have their guaranteed monthly income and Wal-Mart pay is a supplement to their incomes. Ideally, one partner of a family can work at Wal-Mart, but the main bread winner should work at a higher paying job to help support the family.

Liberals like Somarkis see Wal-Mart as the bad guy in the market. Wal-Mart has taken a great idea and become successful at it. At a time when liberals have forced Americans to combine task by not allowing the US to drill for its own oil, Americans now paying near $3/per gallon will continue to support Wal-Mart buy using both sides of the store, such as using the grocery side of Wal-Mart instead of going to the local HEB or Kroger.

Wal-Mart was not created to ensure that its employees were paid $20/hr with health insurance -- it was created to make profits. Wal-mart is not the federal government yet liberals look upon it as so. Liberals should be thankful to Wal-Mart that over 1 million Americans who work for the store are not unemployed.

But always with liberals -- Wal-Mart is the bad guy.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, April 13, 2006


New UH Daily Cougar Editor-in-Chief To Be Elected Today

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