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Monday, March 20, 2006


UT Daily Texan 'Hundreds Gather in Austin for "Million Musician March" to Protest Iraq War' (Austin liberals advance media action line to bash Bush)

Travis County and Austin protested over the weekend about the war in Iraq. The only problem was -- protest marches across America failed miserably, yet since the protesters advanced the action line of the media, the media welcomed even the smallest protest with open arms.

In a UT Daily Texan news story today, "Musicians march, play to protest war in Iraq," literally "hundreds of people gathered Saturday in downtown Austin" in what was supposed to be a "Million Musician March," in "which participants brought their musical instruments" in hopes of playing "When Johnny Coming Marching Home."

"Protesters chanted "Bush lied, and thousands died" as they arrived at Austin's City Hall. The highlight of the parade was "two women dressed entirely in purple carrying a 4-by-4-foot origami crane."

The liberal UT reporter Kevin M. Callahan hyped his story as much as he could by invoking the D-word -- "draft." He wrote passionately of "Austin resident Steve Stratakos" who was afraid of his son Johnny someday being drafted to fight Bush's liberally illegal war.

Incredibly, some stupid people who attended came "from other states came down to show their support. Some made the trip from as far as the West Coast. One worthless protester said, "We came all the way from Alaska," and made one wonder how he polluted the environment on his way to Texas. Was it by polluting the upper atmosphere via a plane, or by polluting the Alcan Highway by taking away wildlifes breathable air by using a motor vehicle.

Of course, to make the event complete, you had the worthless al-Qaeda loving organizations such as "CodePink Austin, a self-described women's grass-roots peace and social justice movement."

That's Travis County for you, the only county in the state to vote for gay marriage. I'm ashamed I have relatives in Austin.

Screw the libs!

things must be going slow in houston for liberal hater to go to austin for comments
Liberals cannot stand one more death in Iraq but they accept death everywhere else.
Afghan Man Faces Death for Allegedly Converting to Christianity

This bloody crazy...
Easy, the US should reciprocate law and make it illegial for Christians to convert to islam, punishable by death of course.

In addition, we should bring back the old Blue Laws which restricted the sale of goods on Sundays, so we can be more sensitive to the needs of the muslims.

Tongue in cheek.
The Blue Laws were made by Christians or did the religious fervent forget that?

Well, that was long go, right? Joel Osteen has to sell his books. Wouldn't want a man of God driving something other than a Mercedes or a Porsche or living in a home that couldn't be classified a mansion.
The Blue Laws are only still effective for the car dealerships in Texas. Hence, you can't buy a new car on Sunday.

And don't worry about rich men of God. They can't take their riches with 'em when they die.
You missed my point, how seriously do you take someone that calls himself a man of God when it appears he is using his position to make himself rich. Wouldn't a true man of God, not care if he drove a Porsche or lived in mansion--his true wealth would be in the people he helped.

I just get the feeling that Osteen is another Jim Baker--ripping off the old and the weak for his own interests.

If that is the case, I hope he does have to answer for it in the end and maybe sooner.

Baker did.
I got your point. I'm not particularly fond of TV preachers.

I have a little more respect for Joel Osteen than I do others who try and be like Christ and heal people right in front of everyone.

Osteen reaches out to people and encourages them to be better people in their everyday lives, and he puts people at ease, repsects them.

I know that preachers can't get their message out without funding. Obviously, some overdoit when it comes to paying themselves and spending extravagently, but like I said before, the can't tkae it with them when they die and stand in front of God to be judged in doing the Lord's Work.
Your last line is correct, but in no way should that guy be idolized in my opinion. That liberal media source known as the Chronicle ran a story about him on the front page the other day.

I've sone some research into his church and they rarely do much for charity. It seems most of the money goes back into the church and his pockets.

I don't know about that. I'm more about people like Mother Teresa than Joel Osteen.

I understand he has a family to provide for, but there is a difference between "needs" and "wants."
Please check your Bible on how "Greed" and "self-aggrandizing behavior" is referred to in a religious sense.
I'm not a member of Osteen's congregation, I'm Catholic, but I remember Osteen's church opening up their doors to flood and hurricane survivors.

They could probably do some more everyday charity, and they may do.

But if he doesn't do enough charity in your opinion, call him on it. Start a blog specializing on Osteen or call him and ask for a balance sheet of church funding or something.
I'm not a member of Osteen's congregation, I'm Catholic, but I remember Osteen's church opening up their doors to flood and hurricane survivors.

They could probably do some more everyday charity, and they may do.

But if he doesn't do enough charity in your opinion, call him on it. Start a blog specializing on Osteen or call him and ask for a balance sheet of church funding or something.
I'm Catholic too. I went to Catholic School as a kid and he doesn't fit the ideals I was raised under.

Sure, his church helped with Katrina but so did just about everyone.

That was a special situation. On a day-to day basis, take my word--they don't do much. I've checked it out and even asked for their comments on it which they declined.

That's alright though. I'll keep digging and publish it in the Chronicle or another news source.

I hate to tell you this but, blogs really have no credibility.
Cannot believe what is going with this Bush reform...

Bush Presses Guest Worker Program for Illegals
this may make more people come here...

Sudan Bars Top U.N. Humanitarian Official from Darfur
Zarqawi: 'What Is Coming Is Even Worse'

now getting better
I think this case is something worth watching as well...

Moussaoui Deliberations Enter Second Week
Talking about Crazies did you see this...

Iranian President Proposes Solutions in Letter to Bush
this may be the biggest Bush story of the day

U.S. to Renew Diplomatic Relations With Libya
why thsi

Supreme Court Rules Police Don't Need Warrants in Emergencies

Canadians Healthier Than Americans
Who you calling liberal?

I'm a reporter. I reported what I saw. I sure as hell did not include my personal views. Now that I am no longer a member of the Daily Texan or the press corps, I will be happy to tell you my views of the war, and it isn't as liberal as you apparently think it is.

midn dot callahan at gmail dot com
these guys are crazy...

Hamas Militants Storm Palestinian TV Facility
this looks like from bad to worse

Fatah Gunmen Go on Anti-Hamas Rampage
hope these guys get back safe....

Al Qaeda-Linked Group Claims Kidnapping of GIs
this looks pretty promising

Iraq' s Leading Sunni Party Endorses Amnesty Plan; 3 U.S. Service Personnel Killed
French Doctors Publish New Details of Partial Face Transplant Surgery

what do you think about this
Discussions Over U.N. Resolution on N. Korea to Continue

this is good news I hope....
this is quite something hope they can win it in the end

Israeli Warplanes Resume Blasting Beirut's Southern Suburbs
U.N. Chief Accuses Hezbollah of 'Cowardly Blending' Among Refugees

quite something....and quite true
I am not too crazy about this

Israel Intensifies Hezbollah Attacks Deeper Into Lebanon
the wars continue....

Iranian Jews Living in U.S. Have Complex Feelings About Mideast Crisis
pretty remarkable stuff if you ask me...

11 British Terror Plot Suspects Charged With Conspiracy to Commit Murder
this is pretty tremendous

Nearly 50 Killed in Iraq Violence
tell me what this is what about

Bush Reveals Secret War on Terror, Movement of Suspects
Okay well what will be with this

Bush to Hold Meetings in New York Ahead of United Nations General Assembly Speech
see this new story

Former President Bill Clinton Defends Handling of Usama bin Laden in Combative FNC Interview
where are we today

Coroner: Amish Schoolhouse Shooting Scene Was 'Horrible'
this is quite...

Student Fires Gun in Missouri Middle School, No Injuries Reported
thsi is unreal

Bush Counts on Allies in Iraq, Asia to Stop Violence, Nuclear Weapons
I would love to figure this out

GOP, Dems Hammer Away at Familiar Message in Campaign's Final Hours
quite something

Bush Urges Isolation of Iran Until It Gives Up Nuclear Ambitions
so off we go ....

Four American Contractors Reportedly Kidnapped in Iraqi Convoy Attack
not so fats

Four American Contractors Reportedly Kidnapped in Iraqi Convoy Attack
so much for this ....

British Airways to Contact Passengers After Traces of Radiation Found on Planes

NASA Says It Plans to Build Permanent Moon Base

Two Missing Climbers Still Sought; Body of Third Identified
Gerald Ford Remembered for His 'Calm and Steady' Hand


New Video Appears to Show Body of Saddam After Hanging

White House Tries to Sell Iraq Plan to Skeptical Republicans

In Video, Al Qaeda No. 2 Al-Zawahiri Taunts President Bush's New Iraq Plan

Officials: White House Holding Back Report Detailing Iran's Meddling in Iraq

NASA Astronaut Lisa Nowak Charged With Attempted Murder in Bizarre Love Triangle

NASA Astronaut Lisa Nowak Charged With Attempted Murder in Bizarre Love Triangle

Iraq to Close Borders With Syria, Iran for 72 Hours in Security Crackdown

Suspected Serial Killer Investigated in Dismemberment Killings in US, Europe
Wall Street Slammed After China Stock Woes

Bill Gates Urges Better Education, More Tech Visas Before Senate Panel

Pentagon Transcripts Show Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Confesses to Sept. 11 Attacks

Georgia Police Hunt for Missing 911 Dispatcher
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