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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


UH Daily Cougar 'On International Women's Day' (What do they run?)

Yeah, the posting of a woman with her legs spread on International Women's Day is a great idea.

Who checks the calendar over there at the DC anyway?

Sabrina M. Rodriguez's Daily Cougar news story "DeLay makes final ballot," was an unceremonious display as usual in the DC for election stories that were dominated by Republicans. At least they didn't run with Chris Bell winning the Dems nomination for Governor to run against Rick Perry, like most of the other news outlets were doing.

I believe with Tom DeLay's overwhelming victory last night that sent shockwaves thru the Nick Lampson campaign who expected him to be in a run-off or barely garner 50% of the vote, and of course Rodriguez had to remind everyone who already knows "that this is first election win since being indicted" for good 'ol Tom.

I also wanted to congratulate Dan Patrick and his win in SD7. A State Senator with a Talk Show on the grounds will make for interesting votes on taxes in future legislative sessions.

Thanks to the DeLay voters of District 22. Thanks for sticking by Tom who has done less wrong than any liberal democrat would do. I'm sure that they will be watching the new "Fahrenheit DeLay" movie, that will do nothing but embolden more District 22 Conservatives to go out in November and trounce Nick Lampson 80-20.

Liberals can cry wolf some many times, and their allotted number is already way past.

P.S. Elly, I've been waiting for the "special links" to be posted to the WIN site, and I would remove the UH Leftist TV designation from the blog links area. Is that in the works?

Screw the libs!

the girl looks more hispanic than asian doesn't she?
she looks GOOD either way.
We're really busy. If you would supply us with some good links, we would be more than happy to post. We mentioned what we wanted in an earlier post. As soon as you come up with them-we'll post them as agreed. We don't really care if you call our project leftist. It's not true in an overall sense. It's investigative therefore it is going to challenge the system and the system is controlled by conservatives at this point. If this project was done in the 60s or 70s, it would have been challenging the liberals and Democrats.
Elly, I found a good cross section of links to post. It includes whites, blacks, an asian, and hispanic. I wanted to include Rep. Bobby Jindal, an Indian from Louisiana, but I could not find a good site that included pieces that he wrote.

George Will

Bill O'Reilly

Michelle Malkin

Walter Williams

Linda Chavez

Thomas Sowell
Here is the actual Tom Sowell link:

Thomas Sowell
What are their normal websites? We want to post their sites on our resources page. Not just one piece. Also, isn't the New Republic regrded as a conservative stronghold?

We'll post O'Reilly's website on the media critique about his show.
The link on Malkin is her website.

Bill O'Reilly
is his website.

Thomas Sowell

Walter Williams

Will and Chavez don't have their own websites, but their pieces are archived on the links provided without showing a lone column.

On the WIN homepage, I can understand the Non-Profit Partners being posted and the posting of show times, but I don't not see the fairness in posting alternative news sources from the left without posting sources from the right, such as what I provided.

If not, then I believe all those alt links should be removed to the resource page and no additional links provided on WINs homepage that offer a third-party point of view. I'm pretty sure most of those alt links are already on the ref page but a few may be missing.
The fairness is that mainstream media covers from a corporate point of view. I don't know if you want to call this a liberal or conservative point of view, but more of a economic point of view.

I'll take your suggestion to the others at WiN and we'll go from there.
I understand.

I'm not as concerned as to how the suggestions are classified but that it gets done.

I can't help but remember that the government fought Civil Rights cases under the guise of Interstate Commerce.
My point exactly.
I just watched an interesting movie," Jarhead", have you seen it?

From what I've heard from a few friends that served in the Persian Gulf War, it appears fairly accurate.
I've seen the trailer for Jarhead, and they do bring back memories of my ODS&S days.

I'll probably watch it during one of my weekends at the Northern Command on the big screen.

My nephew is really into movies like that, and I would have to debate myself to watch the movie with surround sound seeing as I am deeply familiar with all the applicable sounds that encompass combat operations.

From first glance looking at the trailer I would agree Jarhead appears fairly accurate. Throw in some friendly fire, a sand storm or two, sleeping bags encrusted white with your own body salts, flys, sweat, dust, the heat, the cold, the latrines, various details, 10% wartime excitement, 90% downtime and boredom, and then the problems and sickness you have following your service, then you have a movie.

If I was a kid right out of school, I would do it again. No regrets.
I know you guys will probably criticize this, but World Internet News won four Society of Professional Journalist Awards yesterday. It's pretty good considering we only five categories. What's even better is that we beat UT and A&M along with the other schools in Texas and Oklahoma. Next up, Columbia, MIssouri and Stanford.

Go Coogs!
Congrats go out to WIN for their wins in the SPJ Awards. Please drop us a link so we can post.

This blog will not stand for any other university criticizing you guys. You are ours, and ours alone, and we do have a relationship.

In the end, the UHCU needs WIN as much as WIN needs the UHCU.
Malkin is out--too much similarity to Coulter. We added the others and a few others to our resources page. You forgot Kevin Phillips, Safire, Thomas Friedman.

Though we have our differences, we have enough class to at least come up with a solution, unlike those in knotheads in DC.
good enough.
Long day.
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