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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


UH Daily Cougar News Story 'Only the Rich Parking in New Garage' (DC Columnist Nick Somarkis hoping for lower drinking age so he can get laid)

The Shadow reported to me recently that their are less than ten cars that park on the second floor of the new parking garage. What a waste of university and taxpayer dollars so far. I doubt if the garage ever pays for itself, at least not in our lifetimes.

What did I say awhile back? Have a lottery to give away spots in the new parking garage at least for this semester, or make the price halfway affordable. That's liberalism for you, unless it was their idea, no action will be taken. And since when do liberals take action anyway, except for protest against something that is good for America.

In her DC news story today "
Garage permit sales sluggish: Despite University marketing and promotion, parking prices outweigh student's demand," Kelly J. Santos reports that "UH Parking and Transportation Services has sold 406 student parking permits for the new parking garage so far. The building has an overall 1,500-space capacity." Which means that only rich students are able to afford the convienence of parking in the newly constructed garage. Staff to, provided they are not making janitorial wages. This would make a great WIN story, "Only Rich Able to Park in New Parking Garage; Pres. Bush to Blame."

Bob Browand, UH Parking and Transportation Services Director, needs to make a decision quickly to get the garage filled. Like I said, have a lottery so the poor students can have a taste of the 'good life' of parking, and want more next semester. Dope pushers have been doing it for years, and I would say they have been pretty successful in the wards.

Browands comment of "students not being aware the garage is open" is ridiculous, and makes one wonder if those marketing dollars were really wisely spent. It is just a matter of money that students don't have right now, and probably won't have in the future as well.

On the Daily Cougar opinion page today, UH columnist and ex-UH College Democrat officer Nick Somarkis, ever the socialist, is concerned that American 18 year olds are not allowed to drink. Looks like Somarkis' is trying to ruin some kids life with the bottle just so he can find a young drunk cute guy who likes his goatee and wants to bed him.

In his tripe today "
Germany may be on to something," Somarkis like every liberal tries to make illegality legal, this time with allowing 18 year olds the right to drink alcohol.

Somarkis blames the Reagan administration for raising the US drinking age from 18 to 21. At that time the feds held back highway funding until drinking ages were raised, and I think Louisiana was the last state to raise it.

Somarkis calls it "a 22-year-old mistake". I forgot how old Somarkis is, but he is a mistake of about the same age. Somarkis contends that the law leads to "widespread binge drinking and irresponsible alcohol consumption," which it may, but the teens are not buying the stuff of the shelves, which is what the law states. The consumption part is mostly the parents and law enforcements job to stop.

Nick notes cases of stupid 18 year old students who drank way too much and died of alcohol poisoning, and in his stupid mind in order to prevent this we need to change the law. Bull crap.

Somarkis doesn't care about the law. He wants a cute drunk guy to have his way with. Teens are going to get alcohol regardless. I drank moderately as a teen, its the stupid teens that just drink and don't think that make the headlines.

So where does
Somarkis point to in order to show its OK for teens to drink, you guessed it -- Europe -- particularly Germany.

"Germany allows for the consumption of beer and wine at the age of 16. This allows people to build up tolerance and enjoy alcohol without social pressure or dangerous consumption habits,"
Somarkis happily points out. Of course Somarkis doesn't tell the UH weak minded that those habits have been developed over many generations and its now quite normal in Europe. Those habits were not developed in the United States, and to jump right in would be disasterous.

I've lived in Germany for five years starting when I was 18 and I drank responsibly, and had a great time. I still have friends in Germany, and visit every other year. And I can attest that European kids are generally much more mature than American kids. Quite simply European kids can handle their alcohol. That's their way, they drink for enjoyment, not to get drunk. American kids drink to get drunk, case closed.

Somarkis argument for a lowering drinking age, besides his need to get a kid drunk to look at him is that "at 18, you are legally permitted to get married, have children, start a business, purchase a car and purchase a home."

Did you notice Somarkis didn't say "serve in the United States Armed Forces."

That is the only situation in which 18 year old drinking should be allowed. If your willing to serve your country in her armed forces, then you should be able to drink at 18 years old.

Screw the libs!

The cartoon strikes a laugh nerve. I'm still smiling over it.
Why you gay, Jay?
Don't worry Jay.

Liberals are incapable of deciphering humor in any situation.
It's okay if Jay is gay.

Don't be sensitive, LH. It's not becoming for you.

Besides LH, I know your not gay. You say you have a girlfriend, but then again, you say a lot things that are untrue.

LH's girl is probably a tranny and all his hate towards homosexuals is the by-product of the foregone fact that on some level he's gay. Hence, sleeping with a chick that used to have a dick.

LH, were you in the Navy? We all know what goes on on those ships during those long voyages at sea. Did someone plug when you were a young redneck?
Did I mention that liberals were incapable of delivering humor in any situation as well.
Maybe, but we sure are good at biting commentary that chaps the asses of rednecks.
I'm glad I don't consider myself a redneck.
Watch Jeff Foxworthy--you'll get it.


As to liberals having a sense of humor, as you have said repeatedly Hollywood is nothing but liberals. So, I guess nothing that Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Chevy Chase, Jim Carey, Eddie Murphy, John Belushi, Dave Chappell, Will Ferrell, Hrold Ramis, Ivan Reitman, John Landis, Farrelly Brothers, Mike Nichols, etc., etc. has done is funny to you? I wouldn't think a one of them to be conservatives.

Name one good conservative comedian other than Dubya (because he's really not trying to be funny).

You may have to think hard.
I'm sorry to strain you.
Hey Jay, isn't it about time that you change that name to "Gay Jay"?

And where's my favorite asshole, Missed the Bell, been?

I've missed his lame arguments. He's spending all his time listening to Rushbo and O'Reilly so that he'll have a thought.

While we're at it, where's UH History Liberal Hater? Is he history?

And the Shadow? Is he looming in the girl's bathroom hoping to get his first look at a naked female?
Man you want to start a war with everyone.

Each and every person has their reasons, and I'm corfortable with that.

You're the starting wars. I just won't be bullied. What's the matter you can't take someone pushing back?

The truth of the matter is that I just don't like you and your little flunkies and what you represent. I've found little on this blog of any value. It's just shit.

If anyone needs to Move on, it is you. Why don't you pack up this site and stop wasting all our time.
Hey Anon, like we have always said we all have careers, our studies, families etc. If we drop off of the boards for a while it is because we have real world responsibilities that keep us busy.

Nice to know you missed my "lame" arguments that intellectual Earned Income Credit troglodytes like you can never defeat based on the issues. Don't worry, when I have some extra time I'll make sure to show you and the other liberals for the pea-brained secular-progressive-Ted Kennedyophiles that you are.

I guess you are hoping to find a gay conservative because all of your liberal buddies’ rectums are so prolapsed from their liberal experiences that your pin dick can't get any satisfaction. I guess you will have to catch more and pitch less.

Sorry gay lib, we are all straight here.

The Bell has rung and the truth has been tolled!
Missed the Bell,

It is so nice to hear youyr excrement again. I missed the good laughs you provide though I'm a concerned about your delusional memories.

When the hell did you ever handle me in a debate? I give LH some credit, but YOU--give me a break. You can't make an argument on your own to save your life. You're like a sponge that sucks up every word of talk radio then blabs without any thought of your own.

While you were gone, did you fill back up on O'Reilly and Rush? Are you ready for a debate? Ask LH if he'll allow you to speak on your own and get back to me.
Nice to know I can so easily get under your skin. Remember the little "court" case. That’s just one of many times I showed you for the intellectual child that you are. Nice to know you have deteriorated even more.

What exactly have I ever said that was lifted from Rush or O'Reilly by the way? Seems your mantra is just yet another excuse for your pathetic excuse for a brain.

Screw the libs.
Yeah, I remember the court case--I won it. You had a biased judge and he still couldn't side with you on both motions because you were clearly WRONG.

You know, you don't bother me at all. I just like messing with you assholes. In fact, last night I was joking around with some friends discussing what puds you guys are. It's fun to toy with you. You're obviously not my equal considering that you are still in college and living with mommy and daddy. Maybe some day you'll be a homeowner. Maybe not--- you'll probably stay in school on the taxpayers dime until Uncle Sam refuses to send you anymore money. It's funny how you neo-cons are--bitch about welfare, but have no more problem taking it when it's sent your way.

As to Rush and O'Reilly, I never heard anything you say that is any different than what they say. Do you have any thoughts of your own? Or should I just tune in to their shows to get your opinion.

As to me, my opinions are not solely the opinions of Michael Moore, Howard Dean, Clinton, etc.... I have my own thoughts and quite a few don't correlate to what they believe is the best direction for America. The same can be said for the Republicans. Though, I like quite a few of the more moderate Republicans.

I would have no problem with McCain being out next President or Colin Powell. If the Republicans nominate either of them, they'll get my vote.

It'll be a cold day in hell (or if another Bush runs), when I vote for Hillary or Kerry. They're dogs just like the incompetent loser in the White House now.

Before I go, I'd like to offer a toast to Missed the Bell. May he some day move out of the parents' house and get off the government doll.

WiN - 4 awards for journalism excellence

UH Conservative Underground - ZERO

Have a nice day!
Ok, an underground blog does not get any awards whereas a secular progressive tripe machine gets some from organizations that like to dole them out to like minded libs at liberal colleges. This proves what exactly?

As for the "case" like I said ong ago the only serious point was that you were state supported and you certainly did not "win" on that. Your memory is as poor as your pathetic liberal "points".

Me on taxpayers dime and living at home? Last time I lived at home I was 17. Some of us joined the military and defended your worthless ass after high school and while you were living in mom and dad's garage. Actually I've had a job since 14. How about you lib?

As for school I'm a cash customer. Thank you very much, I have gotten a lot of academic based scholarships over the years though. How about you Mr C-? The G.I. bill was for my first degree. I have a full time job and other business interests that pay my bills. I guess you don't have the qualifications for graduate school eh? We have already discussed at length how the G.I. Bill is earned not given anyway. If a company you work for has tuition rembursement is that welfare too?

I guess you make the live at home assumptions because of your personal experiences. Nice to know mom and dad had to put your weak ass through school and I'm sure Uncle Sugar's financial aid had a lot to do with your education despite your likely false statements to the contrary.

Oh I forgot, you "worked 18 hours a day to put yourself through school" I guess that gay prostitute gig really worked out for you eh?

I guess you have so much rage now because your "career" that got you through school has dictated that you have to shit in colostomy bag for the rest of your life. But at least you got your "two degrees" from the community college.

Screw the weak minded libs!
"I can attest that European kids are generally much more mature than American kids." If you're so fucking happy with the Europeans, why don't you move to fucking Europe. I am a Conservative and I believe that government shouldn't interfere with our rights. An 18 year old can be sentenced to death by the government and should be treated as one all the way through. You are a false conservative...i bet you are a member of the Communist Party. "The government knows best for all it's people." Don't call yourself conservative, you commy.
I think liberal hater was talking about averages here, and whether we like it or not there are some things that people do better abroad or there are better average habits and behavior norms in some cases in other countries. That does not mean that any of us love our country less, the conservative contributors to this blog are all patriots. However this means that we are smart enough to be willing to suggest that there are some things abroad that America might be better off emulating.

For example teenagers in Asia are for the most part much more studious than American teens. Europeans, Latin Americans, and Asians all tend to have better savings rates than Americans, can we really not learn from them just because they are foreigners? Why do Freshman from China, India, and Japan have math skills that are usually junior or senior level college skills for Americans? Why do most of the Asian who take the GMAT max out on the Math portion even though the instructions for the questions are usually in a second language for them? Just because you are a patriot and conservative does not mean that you have to live in denial. There are things we can learn from abroad about how to make the greatest nation in the world, (USA of course) even better and more competitive.

Japanese manufacturing focused on quality in the 70s and 80s and ate the US for lunch as a result. When the US companies decided to be humble enough to learn what worked they made a comeback in many areas.

I think LH's main point was that American teens are not German teens and so this was not a good basis of comparison by Somarkis on why the drinking age should be 18.

Personally I don't have a problem with the drinking age being 18 because when I was that age I was mature enough to drink responsibly, and since I was in the Army I did not see any reason why I could not be trusted with a beer if I could be trusted with automatic weapons and explosives. But binge drinking isn't a good idea for anyone at any age, only a fool or an alcoholic would believe otherwise.

I did not get that LH was stating that the government always knows what is best for us, only that there is a downside to teenage drinking because truth be told in general American teens are less responsible about unfortunately many things versus European teens, and I would say this is even more the case with regard to Asian teens.

This is not to say that American teens don't have areas where they tend to be ahead. Americans tend to enter the workforce at a much younger age then Asians or Europeans, and tend to become independent much earlier in many ways.

It is a balance in the end, but it is foolish to think that the Europeans and Asians have nothing to teach us at all, that kind of thinking has cost America a lot of jobs, Nobel Prizes, etc.

Patriots are not afraid to improve the system.
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