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Thursday, March 23, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Looking For a "Leader" for Next Summer and Fall

Well evidently Zach Lee, the Editor in Chief of the UH Daily Cougar is spent. No mas. He's had it. The UH Daily Cougar has dealt him all he can handle.

Who knows what Lee's intentions really are, but it's time to choose a new so-called "leader" for the
Daily Cougar who will be "interested in helping The Daily Cougar evolve into a better newspaper" from the current heaping waist of trees that it already is.

"The deadline to apply for editor in chief of
The Daily Cougar for the Summer and Fall semesters is April 7. Applications are available for students in Room 151 the Communication Building," and "applicants for editor must be juniors or seniors, be in good academic standing and have taken basic journalism courses, among other requirements."

Applications will be reviewed by the Student Publications Committee, and like the
College of Cardinals, they will chose a new "leader," like a Pope, who will take the helm of the Daily Cougar and try to steer it clear of embarrassing the university.

We can only hope and pray that on Passover, Thursday April 13th, when white smoke emanates from the UC Satellite signifying that a worthy "leader" has been chosen, that that person won't wake up on Good Friday morning feeling crucified.

"We're not looking for a specific type of person" Lee said, "just a" liberal.

Screw the libs!

Some people never learn, LH is spreading libelous claims as usual when he adds "'just a' liberal" to Lee's quote.

Shame, shame, my friend with the maroon neck.
I would comment, but SOMEONE might think I'm gay. Of course I am not, because I am faithful to my wife and children.
I don't care if you comment, Jay. I don't care if you're gay. You don't have to justify anything for me. If you like men tapping that ass--that's fine as long as you don't hurt me.

I think though, it may be time for you to visit a shrink or something because you are way too defensive about your masculinity. It's a joke. You're ready to pack your bags because someone called you gay.

Sure glad your not on the front line defending our country. You're probably better off in the kitchen with the ladies or writing for stupid ultra-conservative blogs anonymously.
Being a reformed liberal, I will always regret to the end of my days not serving my country nor being a patriot in my early years. When I had a chance to serve, being a constantly angry person, I spit at the flag. Liberals are making life choices now that they will regret in the future. I check this blog and comment because I can see and understand the humor that is displayed, and that is good for my blood pressure.
Well Jay, one would hope that your BP is okay.

Who ever said anything about spitting on the flag? I consider myself on the left side of the center, but I would never spit on the flag. I love America and I beleive it is worth fighting for.

Just because I don't agree with you ultra conservatives on everything doesn't mean I'm anti-American. I see nothing wrong with having a social conscience. You guys think everything is about money and the market. I don't.

So, dry your eyes and check your heart rate--I won't call you gay anymore, but I still have questions on whether LH's so-called girlfriend is a tranny.

Fuck all those who don't believe in American ideals.
OK anon, if you believe so much in American ideals why didn't you serve in the military since you think America is worth fighting for eh? Put up, shut up, or at least have the courage to sincerely admit your past mistakes regarding this like Jay.
I didn't want to serve in the military. It was my choice as an American. That's not to say that I wouldn't go to war if I was called. I would without question.

I just wanted other things and I don't think it has been a mistake that I didn't join.

I, as Jay, could join today if I wanted to. Though I may be a bit old for soldiering, I'm sure they could find some use for me.
P.S. I don't like the allusion that because I didn't serve in the military that I'm less of an American than you.

I pay my taxes. I vote. I volunteer my time all over the place, including UH. I've worked as part of the press. I've worked on your hero W's campaign in 2000. I'm an entrepreneur. I'm someone that believes in America.

I would never condone detaining anyone illegally and I would never infringe on the civil liberties of my fellow Americans. You as soldiers should be ashamed of what is going on in the name of security.
Are the following people behind this site: Stephen Cox, Matt Osterhaus, Matt Maddox, Stephen Dartt, and Adam Muldrow?

These guys are proud conservatives and libertarians by their own admission. I'm sure one is Albertus Magnus. It doesn't really matter--just curious. I know the names of the Daily Cougar and WiN. And lord knows you guys don't mind trashing people's names.
Perhaps it is time to examine those gentleman's beliefs?
I know Albertus Magnus has several other blogs, but his name is not any of those you listed. He used to be there reporter, recorder or something like that. But I haven't heard anything from them in quite awhile.
Not one of the things you have mentioned nor even all of them put together comes close to serving in the military. As for voting and paying taxes, give me a fucking break! That is your standard for patriotisim? Pretty cheap don't you think. That makes you an American on par with a veteran who was willing to put their life on the line to save your sorry ass from foreign enemies? See why I always question your intelligence and your patriotisim.

You volunteer all over the place... yeah for what cause and who benefits from your activities? I think that is very relevant. Is your volunteer time spent on veterans, or is it just spreading more of your tripe and serving up your caustic Kool-Aid from your lemonade stand of liberalisim. You are not the only person who posts on here who volunteers their time. Some of us just have much better causes.

As for infringing on civil liberties, given all of the crap that has come out from you regarding trying to get our identities, it seems to me you would be a prime candidate for the East German Stasi or the KGB. You only believe in free speech if it suits your own beliefs.

If you really believed in the First Amendment as you claim, there never would have even been a discussion from you concerning our identities, or childish threats against our persons, (nice to know you think soldiers are so violent).

Candy ass liberals like you don't scare anyone, but when you go off on one of your fuges of violent threats and dysfunctional emotionalisim it shows you for what you really are. You are anything but peaceful. We are glad that your ilk is not in political power.

You are about as peaceful and respectful of others rights as the Stalinsits that killed 25 million of their own citizens in the name of the left.

The Bell has rung and the truth has been tolled.
Damn, Da Bell be doing some slamming.

Missed the Bell is showing some fire. I like that. At least, you are passionate about the junk you are peddling.

The point of the identies is that you guys make personal attacks against people all the time. It's one thing to criticize their work (The Cougar and WiN) and another thing to make attacks on their person. I think it is fair for all that you attack personally to know who their attackers are.

As to voting and paying taxes, they are the most important and patriotic things a U.S. citizen can do other than serving in the military. Missed the Bell may belittle my dedication to such things, but many people don't vote and pay their taxes. And that's not even mentioning how many corporations have set-ups in the Cayman Islands and other places to avoid taxation.
No one pays taxes because they are a patriot. They pay them to stay out of legal trouble. People vote because they want their person in office, not because they feel that it is American to do so and it shows how patriotic they are. The Soviets voted too in much higher numbers than anyone in this country ever did was this a show of patriotisim?

If you want to see what a patriotic citizen can do even if they did not serve in the military all you have to do is look at Bob Hope's life (The only person ever made an honorary American veteran)or some of the many people who have volunteered for many years with various veteran's organizations or the VA hospital or the USO.

Guess what, a lot of those corporations that you loath are keeping democratic candidates funded. You might want to be a little nicer to them. They are paying your boys bills.

Screw the unpatriotic libs!
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