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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Guest Columnist Ryan Loyd 'To Pack or Not To Pack' (When your life is on the line; screw school rules)

Liberals hate guns.

I once asked a liberal who would not buy a gun, nor have one in his house for personal protection, "if it came down to killing a burglar with a gun or letting the burglar kill your wife, what would you do?" Needless to say, the liberal was speechless, because when the metal meets the meat, that liberal would probably let his wife die so that he can be true to his philosophy. And if the woman is pregnant with twins, then the liberal cultural of death wins big time. Three dead for the price of one.

That aside. Today
UH Daily Cougar guest columnist Ryan Loyd brings up a good point, and seeing as I recently took my concealed handgun training and am now packing on campus, I can answer that question. Of course it won't sit well with UH liberals when they find out that their is a gun on campus.

In his piece today "
UH should be up in arms over arms," Ryan Loyd brings to question why students cannot bring firearms onto campus while people with criminal intent do bring firearms on campus and are able to rob and possibly kill you at their will.

Unless you have a concealed handgun license, you have no business carrying a gun in Harris County outside of your house. The District Attorney has made it plan and clear that he will prosecute anyone who violates the law by carrying a handgun without a license. So am I not encouraging anyone to carry without the proper license.

Also, don't let liberals state that guns on campus will make it look like the Wild West. Five will get you ten, that the crime rate will fall just as it did when the concealed carry law was passed.

People who are licensed to carry concealed weapons, such as myself are aware that the you CAN CARRY CONCEALED WEAPONS ON CAMPUS, but of course there are several limitiations, and I will get to that.

The following is according to the UH:

"Disciplinary Code.
Possession of Dangerous Weapons — Unauthorized possession of a firearm, weapon, dangerous chemicals, or any explosive device of any description (including compressed-air guns, pellet guns, BB guns, shotguns, or illegal knives) or the ammunition of any firearm or other dangerous weapon or explosive device on University grounds. (A weapon in your vehicle constitutes possession.)"

The keywords of course being "Unauthorized possession." If you are licensed by the State of Texas to carry a handgun, then their are certain times you can carry and other times that you cannot carry concealed handguns on campus, and it can be a little tricky.

In PC 46.035 UNLAWFUL CARRYING OF HANDGUN BY LICENSE of the TEXAS CONCEALED HANDGUN LAWS and Selected Statutes pamphlet, which is handed out during handgun training, in Section F(3) Premises is defined. ""Premises" means a building or a portion of a building. The term does not include any public or private driveway, street, sidewalk, or walkway, parking lot, parking garage, or other parking areas.

So if you are licensed, you can carry a firearm on campus in those areas that are not considered a premises, and use a fireaem when you feel your life is really threatened. And be careful where you shoot, because third party injures or deaths are the licensees responsibility.

Now of course buildings and especially classrooms are off limits (PC 46.03 (a)(1)) even for concealed handgun licensees, that's understandable since we don't any liberals taken out for saying anything liberal. But if its late at night and a responsible lady has to walk across a dark campus at night way out to a far parking lot, and if her weapon is on her person, then I'm not going to make a big deal of it if she possessed a concealed weapon while in a premises. But liberals will and maybe the law, but that's where the law gets fuzzy because how are you going to protect yourself on a dark night unless you have quick access to a firearm.

PC 46.035 Section B(2) notes that licensees cannot carry "on the premises where a high school, collegiate, or professional sporting event or interscholastic event is taking place, unless the license holder is a participant in the event and a handgun is used in the event." So, we cannot carry weapons into UH athletic or other events either.

I don't agree when Loyd says, "I have a concealed handgun license, but to carry it on campus would be a gross violation of school policy." If it's concealed, who is going to know. As long as he doesn't carry a weapon into a building on campus, or a building that has a state approved sign with the proper verbage, or a UH atheletic event, then he can carry his weapon with a clear conscious.

I don't know about the dorms, but seeing as they are University premises, the only safe place to store a weapon for concealed carry licensees would be their cars. Then again, if the dorms do not have the proper state signs, then firearms would be allowed by holders of concealed carry permits seeing as dorms are residences.

I look at my concealed weapon as an insurance policy. I have it, but I hope to never use it, and risking arrest after protecting my life because some worthless thug wanted my wallet is a risk I will take. And I am a good shot.

As long as campuses have rules of no guns on campus, robbers will always see easy marks at UH. UH might at well advertise "free money from campus law-abiding students via robbery at gunpoint" on campus. There is no way that UHPD can protect us every minute of every day, not even "100 yards from the police department."

I encourage all UH Conservatives to go to a concealed handgun training course. Its about $99, and then you make an application to the state which is about $140, and eight weeks after thatn you will be ready when a thug makes you a UH target of opportunity.

"We should have the ability to defend our lives by any means necessary." If the University can add "unless you have a valid concealed handgun permit" to the current discplinary code, that would be nice. But don't let that stop you from carrying a concealed handgun on campus.

If you feel that you should carry a weapon on campus and are licensed, by all means do. But remember, follow the rules. Because no matter what liberals will tell you, Texas state law does supercede those that any UH policy can offer. I play by the rules, and I know the University can't touch me. I would rather defend myself after an incident being alive with an assailant dead, than being dead myself having followed UH's holier than thou rules.

Screw the libs!

As soon as we find out who you are, we are going to get you busted.
I know a lot of the folks at UHPD, and you would not believe some of the shit that goes down on campus.

The whole problem is that because you can't have the weapon in the buildings then of course you don't have it on you when you are going to or from your car which is when you are going to get robbed anyway. A lot worse than just robberies have happened on campus, there have been some girls raped and kidnapped at gunpoint over the years too. If they had a weapon they could have sent the perpetrator straight to hell where they belonged instead. It only takes a few students splattering the thugs' cherry pie on the buildings where the weapons can't go to radically decrease crime on campus. A little lead poisoning goes a long way.

Once again the brave liberals are more interested in interfering with our personal lives than discussing the issues as the first comment on this shows.

Gee what a surprise.

I hope the lib that thinks he is going to bust Liberal Hater gets robbed in the parking lot tonight and has to suck some HIV positive crackhead robber's dick at gunpoint to boot. When you are wiping off your chin and dusting of your knees you can smile and be glad that you don’t support the Second Amendment. If you won’t pack a gun, you better pack some mouthwash. You are going to have to be prepared one way or another lib.

Screw the anti-gun libs!
Liberal Hater is not going down on gun violations. The crime that happens on campus comes about from people not paying attention to their surroundings and more importantly not traveling in pairs. Like he said easy marks.
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