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Friday, March 24, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Crazed and Confused VI (and South Park)

South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone have a long way to go to "cross the line."

An episode on Scientology is fair, considering what else they have done in the past, and Isaac Hayes was wrong to quit just because his religion was being lampooned when others have as well.

Matt and Trey should have fired Isaac instead of allowing him to walk.

I say bring on Dave Chappelle as Sous Chef, Chef's cousin, and get on with the damn show.

howard who?
This is analogous to the Mohammad cartoons issue and how the media handled it. Christianity is always fair game but heaven forbid that any other faith gets knocked, then all hell breaks loose and we have to have "sensitivity training" and censorship about it.

I f religion is out of bounds, then that means Christianity too. If not, then they are all fair game. In the 2000 election only Lieberman could get away with his constant references to God because he was Jewish, yet Bush and others got branded religious right for a lot less.

Personally I was glad that Lieberman had some genuine religious beliefs and did not shirk from saying so publicly even though he was a Jew and not a Christian. Too bad more dems are not like him in this respect or regarding his stance on the war on terror. We need more people of faith in our government, especially on the Democratic side. Better decisions would be made on social issues.
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