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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Hasan Rizvi 'Faults Bush for Going to War;Faults Bush for Being a Manly Leader' (Refuses to see any good being done in Iraq)

Liberals are the most impatient people I've ever seen. My God, if this were World War II, the Germans and Japanese would have us on the run, and our liberal media would gladly be cheering the Nazis and Japs along, just as they cheer Code Pink and MoveOn.org on some war anniversary or milestone.

In the mind of failed suicide bomber and
UH Daily Cougar al-Qaeda columnist Hasan Ali Rizvi "America Sucks." Yes, the country that is educating him so he can go back home and become some terrorist hero sucks. The US can nothing right in the mind of this worthless liberal sycophant.

In his tripe today "
Overstayed welcome?," Rizvi is giddy with thoughts of Iraqi Civil War, and cheers on the insurgency which he says "are as strong as ever." Of course no Rizvi column would be complete without lambasting the Bush Administration, who rightly "blame the growing disillusionment with the war on the media for only reporting bad news."

Rizvi is sick, I mean, he literally is hoping and praying that Iraqi erupts into a bloodly mess, just like all the other liberals. Liberals, who claim to be peace loving and kind and gentle, are waiting with bated breath for an entire to blow up just so they can blame it on President Bush, so democrats can get elected.

Of course, the democrats have done nothing, and will continue to do nothing, because they are spineless people who would rather watch and wait and see, than to take action to prevent further occurences from happening.
Hasan Ali Rizvi is a democrat.

Rizvi touts that "the justifications for going to war have proven to be largely false, this won't stop many from spouting unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. After reviewing the facts, it seems pretty clear there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq." But of course Rizvi won't tell you the UH weak minded student of the documents, the tapes of the meetings with Saddam and his staff, the secret flights under the guise of humanitarian aid that ushered the WMDs out of the country before the invasion. And even though Hasan Ali Rizvi mentions the flights, he downplays their significance to make Bush look as bad as possible.

Rizvi admits the intelligence was faulty. Yes, it was old, but mulitiple countries had the same intelligence. We did the right thing by invading. British Prime Minister Blair did the right thing by being an allie in the invasion as were other countries.

I have a question. If "67 percent of Fox News viewers" are wrong and "there was never any collaborative relationship between Iraq and al-Qaida." Then how do you know.

Are you really al-Qaeda Hasan? Because only real al-Qaeda would know if Iraq an al-Qaeda actually worked together. Both had a common enemy -- the United States, and your worthless explanation how the two entities couldn't work together makes about the same sense as you writing off the secret flights to move WMDs under the guise of humanitarian aid.

Rizvi's and the liberals inability to recognize progress in Iraq continues to boggle my mind. I know its all politically based opposition. I mean if Clinton were at the helm, we would be hearing nothing but praise for our military, and nightly news headlines would herald the latest school named "Bill Clinton Elementary" in Baghdad. But Der Schlick Meister is not at the helm anymore. Clinton was busy sickening the minds of our young and impressionable kids with thoughts of oral sex and cum stained dresses.

Look Hasan Ali, each and every operation that the US military engages in has an exit strategy. Sometimes the exit strategy is to maintain an alert status comparable to the situation. The Korean War ended many years ago, but we have soldiers stationed there. The same thing in Europe and the Persian Gulf Region. As long a country wants US forces helping them protect a peaceful existence then I'm for it.

France kicked out American forces in the mid-1960s, and Iraq may or may not allow Allied forces to remain there. Who knows.

But you can be assured Hasan Ali Rizvi, who would make a great virgin for a suicide bomber because he's not manly and a coward, that the United States exit strategy is a "free and stable Iraq." No more, no less, a free and stable Iraq. My God, I don't see liberals criticizing the Marshall Plan or American actions following WWII or Korea. Building new societies coming off dictatorships takes time, and the new Iraq to this point was built a hell of a lot faster than the United States, which again points to the impatience of liberals.

If anybodys welcome has been "overstayed," it is yours Hasan. You come over here and criticize my country in a time of fucking war no less, giving the other side hope with your worthless Rizvieck thoughts, while making the United States look bad in the whole thing for giving people freedom, my God I hope the FBI has a file on you and your cell.

Screw the libs!

The real question is: "Are you a political operative working for the Bush Administration?"

We all know that the Bush Administration has spent more of the taxpayers' dollars than any other administration trying to tell people what to think.

Shit, it obviously worked on you.

Fuck the Nazis! Fuck LH!

P.S. You may want to call Uncle Sam and ask for that brain back. You're no longer in the service. Also, ask them when we're going to catch the guy responsible for bombing our country nearly five years ago? If we had a real leader that truly cared about America (someone like Roosevelt, Kennedy and Truman), he would have been in our hands long ago. Instead, we have Dubya who is more interested in making his buddies rich at the cost of the rest of us.
Oh yeah, do you mind if we send the tax bill to the Northern Command? Someone is going to have to pay for the huge deficit your buddy is running up. And let me tell you, it is not going to be Bush and his buddies--it's going to be you and I.

What happened to fiscally responsible Republicans?
I don't work for the Bush Administration, and Congress has spent too much money. I wish the President would veto a bill or two. Earmarks must be explained or they have to go. I hope that Bush gets the line item veto.

Anon, there is no way you can compare our current enemy and the previous enemies of former Presidents, and to even assume that Roosevelt, Kennedy or Truman could have captured or killed OBL before GWB does is absolutely ridiculous.

Anon, your heart is filled with some much hate and jealousy that you would rather see your country go down in flames just because someone you hate gets credit for its success in war and the bringing of peace to other nations.
If anyone is hateful, it is you.

I pointed to those liberal presidents because they were much more successful in dealing with the enemy than Dubya.

Also, you mean to tell me that if the United States had put all their resources towards catching Bin Laden that we wouldn't have gotten him by now. Give me a break.

Instead, under Bush's regime we've been delivered a war with no end in site, a ballooning national deficit largely made up of defense spending and irresponsible tax cuts, and attacks on our civil liberties.

I'm the voice of reason. YOU can't even ramble off a rational thought without conferring with Rushbo.
P.S. I'm not seeing a whole lot of peace in the Middle East. All I'm seeing is a generation of future terrorists being raised to hate us.
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