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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'On the liberal teachers hateful comments to his students' (Only sorry that Jay Bennish was caught)

Today UH Daily Cougar columnist and resident cotton picker David Salinas is trying to distance the liberal kook teacher who has been at the core of liberal embarrassment for the past week or so for making liberal statements equating Bush with Hitler, justifying 9/11 from the terrorists perspective, and in the meantime hating America just like every other liberal does.

In his tripe today "That's a podium, not a soapbox," David Salinas is pissed over some "Rush Baby" taping an off-topic lecture from some leftist bent public school teacher in Denver shortly after President Bush's most recent State of the Union address.

Salinas does not apologize for the teachers attempt to turn his entire class into leftists, he does apologize for his getting caught in the form of distancing what the wacko Bennish said and what the democratic party stands for. (I'll let you know as soon as they emerge from the super secret meeting for finding core values -- As a Conservative, I didn't realize that you have to have super secret meetings to find out what you stand for).

Salinas knows the democratic party is in trouble and beholding to the kook left that Bennish is a party too, hell, Bennish is probably is a member of MoveOn.org, and every other kook fringe group out there that has hijacked the dems and have run the party into the ground. Now even faster with non-fund raising Howard Dean at the helm.

As a teacher myself, I've never forced my views on a student like this wacko Jay Bennish has done.

Salinas even takes a swipe at this blog when he wrote, "despite what the obscure, maniacal conservative "bloggers" believe, Bennish is not an example of "the left." Au contraire David, Bennish's comments are just what the left is looking for, and he might be the liberals next Cindy Sheehan until he gets thrown out with the rest of the liberal garbage.

David frowns on high school debate labeling it "not productive," but if the arguments are clear, concise, and not offensive, then all is well. Bennish's comments were very offensive, and he now needs to realize that students in this day and age are smarter, and now have the technology to take from the classroom teacher comments that have to be defended or the teacher risks losing credibility and possibly their job.

Salinas doesn't believe in today's youth. He looks on them as tomorrows liberal dependent voter, unable to make decisions for themselves without asking some wanna-be goverment liberal like him for advise on what to do. Whom to vote for, or where to get her abortion.

It's obvious that David Salinas does not like Conservatives, nor Conservative educators. That fact manifested itself well before 9/11 in his liberal utopia, and will continue to control his life. When he is pelted with the truth that "liberals don't care about foreign policy" he becomes enraged. He boasts that his liberal grandfather served in World War II, which is fine, but did his liberal father spit on soldiers returning from Vietnam?

When Salinas can put multiple paragraphs together in protest of liberal professors as passioniately as he did in protest of a Conservative one in his tripe today, then he might be more believable as a columnists who supposedly detest Jay Bennish's comments as compared to a liberal who welcomes them.

Someone sent an e-mail recently asking what is the difference between Jay Bennish and UH's Bob Buzzanco. I said in reply, "nothing, except that Buzzanco gets paid much more and probably has an expense account." A lighter side of Buzzanco on Bush is posted here.

Screw the libs!

Buzzanco makes some good points. Do you disagree with everything he says?
I don't like Buzzanco's teachings that the Vietnam War was never winnable.

If the Pentagon would have been allowed to run the Vietnam War instead of the White House, then maybe things might have turned out differently.

Robert also feels the same way about Iraq and Afghanistan. By spreading a negative attitude about the war, the engagement is ultimately being prolonged and that raises the possibility of more casualties.

By liberals continuing to be negative in a time when Iraq is getting on it's feet, never saying a good word to more battalions being formed, or that 40% of Baghdad is being patroled by Iraqi troops free from American influence. They never say anything positive to more schools and hospitals being built.

Liberals can say nothing good to democracy in action for Christ's sake, stuff that they have been heralding for decades in South Africa.

But when a Republican President gets create for allowing a new democracy to birth itself, then liberals refuse to support it, with all their bleeding hearts.
Do you think we belonged in Vietnam in hindsight?
What do you think about SGA elections?
At the time the "Domino Theory" was the dominant theory to combat the spread of communism.

Kennedy inherited Vietnam from Eisenhower, Johnson from Kennedy, Nixon from Johnson, and Ford from Nxon.

Each one had their own relationship with Vietnam, but Kennedy broke the mold in his relationship with military men in both good and bad ways. The Bay of Pigs was a disaster but his actions during the Cuban Missile Crisis were admirable and saved us.

Now if Kennedy had not been assasinated things might well have been different, but that question will never be answered.

With Johnson, we did commit to Vietnam, and the rest is history.

As to the hindsight question. I believe we did have cause to be in Vietnam given the situation with the Russians, but we were never fully committed to the enterprise. The US was also fighting the war on poverty, and the Russians in space at the same time, and today's liberals parents were busy protesting.

I've always maintained that Vietnam could have been won if the poverty or space program would have been cut out of the budget.
The SGA elections are a big mess. I don't recall seeing one functioning website for UH4U or any independent candidates.

Mr. Munson's office should have kept a closer eye on the elections. Perhaps the elections should even be held off for a while longer to allow everyone to take a breath.

I just hope that our new SGA body will not be humiliated like the UW SGA was when they voted down that war memorial for Pappy Boyington.
Jay Bennish instructs us on the urgency of school vouchers.

Bennish is yet another example of the political indoctrination running rampant in public schools, schools that too often see their mission as overruling the basic values of parents. The First Amendment is not a license for teachers to indoctrinate, or otherwise opine beyond the scope of the curriculum and school policy.

If teachers can't teach about 'controversial' issues without neglecting to present all major views fairly, then such issues need to be excised from the curriculum. Period.

The pervasive politicization of public education by teachers like Bennish is just another reason why freedom of choice through measures such as school vouchers is essential to a free society.

Contacts re Bennish:

Dr. Monte Moses, Superintendent
Cherry Creek School District
4700 South Yosemite Street
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111
Phone: 303-773-1184
Fax: 303-773-9884’
Email: rmcintire@cherrycreekschools.org

Jana Frieler, Principal
Overland High School
Cherry Creek School District
Aurora, CO
Email: jfrieler@cherrycreekschools.org

Governor Owens
State of Colorado
Email: governorowens@state.co.us
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