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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Cartoonist John Palamidy 'Chides Big Oil on Profits' (No lib ?'s govt for getting 5X more the profit than Big Oil w/ their taxation)

For every cent that "Big Oil" makes, the government gets five cents. Government wins 5-1 over Big Oil and they don't have to do a damn thing.

Of course UH lead physical plant plumber John H Palamidy, won't draw a giant sized government agent turning Big Oil upside down and shaking them for change.

Big Oil is the fall guy for libs like Palamidy.

John why don't you just stick to plumbing and continue to slop up crap from the pipes instead of posting your crap to the DC.

Screw the libs!

Big Oil are a bunch of crooks that have deliberately backed our country into a corner so that they can rape us every nickel they can get out of us.

I say the government should tax them more and use the money to develop other energy solutions.

Fuck Exxon! Tell them to pay their tab in Alaska, fuckers!
Damn, liberal be pissed.

Liberal, would you please explain how the oil companies have backed us into a corner when their hands have been tied by liberals all these years with rules and regulations that have ruled out the building of new refineries.

To you liberals its governments job to develop energy solutions. That called communism.

You sorry liberals, you would rather sack a viable company just because you believe it makes too much money, and entrust everything in government to save your lives.
WiN is about to do a story to explain what has been going with the oil industry. The standards have weakened to a point where the oil refineries regulate themselves. Do you think they are thinking about the public's best interest or theirs?

Also, we had a problem with oil in the late 70s as you may recall. I remember the auto makers producing vehicles that were equal to if not better than the vehicles we drive today in terms of miles/gallon. You mean to tell me that in 20 years, they couldn't have made improvements to vehicles when it was obvious that the day was coming when oil would be in short supply?
If you talk about oil as a national security issue instead of an environmental one, then I'm in agreement, we should have taken the oil embargo lesson to heart after the 70's.

However, why can't the consumers see it this way? If the consumers demand cars that don't run solely on petroleum and get better gas milage then that is what they will get. The oil companies are not pushing demand, the automobile consumers are. It is not a big enough priority for most of them to have more fuel efficent cars. There are other qualities that most consumers value more.

Companies make SUVs because that is what people want to buy, the government can't go around and change consumer preferences, what they can do is loosen up some regulations so we can have more domestic drilling and refineries, they can also allow those nasty oil companies to make the best deals they can to get the foreign oil that we will need until the big switch finally happens.

People who bash the oil companies forget about this need. Who would you rather have doing this Exxon-Mobil or a foreign government's national oil company that is often merely an extension of an often hostile foreign government?

Thank God for those American multi-national oil companies, the leverage they provide has been saving our asses for years. Kill them and you kill our economy.

If you think people like Chavez, and the Saudis have us by the balls now, go ahead and destroy the American oil companies that at least give us some leverage and help diversify the supply with oil from places like West Africa and the former Soviet Union, not to mention all of the cutting edge offshore work they do right here in the Gulf of Mexico. Would you rather trust PEMEX to do this for us?

Plug in hybrids could be a good stopgap until hydrogen cars become feasable 30 or 40 years from now, but remember that the electricity in your home is often generated by coal or natural gas, coal we have natural gas is expensive and more limited for the US though.

More nuclear power would help as the plants are expensive to build, but last a long time and fuel is cheap. We have not built one in decades because of the 3 Mile Island scare. You get a good long term investment with nuclear. The newer Pebble Bed technology has a lot of promise, and the spent fuel can be reprocesed if there is the will to do so. For those who buy into global warming, (a lot of scientists don't) nuclear is zero emissions.

People make way too much of a scare about nuclear power. Chernobyl happened because the Russians did not build a containment building and purposely disabled saftey protocols to run an experiment. The only person who got injured by Three Mile Island accident was Edward Teller who had a heart attack while campaining for a pro nuclear power policy after the accident.
It will be interesting to see if WINs oil industry story is from both sides or just from the left.

I challenge WIN to really interview oil industry spokesman instead of just only critics, and try and understand what is really going thru their heads.

I bet WIN didn't know this. But people in the oil industry actually care about the environment.

I bet WIN also didn't know that oil industry workers have FAMILIES AND FRIENDS that have to breath the same air as liberals do, and oil workers gas is not any cheaper than liberals gas is.

And no I'm not a paid oil lobbyist.

Hey Bell.
WiN is covering the story from both sides. The oil reps have a voice in the story.

What LH forgets is that a wealthy oil exec can always pack up and move to some other country and live quite well. The same can't be said for everyone else.

Saved By the Bell makes some valid points about our energy situation. He left out mass transit and the bullet trains in Asia that are primarily fueled by electricity and magnets.

My point to my whole argument is that we should have been thinking progressively all along--not when a crisis slaps in the face. It is my opinion that people need to wake up and look at things with a much longer range and wider perspective.

As to LH's claim that the oil problems we're having is due nothing but Liberals, is a flat out lie. It's not true and WiN's story is going to address it. The mainstream media is not addressing some issues that need to be reported. The story will be out soon--just waiting on a few documents and a U.S. Congressman.

As to the air quality in Houston, I just got back from St. Louis, hardly a environmentalist's haven, and it was really noticeable how much dirty the air is here compared to there. And I don't live anywhere near the chemical plants. Houston has a million more people and more cars, but there is a big difference in air quality.
Your contention that the government get $2.00 out every $2.40 I pay for a gallon of gas is a flat out lie. Where's your documentation? I know that's not true.

When are you going to tell the truth instead of just throwing a bunch of shit out there and seeing what sticks?

Your fellow students deserve the truth not lies. Whoops, I forget who your heroes are......Dubya, Cheney, that traitor Karl Rove, DeLay, Abramhoff, Rice, Bill "I think I'll Cheat on my wife today"O'Reilly, that junkie Rush, Ashcroft, Donnie Rumsfeld, Reagan, Bush Sr.........the list goes....................and on.
I never said BG gets $2 out of $2.40, I don't know where that came from.

Big govt gets approx. $0.60 out of every gallon with their taxation. Big oil gets like $0.10 per dollar, the retailers get their small take, and the rest is taken with production, distribution, procuring the supplies, etc.

And "thinking progressively", aka liberally, is what got us into this situation in the first place.

In that WIN story I will be timing how long the oil industry reps will have as opposed to their critics, and be looking for any condensing tone that is taken towards the oil industry seeing as the conclusions for the reader/viewer have already been drawn before anyone was interviewed.

As far as pollution is concerned, I challenge WIN to contact TCEQ, Train Wreck, TNRCC, or whatever they are calling themselves now, to find out just how much CO2 pollution trees actually give off, and how much they contribute the our pollution.
So, your contention that the amount of trees in our area is the main reason we have air quality problems in Houston? Are you buying crack in the Third Ward on the way to your redneck hideout in Conroe?

WiN doesn't have to build their story around the perspective of big oil--the mainstream media does that already. WiN is giving an alternative/investigative perspective.

You have my word that big oil will be allowed to chime in, but "No" the story will not be told from solely their perspective. If you want that--read the Chronicle's coverage.

I won't be bullied like Melissa Correa. It seems to me, she just wants to please the majority--right or wrong.

As far as I'm concerned, if you don't like what WiN is doing, You Can Shove It YOUR ASS!

And you're way off if you think thinking progressively is what got us into this trouble.

The truth is the reason for our troubles is we weren't thinking with enough forethought and that includes your liberal buddy Clinton.

Though, I think Dickhead Cheney and his cronie buddies that decided the direction of our energy policy also were a major factor.

There was no voice from alternative energy in those meetings--just people that gave big bucks to the Bush campaign, including my favorite soon to be felon, Ken Lay (I wish he could be sent to Huntsville where he could be raped for the rest of his miserable existence--he deserves it for ruining a lot people's lives. He's a scumbag. Though, I've never seen you write one thing that mentions that. Will you when he and Skilling are found guilty? I bet not.).

If anyone has a bias problem, it is YOU and Your Flunkies .

Also, please don't write here that you get "straight A's" at UH--you'll hurt the school's reputation.

My god, I don't think Yale will ever recover having it be known that Dubya, the dunce that he is, holds a degree from there.


Damn, liberal be pissed.

Needs Dr. Phil.

And don't tell me about the traitor libs at Yale (aka Taliban U). They have since come full circle by proudly accepting the Taliban's former spokesman Rahmatullah Hashemi as an undergrad, and they still refuse to allow military recruiters on campus.
Don't worry about the military recruiters at Yale. None of the bluebloods actually serve in the military--they just send the middle-class and poor people to fight.

As for Dr. Phil, I need him as much as I need a hole in my head.
I guess that means you really need Dr. Phil then eh?
I was quoting a song--you fucking idiot.
The point was you need a hole in your head moron. No one cares about your musical tastes. People who promote stories that cover gay prostitutes who perform analingus can't possibly have good taste.
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