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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


UH Conservatives 'Go Vote!!!!' (Liberals can too!)

I almost forgot since I voted early. GO VOTE!!!!

Whether you are Conservative or dare I say -- Liberal.

GO VOTE in the primary of your choice.

If you're so pro Wal-Mart then go work for them assholes.
I do work for Wal-Mart. Well at my money does.
What the fuck does "Well at my does" mean?
I don't know, but I could tell you which one is the home to a non-profit that the politicians (mostly Republicans) use to illegally funnel their money through.

See the Abramhoff case, asshole.
at "least"

Sorry. I had to take a friend to vote then out to grab a bite. So I was in a hurry.

Steaks were almost as great as the DeLay victory to-nite.

Liberals only wish they could funnel as much money as Republicans do, legally or illegally.
I'm sure they could if they sold their souls to the highest bidder like their conservative counterparts. What amazes me is how little it costs. I guess when you're a baptist or one of the backdoor religions you can just go to church on Sunday or memorize the a few quotes of scipture and all will be forgiven.

DeLay's day is coming in November and that's in a district he manufactured specifically for himself. What a sweet day it is going to be. It shall be filet for me that day. If not, maybe someone will take care of him the way Saddam's sons went down. While their at it, they can take care of Lay and Skilling--save the taxpayers some money.
OK Anon, a bet.

Send me your address in my e-mail, and if DeLay loses in November to Lampson, I'll send you a $25 gift card to Outback so you can have that filet.

Don't forget to remind me in November.
What's your email address? I'm up for a filet. Guess I should go volunteer for the Lampson campaign:) Voted in Republican primary yesterday. I just hate DeLay. He's a sell-out that isn't representing my interests. Instead, he's used his position to make himself his buddies wealthy.
Did you vote Campbell?

Look at the list of Contributors to the top left of the blog. Click on my link, and there will be an e-mail address. Subject: Bet

I will safeguard your info, and promise not to use it for any gain. One election day, if Nick wins, then you will be having filet the next day.
No, I didn't vote Campbell. I live in Poe's district. He really hasn't done anything in his two years in office except nod "yes sir" but I'm giving him a break because it was his first term.
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