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Friday, March 24, 2006


A Few Random Thoughts - XXXIII

- Bad news for Democrats -- American casualties in the Iraq War are way down.

- The President's spanking of Helen Thomas at his recent news conference definitely shows the liberal media for what they are -- terrorists sympathizers and supporters.

- Laugh at liberals.

- If a liberal tells you something, do or say exactly the opposite and you will be OK.

- We need more UH liberal women taking RU-486.

- The media's touting of President Bush's low poll numbers, reminds me of how Enron touted their profits before their bubble burst. Like Enron, the press skews the numbers to deceive others, and it will come back in their face like a Clinton cumshot.

- Hillary Clinton's recent comments on "Jesus" are uncalled for. God and Democrats simply don't mix.

- Why aren't Big Liberal Media honchos never questioned on their hefty salaries and bonuses when they are laying off liberal journalists by the droves.

- Liberal reporters routinely are found using the same word like gravitas, and towel snapper, etc. Now who exactly who are the mind numbed robots?

- Liberal boys do cry.

More crap. When are you going to presesnt factual arguments? Also, how about telling the whole story?

Liberal journalists are running the media conglomerates? Give me a break.

What is happening with the print is what happens in a lot of industries--there has been advances in technology and with those changes the print media has lost readers because the public has more options. For the most part, the media on a whole does a decent job (and that includes Fox and the NY Times).
I guess we need to go to Dan Rather and learn how to present things factually huh? Nice to know that esteemed "journalists" are more concerned with their politics than facts. Rather's cognitive dissonace is hardly a statistical outlier. Liberal jounalists pull this all of the time. Rather just got caught and was held accountable for it. I look forward to more liberal journalists being exposed when they do this just like Rather.
What Anon, I'm just making some random comments.

I really doubt if the journalists are really running the liberal media conglomerates. After all, the news is a business, and those who chose to package it properly will succeed.

Those who properly package the news, like FNC, are not the ones that are experiencing layoffs or low ratings.

There is some truth that advances in technology have afforded readers and viewers other outlets for news and information, but its the way that the news is presented that determines that if that agency is going to do well.

I submit that the vastly negative media gave birth to the alternative media of Conservative bloggers.

Conservative bloggers gave rise to Rathergate and coupled with FNCs coverage forced it thru to the public to show that they wouldn't be fooled with the tripe of those documents.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Big Three nightly news broadcast were eliminated or dramatically scaled back in lieu of more news updates throughout the broadcast day. CNN has to change to stay alive.

Liberal news is hemorrhaging money, and only so much loss can be incurred before changes will take place. The President's calling the media on the carpet about negative war coverage is a turning point, and I'm glad for it.
I will say this about the UH Daily Cougar: It was a rag. The thing I found most humorous about college newspapers was the writers' beliefs that their columns actually have something important to say.

Not that I am a ditto-head by any means, but the Daily Cougar was pretty bad (and no doubt still is)

Its a real shame that there aren't more free-thinkers in college.

Politics is a lot more than Yankees vs. Red Sox, Blue vs. Red. And we are all better served if we start to look deeper than the superficial surface that passes for political thought these days.
Wow, the Cougar's dead-fetus-swinging-liberalism sure is hard to take in. I think it is freaking amazing how you are able to keep your head above these lies and report the truth! Your factual, even-handed presentation of the vast liberal-weakness that pervades should be saved forever, as a record for future generations to study. As President Bush would say, "You're doing a hech of a job!"

However, I'm afraid even noble partiots like yourself are falling victim to the Daily COMMIE's insidious nazi-crat propaganda!

Why, I have seen at least two stories on your website where you actually share the COMMIE'S point of view! On 3/22/06 you referenced a story by COMMIE conspirator Kelly J. Santos for a substantial amount of your information!
And on 3/2/06 you seemed to largely agree with leftist fruitcake Zach Haverkamp's story about the Dubai Ports, as if the Daily COMMIE would EVER have anyone in their matchbook organization that would present anything of note!
What's more on 3/6 and 3/1 you actually took the side of opinion columns published in the COMMIE!

Now please sir, I do not intend any sort of disrespect, but I just I wanted to make the point how it might be confusing to the younger and more immpressionable members of the UH conservative underground why after all the hard work and time you put into exposing the COMMIE for the biased rag that it is, you rely on their thinly veiled liberalism for other posts!

I am afraid it is possible that even a noble perpetuator of incontrevertable facts like yourself could fall victim to the liberal propaganda spewed by the COMMIE!

I realize this may be a disheartening observation for you, and I apologize for having to be the messenger. However, to reassure your readers, could you please make a post addressing how all this came to be? Those held back conservative students would surely like to hear your thoughts on this, so how we might learn to avoid the COMMIE'S brainwashing that even a mighty warrior as youself could fall victim to.
Did Missed the Bell write the last set of comments?
It must have been a veiled attempt by you WIN loser. Just because I disagreed with LH on the ports does not mean I would call him a commie. Read what I wrote about it and you will see what I had to say about it. I noticed you did not have either the brains or the balls to comment on the post one way or the other. Typical, yet you claim I lift ideas from Rush and O'Reilly, (notice you always chant this mantra but give no specifics typical for an intellectual child like yourself).

I disagreed with the president and LH on the ports but I also recognized the downside of killing the deal as well. Learn how to read carefully Mr. WIN "Journalist". Nice to know you are so obsessed with us that you even spend time "discussing us with friends" or should we say "partner" Mr. gay lib. There are people here who have convinced me they are communist sympathizers though, you for example.

The Bell has rung and the truth has been tolled!
Hold on friends! I would never insinuate that a real American like LH is a communist. The DC are the damn communists, and they are the ones cruelly decieving this patriot with their "factual" and "accurate" stories.

Take the ports story for example. Do you really think that this "Zach Haverkamp" tool could have actually written such a sane and even-handed story on his own free will and volition?

No! This is the Cougar here, a damn liberal rag! I'll tell you what probably happened: the higher-ups at the DC were obsessing over a way to fine-tune their propaganda machine, so they sent this Haverkamp idiot to pretend to write a "good" story so the rest of the campus would be fooled into recognizing the Cougar for the communist daily that it really is. Simple as that, no other possible explanation exists.

It only concerns me that LH can fall victim to their propaganda too! Don't you know that's how these bastards operate? I don't blame LH, I blame the school-funded propaganda machine! They want to pacify us all under the banner of liberal weakness!

Please heed my call, I only wish to break the chains of the COMMIE'S dominance over student thought. Don't let them make you think that they aren't a chronically biased left-wing organization devoted to perpetuating the liberal ideology that is castrating our country! The minds of our young are at stake!
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