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Thursday, March 02, 2006


The Crazy World of UH Leftist TV II

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Liberals are incapable of findng fault in other liberals, or liberalism itself.

No, liberals just go around punishing American success stories as with WIN's Wal-Mart story. Wal-Mart works with governments who want their business. Baytown wants their business. Texas wants their business.

Liberal enclaves such as Chicago, Maryland, etc, do not want Wal-Mart's business, or are using Wal-Mart as another source of government income, and that will drive Wal-Mart to drastic measures in those areas. Personally, I hope Wal-Mart leaves all liberal areas. I'd pay good money to see what happens with a sudden Wal-Mart pullout.

I'm glad that Wal-Mart will not take it up the ass, when sniveling WIN libs come a calling.

Screw the libs!

funny. very funny.
Please explain to me why Wal-Mart deserves a big tax break? I didn't know you were a proponent of big government and welfare?
I'm sure as hell glad I don't live in Baytown.

Look at other stories on this issue. Her story is less than clear.
I'd like to see Wal-Mart move out of the U.S.

Let them go sell their shit to the Chinese.
Damn, libs be pissed.

I'm not looking at that worthless WIN story on Wal-Mart from the government or corporate welfare end of the deal.

I'm looking at it from the Baytown people's prospective, with someone lucky people in Baytown damn glad to be making $12/hr doing whatever they do at that center.

I've long maintained that to have a somewhat proper household, you have to have about $22/hr coming in from both wage earners, and that number slowly rises. Hell, even nowadays they pay nearly $8/hr at a fastfood place, so with someone working at that distribution facility that's a big boost to someone's economy.

You libs are not the least bit sensitive to the needs of the people of Baytown, instead you focus your anger at Wal-mart just because they have $1, $500, or a billion dollars more than you liberals.

There are always going to be rich people you liberals. They were in the Bible, and they'll be hear long after your worthless cells have turned to ash.

You libs look at the world with the glass half-empty thinking its a prism for your hatred and self-loathing. Try looking at it half-full for once, and your world will be changed forever.

Screw the fucking libs. And screw WIN too!
No Fuck you!

You're missing the point once again.

The people working in that facility as well as everyone else in Texasis subsidizing Wal-Mart's business with their tax dollars. I have no problem with someone that is wealthy and prosperous. I do have a problem when that person or entity is using political influence to rob me of my tax dollar for their own gain.

Get a grip dickhead. Get over the liberal thing. It's a question of economics.

Once again, Fuck You!
Long live WiN!
Fuck the Pussies at UH Conservative Underground!
Well, when WIN starts criticizing Harris County, the City of Houston, and the Houston Sports Authority for subsidizing rich baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and now soccer players, as well as their owners, then I might stand up and pay attention.

Those people who are already millionaires, who use their political influence to rob taxpayers of their tax dollars of which I've paid almost $10K this year alone. Have you ever paid a tax bill liberal?

Area taxpayers are in the hole for nearly a billion dollars with all the new sports infrastructure, and that can never compare the tax breaks that Wal-Mart will get. Not to mention that the teams get the revenue for the naming rights to the stadiums, and not government.

When can you WIN people be fair and balanced in your reporting? When will you start questioning liberals as hard as you do Conservatives? Then and only then, you might be taken more seriously. No matter what this blog or anyone says.

Goodnight. I've had a long day. I've got to go to my nephew's soccer game in the Northern Command tomorrow morning, so I've got to turn in.

We will be having juicy steaks at the Lake Conroe HQ following my nephew's victory. He's 5, and plans on scoring four goals.
WiN has covered the stadium issue to some degree in the story "A Tale of Two Cities: The funding of Sports Venues."

As to my paying taxes, I'm a howmowner, a small business owner, a worker, and a consumer. So, yes I've paid taxes. I find it hilarious that you only paid $10K in taxes. I paid a lot more than that. I guess I'm in a higher tax bracket.

I wouldn't bitch too much though. Your buddy "W" is putting our generation in a nice big hole. In the future, you'll be dreaming of the days when you only paid $10K in taxes.

Fuck the Lib Hater!
Long live WiN!
Your Daddy has Spoken.
If you guys at WIN and the DC are going to be real journalists, why did you not give more relevant comments about the ports issue? You guys obviously read this blog pretty often.

You even had Liberal Hater and me ultimately coming to different conclusions on the ports deal, although I do see how Liberal Hater's reasoning led him and other like minded people to agree with the President on ports deal.

I said from the start if it does not go through it is going to have to be handled gingerly in order to mitigate the potential unitended consequenses. Shit I thought you guys would be all over this issue. I guess I gave you people too much credit. Mabey some day I'll learn eh? I guess I need to listen to liberal hater more concerning you people.

You guys get a political cartoon that ribs you a little about not focusing on some really important issues and you guys at WIN go nuts!

If you guys are going to be journalists you are going to have to grow a tougher hide and focus more on issues than on your own hurt feelings. The news is not about your feelings after all is it?

The Bell has rung and the truth has been tolled!
Oh...by the way, the problem with you Wall-Mart bashers is that you always seem to assume that some of the more entry level jobs are where everyone at Wall-Mart is doomed to stay.

I know a guy who has a heart of gold but is perhaps not university material. He started working one of the entry level jobs 12 years ago at a Wall-Mart in California. He stayed with the company, learned the business, got promoted several times and now he has a great career as a senior manager that provides a good life for him and his family. He gets great vacation and benefits and has nothing but great things to say about the company even though he started at the bottom and had to work his way up.

MacDonald's is what it is today because a milkshake salesman named Ray Kroc saw the potential of the MacDonald brothers' system and worked hard even though he was over the hill age wise during the real building of the business and in such poor health at times he could not get personal health insurance.

KFC was started by a plucky senior citizen who spent two years living in his car going door to door asking restaurants if they would use his chicken recipe and give him a piece of the action. He got turned down over 1000 times before someone said yes.

A lot of people bitching about low wage jobs are the poor performers in those jobs who think that society should be grateful that they are not on welfare and work instead. They never seem to think that perhaps there are opportunities waiting to be used right before them.

In high school I had more than my share of humble jobs, sometimes I worked two jobs at the same time. I didn't have much better ones the first couple years I was an undergraduate student, and anyone who has served in the enlisted ranks of the military like me has done some humble things for not much pay.

Whether or not you take pride in you job says nothing about the job you are doing, or the company that provided it, it says everything about who you are as an employee and as a person. There are many severely handicapped people in our society who would love to have the ability to work some of these "horrible" jobs that people bitch about, because those of them who are so handicapped that they must depend on the government for support would much rather feel that they are supporting themselves.

So many immigrants see this nation as a golden opportunity because of all of the jobs here that pay fortunes compared to what is earned in their countries. Spoiled libs who do not know how to count their blessings, and be grateful for the many opportunities that this country offers if one will just be willing to work hard enough, will never understand that.

States and municipalities offer tax incentives for businesses because they want to attract jobs to the area; the people in Baytown obviously felt that a job would be much better for their residents than a welfare hand out or unemployment. What will be the tax revenues for the government based on the new jobs? How many people will now not be on welfare or receiving Earned Income Credit?

Corporate welfare is not offering a tax incentive to get a business to come into the area, or stay put. True corporate welfare is something like the Chrysler bailout where the poorly performing company that sold a lot of crappy cars got a loan guaranteed by the government so that it would not go out of business. Bud Adams wanted corporate welfare to keep the Oilers here and we told him to go fuck himself and then we built what he wanted anyway, but let someone else get the subsidies and welfare.

Wall-Mart is a solid company from a financial perspective, it is not being propped up by tax breaks, some of the tax breaks are given to attract it and keep it in the neighborhood. This is so that people who want to work, will have a better opportunity to do so—if they stay at the bottom, it is because they have chosen not to do otherwise.

Screw the anti-employment libs!
Damn, lib must like to smile and bend over when the property tax man comes calling.

I was talking property taxes, not income, that's an entirely different story.

Haven't you heard of protesting? Hire a tax firm -- they can do wonders.

Only libs can look to the future and a smile at the thought of paying higher taxes, the lib touts a small business, but if any employees, honestly, how many can be paid a living wage with health care benefits to support a family.

WINs problem is that they cannot stand one person not agreeing with them, much less an entire blog devoted to the trials and tribulations of the DC, WIN, and UH liberalism.

And if someone doesn't agree with their tripe, then all hell breaks loose.
When it comes to taxes, the glass is not half empty or half full, the glass is at least twice as big as it needs to be. If taxes were lower for us all there would be a lot more employment for everyone. When the government provides a job it funds it with tax money that had to come from people who are working and investing, when a company creates a job it does so with money that the government did not get its hands on yet. Thank God for the Bush tax cuts, too bad they did not go far enough.

Fuck high taxes, most of it gets spent on things people should be doing for themselves or not doing at all anyway. Sorry but I don't think my hard earned money should go to some liberal professor who wants a $600,000 federal grant to study the sex lives of South African Ground squirrels! I’m sure he enjoyed the trip, I damn sure did not enjoy funding it.

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Before the apes with OCD on a pot of Starbucks finest start going on about deleting my own posts, the server hung up and I figured although you should read what I wrote 3 times, it did not have to be posted 3 times.
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