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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Back at the Northern Command following short Spring Break Trip

While on my short spring break trip, I made it a point not to check e-mail, watch the depressing liberal news, or even talk to anyone about any issue whatsoever, even though my motorhome is more than capable of satisfying all those needs. I was more interested in hiking, biking, riding horses, and lastly and most relaxing fishing.

When I returned last night to the Northern Command, I was again pelted with liberal negativism and dreaded checking my e-mail from my liberal connections to find out how much more liberals hate President Bush and how much farther his poll numbers have fell.

Since my girlfriend and family were off visiting other family, my sister's kids asked if they could do some fishing. Since Lake Conroe is low, we headed to Lake Livingston, and come to find out that lake was low as well. No matter, we still had fun. At night, we played Texas No Hold 'Em and whoever lost had to do something crazy, like run in front of the Motorhome for five seconds in their underwear. Thankfully I never lost, but no one saw anyway.

I was glad to see a growing number of Black RVers in my stay. I only saw one democrat sticker in my biking, and I was temped to yell out "liberal" but that would not have been the nice RVer thing to do seeing as those campers were already miserable.

Spring break for me is a time of renewal. A time to get away from everything, and a time to reflect. I wish everyone could get away for a week free from liberal influence. Perhaps people under their influence might actually begin to believe in themselves.

I wish I could escape the anti-American neo-Cons.
Neo-cons aren't really on the right; they are Jews mostly.
I believe you are referring to neo-liberals.
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