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Monday, March 06, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Ports Deal Story Dying; Cheney Story Dead' (Liberals looking for next Bush scandal)

I woke this morning looking for more Bush scandal. It's gotta be out there, and knowing liberals if they can't find scandal, they'll make it up.

Where is Cindy Sheehan when you really need her? Perhaps the liberals were taking a break from the Oscars? eh. I know the libs were crushed about Brokeback Mountain.

My bet is that since the elections are nearing, the liberals cannot run on a "hate Bush" platform and expect to get elected. Especially when their side cannot offer a plan to counter anything that Republicans have done, except a liberal platform of denial and hate.

It seems that everywhere I've turned, liberals are hoping against hope that civil war will encompass Iraq. Why? Because it hurts President Bush. A man, who cannot run for office again, yet liberals continue to spend countless dollars on him to destroy his reputation. Money that cannot be taken back against a bonifide GOP challenger in '08.

Back in the days when liberals were hyping President Clinton's approval highs, so now the liberal media is hyping President Bush's approval lows. In the last ridiculous poll, less than 25% of the respondents were Republican, and when the Independents mirrored the Democrats responses, something has to be wrong. Hell, why don't they give Bush a 0% percent approval rating. But remember, whatever Bush's approval numbers Congresses are routinely %10 lower, and then liberal Congress members have to be even lower than that.

In a day, when Hollywood liberals glorify themselves at the Oscars, and do not once mention our troops fighting overseas, but find time to down Vice President Cheney with making really bad jokes about him, they show why people are continually refusing to by tickets to worthless Hollywood products.

I can't wait till Spring Break. I'm going to spend the first part in Garner, and the rest of the week at the Northern Command before heading back to Midtown.

Ruben Borges' guest column "Freedom of press makes no apologies," which was probably in reponse to the DC's Friday drive-by newstory about the Muslim Student Association who protested near the M.D. Anderson Library last Thursday, putting in their two-cent to protest the Danish Muhammad cartoon controversy. This mornings Daily Texan also had a story about the so-called "civil strife" in Iraq, yet there are reporters on the ground in Iraq asking "where is the civil war?" If American newspapers don't have enough balls to run the cartoons, them why are they running all these protest stories about the cartoons and so-called civil war? I suppose to make Bush look bad again. That's fine with me, since the media has overextended its credit with the American public, and I'm a believer in a GOP sweep in the '06 elections due to the wrongs of the media.

With liberals, America is always wrong.

When liberals are denying anything the least bit positive our military leaders have to say, like liberal non-Marine Jack Murtha, who called Marine General Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, a liar about his views on Iraq. Liberals don't know anything about Iraq because they refuse to leave the Green Zone and go away from the western comforts offered in the hotels to report the real news on Iraq.

Liberals want helpless people for their constituency. Liberals hate people who are white and rich. Just looking at WINs production as of late. Except for Melissa Correa's story on hiring more police officers, the rest of their stories are about or ultimately are about rich white people, and rich people of other races are never to blame.

I can't help it that rich white people make the world go around, but there is plenty of opportunities for Blacks and Hispanics to make it out there, and they are making it, with little or no news coverage.

With liberals, the poor cannot make it without them.

That's why Jesse Jackson will always cry racism even when we have a Black President, and white liberals will always self-loath and hate America, even if liberals win everything, which will not happen again.

I'm still looking for the next Bush scandal, because as with the liberal Chicken Little media -- the sky is always falling.

Screw the libs!

I knew Bush and Saddam had something going. Thanks Liberal Hater for exposing this and giving the libs an upperhand on Bush.
I don't see how the stories about age and race discrimination have anything to do with rich, white people. Age and race discrimination can happen to a person of any color and any class. The stories never specify that it is always a white on black thing. In fact, age discrimination is more of a middle-class white person problem than a low-income black problem. Do some research before you ramble off your eroneous opinions.
Look, anyone who has one more dollar that a low-income black person is considered a rich white person.
Borges was editor-in-chief in 2004 of the Houston Community College newspaper The Egalitarian.
By who?
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