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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Ports Deal Hype Cooling' (Experts now interjecting their insight; ports deal will be safe)

I've talked of patience throughout this whole port deal controversy and now its starting to come back on those who went out on that long limb of emotionalism to cry wolf.

Now that we are in a discovery period the experts are starting to chime in and bring some reality to the deal.

In Zach Haverkamp's DC news story today "DPW no new threat for U.S.: Professors weigh in on concerns about firm in America," he interviewed Prof. Thomas O'Brien who basicly echoed what I've been saying. "They've got experience managing ports around the world, so I doubt it's going to change very much," O'Brien said. "I doubt people working at the ports here in the United States ... (are) going to notice much change at all, except for the logo on their paycheck."

O'Brien's biggest concern in reference to the ports is from the "U.S. weakness in customs screening," since very few of the containers are checked at the ports.

A CNSNews.com report "Security Experts Counter Dem Attacks on Port Deal" showed calm and rational checks on DPW in their approvals, as compared to harsh attacks by democrats, in which "Rear Adm. Craig Bone, director of inspection and compliance at the U.S. Coast Guard, rejected some of the criticism that has been leveled at the Bush administration following its initial approval of the DPW takeover of the ports."

The inspectors admitted that their political guard was down on this deal, but to me that should not be their concern. Let the politicians handle that since it's their jobs.

Despite recent reports that the Coast Guard was questioning the deal, they recently came out and annouced that all their concerns about the ports deal have been satisfied.

This ports deal controversy will remain with us for now until the next big media-hyped "Bush Scandal" hits, and that will be that. Can you say "Cheney retiring following the mid-term elections."

Screw the libs!

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