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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Hispanics Coming Out of Shell w/Immigration Bill' (Both parties to be catering for votes; but liberals will lose again)

Liberals are pandering for illegal immigrant votes. Their words are carefully being tailored towards attracting potential Hispanic voters who are not even legal citizens yet, while at the same time trying to make the Republicans look as bad as possible. And it may well work for a week or two, but you can't fool 'em for long.

But will the Hispanics be attracted to the democratic party? I doubt it.

I mean, looking at what the democrats stand for these days; abortion, which if embraced by the Hispanics and thankfully not, would lessen their familial impact; gay marriage, which if embraced by the Hispanics and thankfully not, would lessen their familial impact; and higher taxes, which if embraced by the Hispanics and thankfully not, would lessen their familial impact. The Hispanic family is arguably the strongest family in the United States. Yes, life is tough, but they have family to help each other thru life.

Everyone in the Hispanic family strives to succeed, to have good news at the next family BBQ or gathering. They are not sitting around collecting welfare; they are working, and working hard. Hispanics houses may not be the finest, their cars may not be the latest, but their family support network and work ethic are among the best, and their reliance on government is among the least. And in time, their efforts will pay off. They're already paying off.

Granted, the liberals have a fair share of the Hispanic vote, but to keep that vote when illegal immigrants are made citizens, the liberals are going to have to change their politics to attract more of them. Democrats will most definitely have to move towards the center and where will that leave the extreme left?

Legal Hispanics, like the Blacks, have been slowly moving to the Republican party after being abandoned by the democrats, and despite what liberals think the Republican party is receptive to Hispanics. I submit that the Republicans have more to offer to Hispanics, not in terms of government benefits, but in terms of opportunities to work and have a chance to be successful in the market. Liberals on the other hand will hogtie the Hispanic family and work ethic just as they hogtied the Black family forcing it to remain on the liberal plantation of intellectual slavery.

Those 500,000 protesters in LA and hundreds of thousands across the country really sent a shockwave in the halls of MoveOn.org and other liberal establishments. It appears that the extreme liberal power structure experienced a jolt this past weekend and that crack is the liberal dam has widened further.

Screw the libs!

Ding Dong the witch is dead.

Good Bye Tom DeLay. Who's laughing now? I guess his talk about Nick Lampson was just hot air. Typical of the assholes in power for now.
By the way, LH, I'll take my steak. DeLay will not be winning in Nov.
Please come back!
Is the UH Conservative Underground dead? What happened to you guys--did you lose your minuscule balls?
(Missed the Bell, you don't have to answer that:)
As we have always said we all have careers, our studies, and other real world responsibilities that keep us busy unlike the kids living off of mom and dad/financial aid that "work" for loser WIN and the DC. But it is nice to know the libs miss us so much. Thanks WIN losers for once again proving my point that we live in your head rent free. Like I said, the smell is awful but there is so much room!

As for balls...I guess it has been slow at the Montrose gay clubs lately for you WIN losers and yours are so swollen with retained liberalisim that they are about to bust out of the thimbles and peanut shells that usually hold them.

When is that bisexual necro bestiality scatology story coming out that you hope to win another one of your "awards" for. I'm sure gay prostitutes are just not a "progressive" enough story for WIN, and we would not want you to rest on your "laurels" forever. When is more "award winning news" coming from the university's anus also known as World Internet News, (WIN=Wanabees In Neverland)none of you has even an ounce of hope of being a real jounalist enjoy your upcoming unemployment, hopefully my taxes won't have to pay for your poor choices.

Screw the libs!
Man, you must be really upset that DeLay is gone. Having some anger problems, missed the bell?
When is the next disgraced Republican stepping down?

Gingrich, that asshole serving time in California, DeLay...

Do you see a pattern, fuckstick?

Oh, I'm sorry.............
It must be all the liberals and the media's fault.

Fuck off and get a job. Leave the nest and thank your liberal friends for that G.I. Bill.
Today, the people of TX-22 once again saw the worst from Tom DeLay and his goons.

At a press conference on the steps of the Sugar Land city hall, where Nick Lampson called on Tom DeLay to resign so a May 13th special election can be held to fill his seat, DeLay's goons showed up to harass, assault, and intimidate. A number of female Lampson supporters, including Marsha Rovai, a 69 year-old woman from Richmond, reported being pushed and shoved by belligerent DeLay goons at the event.

Tom DeLay and his goonish supporters just can't let go. Even with his campaign over, and his support in the district at an all-time low, DeLay is still trying to bully the people of TX-22 around -- impeding his constituents from moving forward to elect a new representative in every way possible, even resorting to physical intimidation.

Tom DeLay is holding this process up for the sole purpose of making sure he can choose his successor. He will no longer be on the ballot, but the backroom dealing continues. Now, our Gulf Coast district will be without any representation on Capitol Hill in the middle of hurricane season. We will have no voice in Washington as our country is at war on two fronts, as we face record deficits and debt, and as we continue a raging debate on immigration. It is wrong to keep us without representation simply for the sake of political maneuvering.

It's time to push back and tell Tom DeLay that TX-22 is tired of his antics. Contribute to Nick's campaign today!


Yes, today's incident is Tom DeLay, in a nutshell.

Said Marsha Rovai, "I can't believe my Congressman, Tom DeLay, would organize this type of assault. I was assaulted by two different people. One of the men hit me and another shoved his sign into my face, and then when I pushed his sign away he violently pulled my hat down over my eyes and pushed me. I'm considering filing an assault charge. This is just very upsetting and I'm so disappointed in Tom Delay for organizing this attack."

Please stand with Marsha, and all the residents of TX-22, in demanding that Tom DeLay and his goons stop their campaign of intimidation.

Make a statement -- contribute to Nick's campaign today!


Today's events show, once again, that Tom DeLay continues to try and intimidate the people of this district from speaking out against his unethical activity.

This violent protest was directed by his campaign. Tom DeLay's campaign sent out an email asking people to disrupt the event. That makes him responsible for the bullying tactics used by his supporters. Until he resigns, Tom DeLay is Ms. Rovai's congressman. He should personally call and apologize for sending someone to this event who would physically intimidate this woman.

It's up to all of us to speak out and demand that Tom DeLay end his reign of corruption and intimidation in TX-22.
Pushing around women....

Now, there's some real men.

Right up your alley, missed the bell.
I think I figured out why our male prostitute story bothers you so much, SORRY TO GET YOU ON CAMERA.


And while your at it, GET OFF THE GOVERNMENT DIME AND GET A JOB!!!!!!!
Do you people not know how to read and remember what you have read or do you all have Alzheimers?

1. I've had a full time job a lot longer than any of you I'm sure. Have one now, and a business on the side. Just because I have much more education than any of you does not mean I have not been working full time during most of it.

2. I thank the veterans’ organizations like the American Legion for the G.I. Bill, they made it happen not the libs. Learn your history. I thought "journalists" like you WIN losers were supposed to know something about research, if you want to know about educational welfare look at the Johnson administration's Federal Financial aid that all of you suck off of. The G.I. Bill is hardly welfare, people who get tuition reimbursement from their employers usually get more than I got, Even the Pell Grants of today are more than what I got. The G.I. Bill is part of the employment package that servicemembers get for doing a hell of a lot more than you losers ever will. It is the same concept as companies giving tuition reimbursement. Just because the federal government is technically the employer does not make it welfare morons. I used it long ago, and was glad to; I earned it unlike you welfare witch libs. I earned it protecting your worthless prolapsed gay prostitute loving asses.

3. You are pissed that I bash you for the prostitute story because I point out your lack of decency and moral standards for doing such a sick piece. If you don't like being called out for promoting such trash, then stop doing so. I guess you wanted to try to drum up more revenue for your alleged "business" WIN loser. Turning any tricks tonight? Did you ever stay at Neverland Ranch by the way? How is Michael these days?

4. Thanks again for helping to prove my point that the conservative bloggers here live in your head.

Screw the gay libs! They will be happy to get screwed so long as it is same sex sexual intercourse, (inappropriate intimate contact for you Clintonians).
white power!!
- clayton bigsby
The Democrats are the real racists.
--anyone who pays attention and has more than one brain cell.
clayton bigsby is a character on a comedic television show, not a political argument

--youngster keeping old guy up on popular culture so he can go back to studying for his umpteenth degree
Yo youngling I saw the Dave Chapelle Skit too. --Old man keeping the youth up on their history and the current political reality so that they can go back to spending all of their time watching TV instead of doing something more productive with their time. Like studying or heaven forbid reading a book once in a while.
Still haven't heard your comments about Tom DeLay and tell LH I still haven't received my steak. He's not going to welch on me, is he?
Long-time listener, first-time caller. I was taking a stroll through campus today, and I walked past a UHPD officer who looked to be studying at a table outside. Several of my relatives have been police officers -- two in 1970s Detroit -- and I realize that the job is definitely blue collar, but it dawned on me that an officer who puts his life on the line every day WHILE studying for class is indeed an admirable man. Liberal Hater and Saved by the Bell, do you consider police officers to be on the same level as soldiers? I think it's obvious that they are serving their country, though the threats to them are substantially different than the threats to soldiers overseas. I'm just curious to see where you place the city's finest.
Police Officers are some of our society’s best people. About as close as you can get without being in the military. I'm proud to call many police officers friends. They keep the animals off of us the best they can, but they can't be everywhere at once and there is never enough of them. That is one of the many reasons that the Second Amendment is so important.

Of course Police and firefighters get to go home at night, can quit their jobs when they want, and don't have to get deployed to unpleasant places overseas like soldiers. Living under the Uniform Code of Military Justice also dictates that many of the personal freedoms that police officers still get to enjoy are often not enjoyed fully by soldiers. Willingly subjugating some of those freedoms in order to defend their fellow citizens is one of the many sacrifices servicemembers make for their countrymen, but like I said by and large cops are really good people who do a tough and often thankless job. Many of them are veterans by the way.

As for LH, don’t know what is up with him, but like I have always said we have other things going on than just this blog. I don’t recall the exact terms of your wager, but I don’t think DeLay dropping out of the race is the same as losing to a Democratic challenger. I thought that is what the bet was about. DeLay stepped down so that the midterm and 2008 elections would not be about him personally. From a political standpoint that was selfless and smart even if he could win the race which probably he still could. He seems to have felt that a victory would be a Pyrric one because the attention on him would give the Dems an issue when they can’t come up with good answers on any others.

As for DeLay, I think a good comparison would be the Clinton scandal where we all knew the President was guilty but was so power hungry he would not step down, and DeLay who some people suspect is guilty and has stepped aside because he knows that the ideals that he has fought so long and hard for are bigger than him.

Had it not been for Clinton’s hubris perhaps you libs would have Al Gore in Office. I for one am happy he was such an egomaniac. The man absolutely ruined are armed forces and if you want to talk about a war the US should have never been in, think Yougoslavia where we still have troops after more than ten years despite Slick Willie’s promises to be out in a year.

By the way… do you people not realize that I’m a conservative, but I’m a Libertarian not a Republican? I think the Libertarian party has it wrong as far as their position on the Iraq war, and their position on the gay agenda. I’m with them on about everything else. I support DeLay’s position on many of the conservative issues that he has fought for, I would not give him support just because he is a Republican because I’m not one, I would not give a liberal Republican support against a conservative Democrat either.

I can’t think of a liberal Republican off of the top of my head, but put it this way, I’m sure Lieberman would not be the worst person possible at least on some social issues, or foreign policy, but most of the Democrats run far away from him because they want to live in the far left of Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry fantasy island. Even Loyd Bentson was not the worst person in the world on some things, at least he believed somewhat in fiscal conservatism for a Democrat anyway.

The Dems don’t have a lot of people like that anymore. We have Jimmy Carters now who turn funerals into political rallies for the far left. Bush did not get my vote last year, (What a shocker eh)? My vote was better spent helping to grow the Libertarian Party because I knew Bush had Texas locked up without me. Bush gets it right on the War on Terror, (some mistakes have been made on how it has been run and the administration has admitted this, but the same could be said for every war this nation has ever fought), Bush tends to get it right on most social issues as well.

I would like to see more fiscal discipline, taking a hatchet to the welfare system, better border control but with a warmer welcome for legal immigrants, abolition of the minimum wage, a drug policy that does more on curbing the demand side of the equation, and some mechanism that recognizes that there are jobs that don’t pay minimum wage that need to be done and that some sort of guest worker program that recognizes this needs to be implemented. While I realize that most illegal immigrants come here to work and work very hard for low pay, we can’t have undocumented people here for many reasons, and for their own protection, many illegal aliens float into the criminal world because they do not have status for legal jobs and legal protection from all kinds of abuse from employers. Unfortunately illegal aliens make it harder for legal immigrants as all immigrants tend to get lumped together which is not fair to those who come here legally and play by the rules by obeying our laws.

The Bell has rung and the truth has been tolled!

You can deliver my gift certificate to Outback to Dr. Schiff. Just address it to him and turn it in at the School of Communication. I'll get it from him. Nice doing business with you. Sorry DeLay won't be winning in Nov.
Out of pure curiosity, is Schiff the guy behind World Internet News (WIN) or whatever it's called?

I've heard that the "Urban Reporting" class he teaches is really lame, as in he only likes to go forward with his ideas, as opposed to other UH journalism classes.

Who the hell are all you damn people anyway? Why is everyone fighting this mythical pervasive UH liberalism and blah blah blah ANONYMOUS? This all seems very strange...
Schiff is the professor that teaches Urban Reporting. WiN is run by a bunch of people like the Cougar. The aim of the project is to cover stories that are undercovered by the mainstream media. It has nothing to do with politics. Unfortunately, some, like this site, think there is a political agenda.

As to being a lame class, most of the students that have gone through it are now working in the professional news business. The project just won four SPJ Mark of Excellence Awards and are finalists in a variety of others. If you are a journalism student, I don't think there is a better course to take. It teaches you investigative reporting and how to be a real reporter.

As to Schiff picking the stories, that is true for the first two assignments. The student is then allowed to pick the third as long they approach it in an investigational manner.

I worked for the Associated Press, the Chronicle and a variety of other news sources. As a UH grad, I wish this course had been available for me when I attended. The level of competence the most successful reporters that go through this class are much higher than the average journalism student.

Check out the site at www.worldinternetnews.org
whoever the last anonymous was, this one is for you.

a lot of incompetent peple work for ap and the chron. a lot of them then come into the dc and don't know what they're doing. i'm not accusing you of this, but i think the dc is a much more valuable experience than win because it allows learning journalists to see all sides of the newspaper business. even if they go into broadcast news, it's a valuable learning experience.

i have nothing against win -- i've worked with some truly inspiring individuals who have taken the class. but in my experience, the chronicle and ap mean nothing toward experience. several inexperienced young copy editors have been taken from the dc offices to the chron before they knew how to edit copy, and several highly trained editors and writers have been rejected or relegated to menial tasks. I won't speculate that some scandal is involved, but I do know it doesn't reflect ability -- rather who you know in the journalism department, especially if they also work at the chron.

happy easter.
also, i guess i could have asked if you ever DID work at the dc in your time at UH.

and also how you know so much about the program if it wasn't available when you were here.

happy easter.
I worked at the AP and the Chronicle as a professional, not as an intern. I started work at Houston Community Newspapers while in college. I'm in my early 30s now and no longer in the newspaper business. Not enough money for me. I also hold a degree in business.

As an undergrad, I did write for the Cougar. I will say this--the paper has seen better days. Please don't take what I'm saying as unsupportive. I'm just saying the DC needs improvement. As to which one is better, the DC or WiN?
They're totally different. The DC produces mostly day stories related to campus activities.

WiN works on more in-depth pieces that take much more time and space. The stories are related to issues throughout Houston, Texas and the world. WiN is a convergent newsroom, meaning it produced on a multiple of media platforms. This is the future of journalism. I think students would be best prepared for the professional world if they have some experience in all three media.

Honestly, I think underclassmen should start at the DC, but before they leave with diploma in hand, they should give WiN a shot.

Urban Reporting is a difficult course, but I think most that have participated would say that they indeed learned something.

I think most of the critics of the course haven't taken it. They just don't like Schiff becuase he is hard and difficult.
no offense taken.

I agree that the dc needs improvement; one thing i would suggest is requiring participation in it in more than one journalism course, but that's only part of the problem.

I don't think many of the journalism students here want to be journalists, which means most of them -- even if they graduate with a print journalism degree -- will be no use to the professional world, and no good for a university looking for more respect.

Most of the best journalists at the DC are non-communication majors -- which is a tragic statement for the communication school.

I wonder if the course's difficulty is the only part of Schiff's reputation pushing students away, though. I've heard rumors of Schiff having inappropritate interest in some female students, and I would like to know if you have heard the same rumors. That's something I've only heard whispers of though, and you seem to know Schiff better than most on this blog.

And you never explained how it was you knew so much if it wasn't available when you were here. I don't mean to pry; I'm just curious.

Happy Easter.
Happy Easter indeed to all, not just the conservatives. Let's all remember what it was about in the first place.
I don't know if the rumors about Schiff and female students is true. All I know is that I have never witnessed him acting inappropriately.

I will say this about Schiff--He definitely cares about the quality of education the students receive. He's very well educated himself and in my opinion appears to hold others to high standard. Some say too high, but that's another matter.

As to my involvement, I care about my university. I see no reason that the UH School of Communication can't be one of the better ones in the country. I've felt for a long time that convergent newsrooms are the future. Dr. Schiff felt the same way. We teamed up along with many others to create one for UH so that we would be ahead of the curve.

It's far from the only thing I've been active with at UH. I was very active in building the courtyard at UH. I'm the one behind the building being painted and the new bulletin boards and signs, etc.

I helped reinvigorate the CAA and threw a big party for UH SOC alumni in the fall that drew about 150 grads. I attempted to start a community outreach program hoping to interest students in journalism at local high schools, but didn't find much interest from either students or teachers. I've written multiple grants with Schiff hoping to get more money for the school to upgrade the facilities. We won one grant for $5,500 and still are awaiting more answers.

I along with others from WiN restored the SOC library. It was a storage closet when I first found it. Now, it's a newsroom.

As I said before, WiN has won four awards and it is going to win more. I'm the one who filled out the applications and turned in the materials. I'd like the Cougar to win more awards. They need to step it up. I hear the new editor is competent. I wouldn't mind helping her if I were to stay around.

I want UH to be better. I'd like to see the Cougar improve. Do I think the Cougar's best work is as good as WiN's best work? No.

The good news for those that don't like WiN is that I won't be back in the fall. I'm sick of the whiny, can't do spirit that seems to pervade throughout the place. I'm sick of the criticism of people that don't know what they're talking about. And most of all, I'm sick of no one stepping to the plate and putting their efforts where their mouths are. We had a CAA meeting last Wednesday and no one showed up. It's disgraceful.

Happy Easter!
I'd love to argue with you about how the Cougar's work could stomp WiN's any day, but that wouldn't get anything done.

The new dc eic will be dealing with an all-new staff, much like the staff this semester, so it may not be a return to the glory days of Jim Parsons, Ed de la Garza or Keenan Singleton, but it will not be for lack of effort.

As much as we realize that there are mistakes at the Cougar, we truly do take pride in it, and unlike WiN, we don't have the luxury of a professional journalist paid to advise and guide us. We do it on our own, and that means sometimes we deal with crippling lack of interest from the School of Communication. We cannot offer credit for participation like WiN, and our pay is far from motivating ($10 per story for students struggling to pay rent), so we work with what we can get.

How is it that you think the Cougar can improve? We are more than willing to try this semester as well as next.

Happy five minutes after Easter.
I think first and foremost, the senior editors need to be better. They set the tone for the whole newsroom. If they demand better work, they'll get it.

I think there also needs to be less editorials and the senior staff needs to do a better job picking editorial writers.

I think there needs to be less of a reliance on the UH Communication office and more of the students out on the campus finding their own story ideas.

Also, I think the editorial staff shouldn't be afraid to publish a longer story if warranted. Don't put a limit on length for everything. Some stories need to be longer to get their point across.

Just a few ideas.

And that's just a start.
I've actually heard from at least several people who've taken the class that Schiff's main method of teaching is laying out assignments that no one has any real idea how to do, and then not offering a lot of illumination on how to actually going about doing it.

I also understand that the production side of things is done by a totally seperate class in the broadcasting school, with no real cooperation between the print/brodcasting blocs of the class. It doesn't seem to be a popular class but, not because it's "too challenging" according to the people I've spoken to.

And picking one out of three stories over the course of a semester doesn't seem like a high ratio of informational freedom.

Also, if I may pose this question in an deliberately ignorant manner, if WiN has won so many awards then how come no one's heard of them?

Ok, let me re-phrase that, how come they aren't...known around campus? Is it's primary function to generate grant money? Awards are great, but if no one around campus even knows this thing exists, what good is it for "informing the student body" or whatever? Who is watching it (not to say that DC's readership is that high)?

But I don't know, maybe I'm just being overtly critical because I hate when balding men grow ponytails. I mean, come on man, really.

Also, I can't begin to express how intensely ironic it is that people obviously involved in the School of Communications (the CENTER for UH LIBERALISM) are actually keeping this damn blog going while the neo-con crew is out. I never knew so many people shared this morbid fascination.
There was just a story in the Cougar about WiN. I'm sorry but it is not the school newspaper. It's only a couple years old. As a website, it is drawing 5,000 individual hits a month, as a radio show it has 100,000 listeners on KPFT and as a TV show it has 10,000+ viewers. I'd say that is a pretty decent audience.

As to awards, you're a journalist and you've never heard of the SPJ Mark of Excellence or RFK Awards?

They're both pretty big deals. UH has never won the RFK Award and as far as I know hasn't collected too many MOE awards.

I don't know who you have talked to regarding the class. Not that many have taken it this year.

Why is it so important that students pick their stories? When you are a pro, you rarely get to pick your assignments.

Got to run.
Salinas punked you
Whatever. His column sucks.
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