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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Congress Goes Crazy on the Ports Deal' (DPW kills the deal, bring on Halliburton or Wal-Mart; Patriot Act Renewed)

I hate election year issues especially when they are rank with emotionalism and are hellbent for leather without taking time to look around and see the consequences to ones actions.

The Royal Family of Dubai asked for and secured a forty-five day extension, and took unprecedented steps to bring openness to the deal and quell any national security issues associated with them running the ports terminals, but Congress has gone ape on day six and have finally forced the sinking of the deal.

I would have hoped that the UAE would have embarked on a PR effort to express calm just as Saudi Arabia did following 9/11. But that is now just a dream. Since Dubai Ports World killed the deal and not the UAE, that leaves the door open for Secretary of State Rice to clean up this mess, and allow the UAE to recover economically while saving face.

I'm still trying to be as optimistic as I can.

Has anyone looked at the economics of the terminal deal? Does anyone know the difference between a terminal and a port? Since when have the liberals cared about national security since 9/11?

We have nothing to fear from the UAE militarily. Now economically, that's a different ballgame. If the UAE buys control of a good peace of the world, that could be hurtful to the US economy in the future.

Then again.

In trying to make sense of the fast moving news of today. The House GOP says one thing, the Senate agrees, then DPW kills the whole thing. The news is moving to fast to disgest.

Now I'm postive that the White House and the UAE Royal Family were talking on the phone the whole morning and part of the afternoon, which prompted the DPW press release. So something is up, and we have yet to get the whole story. And when we do, I believe democrats will be thoroughly embarrassed when an American company that they hate will be installed as the new owner of the ports and terminals (can you say Halliburton or Wal-Mart).

I'm starting to think that this could have been a brilliantly maneuvered coup by President Bush. Hell, maybe we can get drilling in ANWR finally passed since liberals are starting to hate all Arabs as part of being tough on national security in this election year. Even Chuckie Schumer says he supports Halliburton taking over the port terminals in question, but that when he was younger, so he could change his mind.

It's funny to see that liberals have been caring more about "terrorist rights" while avoiding comment on the terrorists who actually chop off the heads of Americans, and then in an election year they are trying to take the lead on national security with this deal, it is truly a crock on their part. The Republicans are not to go without blame either since many of them got caught up in the emotionalism stirred up by the drive-by media.

I'm still convinced that Americans are unaware of the facts surrounding the ports terminals deal. Do they know that the ChiCom's have control of terminals on the left coast. Where were they when the ChiCom's were trying to take control of those areas back during Clinton's Administration.

Prior to the DPW announcement I had a growing concern that the US may be blindsided with headlines that US ships would no longer be allowed to dock and refuel in the UAE. US university satellite and businesses campuses could be kicked out of the UAE. Boeing's deal with the UAE to by jets would die in favor of Europe's Airbus, but hopefully all that might be saved. In the end, the UAE needs the US as much as the US needs the UAE, and we can work out a solution so that both countries can prosper.

It's been a hell of a day so far. I still haven't heard anything hard from the lib media on the Indian Nuclear Deal, which takes the Russians out of dealing with Iran nuclear wise, and another annoucement of setting up a "Radio Free Iran" station in of all places -- the UAE.

And of course, the President signed the renewal of the Patriot Act.

All in all, I would say -- it has been a great day.

Screw the libs!

very interesting about your thoughts on a coup
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Malkin is out--too much similarity to Coulter. We added the others and a few others to our resources page. You forgot Kevin Phillips, Safire, Thomas Friedman.
Why couldn't they have dropped one Matt and added Jessica Robertson.

Will she be reporting this semester?
Jessica is in the running for other awards. Hopefully, she'll pick one up.

Unfortunately, she's not participating this semester--too busy with other school work.

We miss her, but time marches on. I'm sure she'll do some quality work when she leaves UH.
Now that the deal is dead, the media has to also blame Bush for killing the deal.
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