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Monday, March 20, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism '$40 For a Tank of Gas' (Liberals to blame from A to Z)

I am sick and tired of high gas prices.

I know that the price of oil is set by the world market. I know that when big oil companies are called on their big profits no one ever questions government on their windfall profits. And, I know that liberals have prevented the United States from actively pursuing oil deposits on our own shores, while putting us in the position of potentially paying $5 per gallon of gas, and throwing us into a potential world energy crisis in the near future.

For liberals who believe in incrementalism, they are surely looking for the quick fix when it comes to finding new sources of energy. The transferring of an entire nation from gas vehicles to other forms of transportation such as with hybrids is going to take an entire generation if not two or more, and liberals want it like yesterday with inferior and unproven technology.

Developing a standard for a system takes a while. Does anyone remember the BETA video players and recorders? They have been garbage for nearly twenty years now after the VCR standard was developed. That of course was replaced by the DVD which we have now, and that will be replaced in the future as well. But it took time for those standards to be developed.

Standards have to be developed or the public will be confused. And the public, which is the market, drives the standard with their purchases. Hence VCR beat BETA and gas vehicles currently overrule hybrids. The product has to be reasonably priced for the public to accept it. How do you think Henry Ford got to be so successful.

Since the media has hyped just about everything they have reported, the notion that we are destroying the world with fossil fueled vehicles is ridiculous. The eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991 released more VOCs into the Earth's atmosphere than man has ever created since the start of the industrial revolution, and Pinatubo put all the VOCs in the air at one time, and we are still here. The Earth only cooled a little bit, but again, we are still here.

I agree that we need to look for alternative ways to fuel our homes, vehicles, and businesses, but again, standards need to be set that the market will accept and express confidence in. Liberals are trying to bottleneck us into making purchases of truly untested technologies, which are outrageously expensive and in the long run will cause more harm than good.

I recently looked into adding solar panel technology to the Northern Command house. Incredibly, if you only want to knock $50 to $75 off your monthly bill an initial investment of nearly $20,000 is going to be required. $20,000, to go the liberal way of only saving $50 to $75 off your home or business electricity bill. Of course, it will only take 20 years or more to get your investment back. That's a worthless option for the house, but its comparable to hybrid vehicles because you pay more for hybrids than with gas only, and you continue to lose more money than you would with gas only.

In hindsight, the Clinton Administration screwed up ten years ago when Der Schick Meister vetoed drilling in ANWR. If Clinton would have signed that bill, we wouldn't be facing a major energy crisis now, and most certainly we wouldn't be facing $2.50 - $3.00 gas right now, even with Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The liberal attitude of democrats in preventing the US from adding fossil fuel refineries has hurt us, and will continue to hurt us. We were fine as long as China and India were not buying more of the worlds oil, but now that they are in the picture, the system has become strained because the overseas suppliers of oil now have to meet the demands of several more billion humans, and since we are only 300 million we are definitely hurting. Where were the futurists back in the 1970s with their calls on India and China wanting oil?

Rules and regulations have devastated American oil companies urges for the building of new refineries, and building just one refinery literally takes years and is very expensive. Years that we don't have if we want to continue with a strong economy. We have to take care of ourselves now by drilling for our own oil, but liberals will be against this even if it brings on the great world energy crisis that CNN sees later in the decade. Thank you liberals, who would gladly sacrifice your first born to save some endangered roach.

We never hear liberals wanting to bring hybrid technology to the rest of the world where is really needed. Europe is much more than the United States, and you never hear liberals crying about that. Mexico just announced an increase in drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and I've yet to hear any liberal respond to that. But if the US drills in the Gulf, or along the Atlantic, Pacific, or dare say Alaska, then all liberal hell breaks loose. You see, liberals only want the American economy to fail, so they can blame the Republicans along with their friends in the liberal media, and then hope that the American public buys it and elect liberals back into power.

For the time being we need to be drilling oil for ourselves, building more refineries, and telling the world that we are going to take care of our own problem, but at the same time we need to be developing reasonably priced alternative means for fueling our homes, cars, and businesses for the future. In time, the market, not liberals, will make the right choice, and choose hybrid over fossil fuels. But with liberals forcing the market we are getting all this chaos.

No liberal has told me how a hybrid battery is to be disposed of when it runs its course? Where is their concern for the environment? No liberal has ever told me how poor people are suppose to afford expensive hybrid vehicles? Where is their concern for the poor?

Hybrid vehicles are much more expensive than gas vehicles, and offer no real savings over the life use of the said vehicle. I've heard that battery replacement cost for hybrid vehicles is roughly $8,000, which is just about the gas savings that car owners save over the life of the battery. But don't forget, hybrid owners paid much more for that vehicle than the owner of a regular gas vehicle. So it doesn't make no sense to me at all to purchase a hybrid at this time unless the buyer can truly save money and help the environment at the same time.

Of course liberals, who like liberal journalists, think they are "saving the world" with their costly hybrid purchases. But in the meantime the liberals are forcing a scenario of inferior and potentially unsafe technology that is way before its time.

I'm not saying that hybrid technology is bad, of course not. But I am saying that the current hybrid technology can most definitely be the BETA version of the future standard hybrid battery that will emerge. The technology is so complex that the standard may not be ready for 20, 30, or 40 years, but I'm confident that a standard will be developed.

In the meantime, by liberals throwing away the current reliable technology of the combustion engine and limiting our abilities to process fossil fuels we are inviting $5 per gallon gasoline and a collapse in not only the US, but the world economy.

Again, I say "thank you white liberals" and especially "thank you liberal media." With your hyped news and refusal to face the building tidal wave of facts to the situation, you have damned us. You liberals have attacked the rich people that employ the poor people, and have forced those rich people to make decisions that have got us to this point. You liberals have taken a $30 per day hospital stay from 40 years ago into the poor being serviced in ERs for headaches. You liberals have falsely persuaded the poor people to bend to your needs, by forcing them to abortions and telling them that the poor can't survive without you.

And now those poor people will only get poorer not because of the rich, but because they have been forced to pay extra for everyday necessities because of increased fuel costs brought about by the worthless policies of the liberals selfishness.

I'm for alternative fuels. Hell, if solar panels were affordable enough to pay for themselves in an little as two years, I'd buy that technology immediately. Buts that not the case. Over time it will be, but liberals have to learn to be incremental with alternative fuels as they were with their homosexual, anti-smoking, and minority politics.

By liberals forcing expensive alternative fuels on us before it is truly accepted by the market, while still turning down American efforts to drill and increase its own production of gasoline, we will continue to pay $40 dollars per fill-up of gas.

Screw the libs!

Liberal Hater should have been an economist. I think this post might actually smash some sense into a few liberals on campus and make them think twice before buying a hybrid car. Great job LH.
SUVs are a lot worse than $40 when it comes to fillups these days
Oh yeah, I know that SUV's are a lot worse than 40 bucks when it comes to gas cost.

I had in mind my mid-size truck that I tow behind my Motorhome when I mentioned the $40 which I purchased at $2.45 per gallon, which was the cheapest I could find around the Northern Command before heading back to the out of control gas prices of Midtown.
Oh LH, why won't you write opinion for The Daily Cougar and try to balance it out a little bit? If no one knows your real name, you can write for the paper and turn around and write for your blog anonymously...
I think the DC is trying to balance itself. All least I hope so.

I mean, Melissa Correa's "Hard work the 'American' dream," was the lead column today and offered hope and optimism to Americans instead of the as usual doom and gloom offered up by liberals.

Opps, I might have just hurt Mel's standing with her liberal friends. Lo siento Melissa.

As for writing for the DC, I have my perfect grades to protect, and I don't want to run the risk of taming my rhetoric for the DC and possibly being exposed as the LH if someone should do a writing comparison.

No thanks, I'll keep my trust in Mel and other Conservatives on campus who write for the DC and whom I see as heros.

Conservative DC writers, please try and recruit other Conservatives, and keep up the good work.
Did you see that the Chronicle is reporting that oil dropped two dollars a barrel today?
Melissa Correa?!?!?!?! Wow. You would let conservatives look that bad and call it balancing the DC? She can barely string two sentences together; please tell me you're not desperate enough for a conservative voice to consider her a help. She may be conservative, but the way she argues is an insult to the intelligence of conservatives everywhere. When I first read her, I thought she was a liberal satire.

"If I were a French company"?

I guess her sentiment is in the right place, but she writes on David Salinas' level.

I'm just a little taken aback is all. I thought you were being sarcastic when you first praised her, and parhaps you are now (in which case, I gladly don the liberals' jackass hat for a moment and sit down).
LH didn't care for Correa when she wrote about "Brokeback Mountain," but I guess if she agrees with him then she's great.

Has anyone noticed how Republicans are distancing themselves from Dubya?

Also, this piece of shit you wrote about hybrids is filled with inaccuracies and information not included.

"60 Minutes", a much more credible source of news than this piece of shit blog or anything Fox News does, had an interesting piece on global warming last night. They interviewed the leading climatologist in the world, who happens to work down the road at NASA, and it is his opinion that global warming is very much due to our consumption of fossil fuels. He is not alone either. That seems to be the general consensus amongst the scientific community. It appears W's administration has done everything possible to keep this information from going public as has the oil industry who has spent millions trying to convince the public that there is no threat.

LH, do you work for the oil industry? Sure seems like it. Or are you just stupid?
You caught me.

I wish Tyler Nelson were here but he is working at the White House this semester instead of being a great Conservative voice for the DC, but that's not the case.

Correa is still young and impressionable, and needs time to develop her talent, and she needs encouragement from us.

I know that she has not been around the world, seen people die, nor taken part in operations that have made world news, but she is not bashing the US in her writing, and, and well its going to take time, a lot of time to develop the verbal titillations that encompass a good piece.

But she is trying.
Oh, "60 Minutes" of "Rathergate" fake documents fame I see.

And you take that crap seriously?

You guys take a leading climatologists (probably voted for Kerry) word that the world is warming based on our consumption of fossil fuels, but that same climatologist couldn't tell me what the weather is going to be like in two months. Y'all are full of crap.

Did the industrial revolution bring us out of the Little Ice Age? Hell did man cause the Little Ice Age?

Look, the world is going to do what the world is going to do, and liberals, arrogant as they are, will not be able to control it, even if they take away every internal combustion engine in the world. There is still going to be pollution caused by trees.

The world is constantly cleaning itself, and no thanks to liberals, the world is doing just fine.

Now perhaps if liberals would allow wind turbines near Martha's Vineyard, the world might be a little cleaner, but liberals will only say what the want the people to do, but never do it themselves. Freaking hypocrite libs.

Screw the libs!
As I said, you have nothing substantial to offer--nothing but lies and drivel.

You are going to give a death sentence to "60 Minutes" for one error in 30+ years and let W. off for every error he makes.

Rather lost his job. So should have Bush.
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