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Saturday, February 11, 2006


UH Leftist TV 'World Internet News' (Not For Profit because they couldn't make a profit: Like Air America Radio)

With Air America radio struggling to bring out the most in liberal or "progressive" radio even paying radio stations to run their programs, we at UH have a Texas taxpayer funded outfit that puts out leftist tripe and in turn is putting out a new generation of liberal broadcasters who are "out to save the world" with their reporting.

Yes, UH's own World Internet News waists Texas taxpayers dollars with their own brand of "neo-progressive" journalism that only someone who lives in Montrose and inserts objects up their anus can appreciate. From psychedelic backgrounds that confuse the viewer not to understand the content to insane close-ups of Jessica Robertson's voluptuous lispy lips that invite viewers to a new dimension of understanding the news as it is presented, bad breath included.

Yes, our WIN progressives are setting themselves up for life failures by actually believing there is a market for more liberal journalists. In a day when liberal newspaper subscriptions are way down and continuing to fall, Big-3 network news are hemorraging money and viewers, all while the economy is doing very well with unemployment even lower than it was under President Clinton, then why is liberal media doing so bad?

The answer: packaging and self-evaluation. First packaging. We have to look at the media as a business. They have their own sweeps months too. Hence all the sex stories in the news happen during November, February, May and July. Ever wonder why the Super Bowl is now played in February -- sweeps. The media packages their news just as a meatcutter packages liver at the local HEB. They put their spin on the news just as that meat cutter may put some parsley in the package to make the liver look better for the libs, but its still just liver.

Liberal media news outlets are still using their 30 year-old "liver" playbook of trying to spin the news "their way" like before there was cable and internet, but saner media outfits such as Fox News are using "New York Strip steak" in moving forward and leaving libs news outfits in the ratings dust. Liberal media like liver in my book are two products that stink.

Secondly, self-evaluation. Liberals think themselves so smart, that when they are losing viewers to their worthless news programs and circulation to their worthless papers, they think we are the problem for not being beholding to them. The lib media never looks at themselves as the problem, and hence we get lay-offs of non-white employees at Chronicle, and now thankfully lay-offs over at Time are involving worthless liberals in their opinion section.

Its a given that liberal news has changed public opinion in the past. We only have to look at the Time magazine cover of that Somali child starving, or the fake TV interview that saved a Clinton candidacy and eventually brought about a national shame. More people are smarter now, and know when they are being fooled.

Leftists news outlets that can find all fault in Republicans and none in democrats show themselves as just another arm of the democratic party. Even my own liberal Father is with the Republicans when it comes to listening to al-Qaedas foreign and domestic calls. It shows, and hence all the commercials showing products for socially dependent seniors come just in time for the worthless CBS news show at 5:30pm because they got no other takers. Gloria Borger oozes liberalism on CBS so much, one of her recent reports was 99% "Repubicans bad" compared to 1% "democrat bad," and she couldn't even tell even a half truth about William Jefferson democrat Louisiana.

I'm telling you, people are well aware of the difference, and they are taking a stance by now watching or buying the printed liberal tripe. If the DC or WIN had to charge for their products they would go out of business immediately.

The WIN as I see it, is a compilation of all three Big-3 network news put together. They have a product that no one except people with extreme leftist bents want to see. They cater to liberal people, people who don't mind the United States, big business, Christians, Republicans, Conservatives being seen as the bad guys.

I was recently asked "Why do I call UHs WIN leftists?" I replied, "of all politicians, you interview socialist Cynthia McKinney and take her seriously. In reporting on American soliders in the WOT, only criticism is applied. The Texas Observer is taken as a major source of news. WIN loves unions, hates Wal-Mart and Christians. WIN regards the NY Times as "supposedly liberal." Male Prostitutes use your program to advertise how much to do what act." I could have went on but if was getting late. WIN cannot bring themselves to give one Conservative a fair shake or they will be seen as traitors to the leftist cause.

I look forward to WIN doing a media critique of KSEV Radio, or even Rush Limbaugh because once again, as with O'Reilly, their one week of so-called "listening" or "watching" will probably be done checking liberal blogs for subversive comments about their subject as to what to say on air. Compare all that to a possible WIN media critique of Air America Radio if they survive in time for WIN to get back on the air, and you will hear nothing but praise for Randi Rhodes, Janeane Garofalo, Sam Seder, and Al Franken, who all so "boldly stand up against President Bush and the Republican agenda."

"From the windy Northern Command on the shores of the still below level Lake Conroe. I'll be back in the Southern Command early on Monday to continue to hound liberals. This is UH Liberal Hater, Not For Profit Blogger."

Screw the libs!

When liberals actually compare journalism to being as meritorious as military service and insinuate that it is even more so, you know that they have a serious colon defect that is allowing the shit in their brains to come out through their fingers when they type. The liberal media that attacks our soldiers, attacks America, its most noble citizens, and its most cherished values.

In the middle nineties nearly every day in the liberal media there was some grossly inflated story about sexual harassment or adultery in the military. Clinton and his cronies went to great lengths to boot people out of the armed forces, likely not because of these issues that were really a question of their personal lives with regard to the adultery allegations, and a lot of lies with regard to many of the sexual harassment allegations, but because nearly all in our military hated Clinton, and Slick Willie wanted to get back at them.

A four star general who had allegedly had an affair fifteen years before when he was separated from his wife was mustered out of the military and yet Clinton who tried to defend his lack of military experience in the 1996 elections by saying he served four years on active duty as the commander-in-chief, seemed to not have to play by the same rules as our servicemembers when he got caught with Monica playing his meat harmonica when he was married. When the liberals tell you that they care about our soldiers you know it smells fishier than one of Clinton’s cigars.
Oh...I just thought I would leave this little tidbit for the brave anonymous poster who thinks that I should thank the liberals for the G.I. Bill.

Yes the liberals were in power FDR for president and in Congress, but it was veterans organizations like the American Legion that made sure that those who did not support it would be thrown out of office. We have the veterans’ organizations to thank for it, not the liberals.

Another reason why it was done was because most people thought the country was going to go right back to the Great Depression after WWII was over, and this was seen as a way to help prevent this. It was an economic solution as well as a result of effective pressuring by veterans organizations.

From a purely economic perspective the G.I. Bill has paid for itself several times over in tax revenues, and the Montgomery G.I. Bill that came out in the eighties that guys use now requires servicemembers to pay at least $1200 of their own money into it while they are in the military so it is not just money handed from the government it is an investment made by the servicemember and it is also a tool used to get people to join the military as well. Market based solutions, not government grants like the Pell Grant or Student Loan subsidies that grant money to those who have yet to contribute to society and did not pay into it like those who get the G.I. Bill.

Higher education is not the worst thing the government spends money on like welfare, however many veterans get denied scholarships or Federal Financial aid because their veterans' benefits are counted as part of their budget when making need based decisions. A lot of veterans get pretty pissed off about this for good reason. Benefits given should always be based on contribution not simply on wishes.

Governor Ventura said it best when people complained about him not giving enough for higher education when he said that people could join the military to pay for school and that if they were smart enough to go to college, they were smart enough to figure out how to pay for it.

I suppose I have some mixed feelings about Financial Aid for higher Education because of course we live in a global economy and the education and training of the workforce is the only economic advantage that can be maintained over the long run, and in most countries of the world, higher education is already far less expensive than in the U.S. However, when I see a veteran with a family and several children who joins the National Guard and to get a scholarship lose another one that UH had already promised him because they decided he "no longer needed it" and they give it to an 18 year old who has never done anything for this society who cries poor instead, I can't help but feel that the system is broken.

Veterans don't have the liberals to thank for their benefits; they have other veterans to thank for them.


Screw the libs!
Number one, concerning Cynthia McKinney--So what if she was interviewed? Fox News has interviewed Michael Moore. Does that make them leftist?

Number two, the only story regarding the military was written by Nick Low (a vet of Afghanistan) who had just returned. I'm sorry if his story was too critical for you, but I believe he has earned the right to report what he knows.

Number three, you are incorrect in assuming that the Texas Observer is taken as a major source of news. In fact, it used as an example of alternative media in comparision to the mainstream dailies. Kudos to the Observer though for breaking the Abramoff story. I've been reading about his illegal activities for about two years thanks to their fine investigative reporting work.

Number four, WiN does not love unions nor do they hate Wal-mart and Christians. WiN does recognize the importance to unions in this country's history and cares about the concerns of average, working Americans. WiN does not hate Wal-Mart, they just wish they would stop running sweatshops, using government money to subsidize their employee benefit plans, and discriminating. As to hating Christians, I have no idea where you are coming from.

Number five, regarding the NY Times. I think the way you see things is way off. Instead of being so concerned with left and right, perhaps you may want to look at things from a bottom to top perspective. If you don't understand--I'm talking about a class society in a country that purports to be classless. The NY Times, as does every mainstream news outlet, reports from an upperclass perspective. Rarely, do you have stories written in the perspective of the people in the trenches (middle and lower classes).
Finally, the male prostitute story was written because no other news outlets are talking about these people and a profile story seemed relevant (WiN also did a story on the euthanization of animals that shows an animal being put to sleep. Watch it. It's called "Hapless".)

I'll respond more later when I have time. I've got work to do.
I find it really funny that you think that "alternative" news sources that bash the military are somehow speaking for those who have come from working class or lower middle class backgrounds.

Who on earth do you think fills nearly all of the slots in the enlisted ranks of the military and a large number of the officer ranks as well?

Yes there are always going to be a few people who have served in any war who come back and disagree with it. The problem is that the liberal and especialy "alternative" secular progressive agenda outlets always seem to go on a berry picking mission to try to find the soldiers who disagree most with the war, and then they try to make that out to be represenative of the majority of veterans and servicemembers.

They never want to interview those who have even recieved serious wounds and have watched their friends die who are staunch supporters of the war, and in some cases have even returned to combat with prosthetic limbs. Some of our bravest warriors do this because, one they understand why it was neccessary, and secondly because they know that if we cut an run not only will the war come to our shores once again like 9/11, but their friends' deaths and the blood they have shed will have been for nothing if we don't have a victory.

If your "unbiased" news outlet wants to "speak" for those from less fortunate circumstance why don't you go to the VA hospital, or to an AMVETS, American Legion, or Veterans of Foreign Wars and interview some of the warriors there and be decent enough to not go berry picking for what you want to be said in the first place. Get a sample that is more represenative if you really want to call yourself a journalist.

Screw the libs and UH Liberal TV!
I've seen "Hapless: The Wasted Lives of Houston Animals" and it reminded me that the liberals "fascination with death" is not only limited to just human beings.

What's next from WIN. Weekly execution broadcasts from Huntsville or the Houston "suicide of the week."
Sadly the left has struck again and hurth their own citizens.


Chavez needs to eat a big shit pie and wash it down with a chocolate shit shake!
Hey you guys should check out todays Cougar Cartoon. I think it is about you guys. The shirt says U.G. for underground, the bag seems like saying something about hiding identities, and the German name of the store seems to be saying you guys are Nazis, pretty clever I think. HA! HA!
You might have a point about the cartoon.
Da Bulkhaus can represent the DC, the plastic bag -- liberalism, the paper bag -- Conservatism.

The UG can stand for the Underground, but I think it's all a coincidence. But then again, the DC libs do want to suffocate me.
I think it kind of incorporated the Wall Mart Element too, but was Germanized to imply fascisim. I don't see what the cartoon could be about other than you guys here. Have to ask good old cartoonist I guess.
I think it was talking about recycling and U.G. on the shirt stood for United Germany.
Yeah ask him and post his response, it is all a mystery.
Jesus Christ. I'm pretty conservative and all, but some of you people are fucking retarded.
P.S. World Internet News is a joke.
They're doing better work than the DC.
By the way, WiN gets alot more hits than this one does. :) So someone must think they're doing a decent job.
Gee WIN gets thousands if not millions of dollars in state funds and it gets more hits than a Conservative blog that is done by five guys who go to school and have careers. The Underground is done on a volunteer basis without costing the taxpayers a dime. Go figure? It is not about the hits or the funding anyway, it is about truth and quality, WIN has neither. We offer both in spades without draining the State of Texas’ tits. Nice to know that instead of lower tuition the state's money is going to promote the secular progressive agenda of the loonies at WIN. Screw the libs who want to turn their neo-communist social safety net into a hammock!
WIN is terrible because the professor who runs it is an idiot. Oh, he also keeps going after the girls in his classes. Sleazy scumbag. Comparing it to the DC is being more than a little optimistic.
WiN is run by students who are not paid a dime. Everyone involved has jobs and are students. And let me tell you, a lot more work goes into what WiN does than this shitty, little blog that is littered with inaccuracies.

As to the DC and WiN, they do entirely different things. The scope of WiN is much broader. I'm not saying that the DC doesn't do what it does well, just that it seeks to primarily cover just campus issues. Shit, a lot of the WiN people have worked for the Cougar.
I suggest you remove the comment about the professor. It is libelous. If anonymous has any facts pertaining to such allegations, then he or she needs to see the proper authorities. Not publish them on the Internet.
OK we have to many anonymous' commenting.

Would the anonymous who hate this blog and calls it "shitty" and "inaccurate" identify themselves as either "Jenny" "Jessica" "Alejandra" or whatever your name you want to be identified as.

Would the anonymous who is supporting Professor S, identify himself as "Fred" or "John."

If I state that WIN gets thousands or millions in state funds, stating that the students who work there are not paid is not a defense to this. WIN is enriched from the state treasury and we are 100% volunteer.
Hello, Elly here, WIN webmaster.

Love the website, everyone here at the newsroom has read it and loves it, Jessica included. Hilarious! Especially the funding comments.

WIN receives zero monetary assistance from the university. Good job on the research. All our funding comes from grants from private entities - like corporations, businesses and trust funds. You know, American institutions which review the site yearly before deciding to renew funding. Millions of dollars I wish.

The news and editorial staff of World Internet News would like to invite the UH Conservative Underground to write for us. It's stipulated that any writings be restricted to the bounds of reality.
Attention Right Wingers!!

WiN has posted some new stuff for you to criticize. Have fun!
For now for the good of the country I must defer to the cease fire. I will respond afterwards with proof for my comments.
Sounds good. I'll be waiting.
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