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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Guest Columnist Sibi Mohammed Benhabib 'Pushes Peace' (But what's his real purpose for being here?)

Not wanting to tackle the day late and dollar short David Salinas and his take on the European insult to the followers of the prophet Muhammad, which the Eddys covered yesterday, I saw the "we come in piece" piece by UH Student Worker and Guest Columnist Sibi Mohammed Benhabib, and it gave new light to the old saying "we (the US) educate over half the world's terrorists."

Today, Student Worker Sibi Mohammed Benhabib Guest Columnist tries to ease US-Muslim tensions with his piece "Most Muslims want peace, not riots," and I was pleased by his openess. I have no doubt that most Muslims want peace, but it's those few radical Muslims that are ruining it for the rest of them. The democratic party can be viewed the same way as radical Muslims, I would hope that most democrats think sanely like Senator Joseph Lieberman, but those in his posse are being taken over by the MoveOn.orgers who are left of left and ruining the democratic party for everyone.

I am a little worried about Benhabib's field of study in optoelectronics. Knowing a little about military weaponry, I know that optoelectronic devices can be used in the fire control systems of WMDs. Once Benhabib goes back home, whats to stop his government or Muslim extremists from forcing him to use his talents for evil purposes against the United States or other Western powers. All they would have to do is to hold his family hostage at gunpoint and they can get whatever they want from him. It's that simple.

Benhabib calls for us to "understand with no doubt that Islam is a religion of peace and of right," and Benhabib may get his wish seeing as US public schools are quickly erasing all references to Christianity and embracing The Noble Qur'an as their preferred book of religious study.

Until we have some event in Houston or another 9/11, I agree that most people will not see Benhabib as a terrorist, but with everything that is going on he is so close to that line. Personally, following 9/11 I believe there should have been at least a five-year moratorium on immigration. I do fault President Bush for that and the border.

We have to get our immigration house in order. How many students like Sibi Mohammed Benhabib do we allow in this country to come and seemingly study, then they disappear only to become unaccounted for and then become a threat to national security. Why are we even letting anyone remotely associated with the Middle East in America in the first place?

I'm sorry Benhabib or Mohammed or whatever you want to call yourself. It's great that people "here in Houston people don't care about your religion or your ethnicity," but there are concerns that have to be maintained, and however benign your visit may be you have to still be monitored.

I'm glad that you condemned those violent Muslims that are burning European buildings overseas, but should this even be a world issue. I think not. Radical Muslims have learned so much from the extreme left of the democratic party, and the only difference between them is that the Muslims can use guns in public.

Two recent events have cemented my distrust for Muslims and show that they are beholding to the radicals, whether it be by fear or loyalty. First, when the Egyptian ferry Al-Salaam Boccaccio '98 sunk, the Egyptian government rejected Israel's offer of assistance, which to my understanding had a naval ship nearby, and so instead of passengers being rescued by some Jews the Egyptian refusal resulted in the deaths of over 1,000 Egyptian citizens. And secondly, the blow-up by Muslims over the publishing of the cartoons shows how quickly a entire peoples can come unhinged over the most of innocent of circumstances.

As Westerners we see Islam as a strange religion. We know they study the United States, and its quite possible due to our liberalism that America affords the world's eyes, they have adapted to radicalism as a last ditch effort to keeping power.

I mean in less than two generations Muslims have seen America come from a seperation of the races to an acceptance of interracial marriage thus lessening the future Black race in the future, and perhaps its that loss of power by Muslims that prevents most Muslim nations from really opening up to Israel and the West. No Muslim wants the modern Commodore Perry to be allowed into Muslim countries for fear of little Jews and Muslims growing up together that erupts into another blood bath of past Northern Ireland.

Benhabib's recognizes the freedom of the press, yet calls their printing to the Muhammed cartoons "an abuse of power." Good, now Benhabib knows how Conservatives feel in a liberal controlled press with their political tripe.

I don't know, Benhabib may be right and I may be wrong. Hell, perhaps we should all embrace The Qur'an. Abortion would be illegal and women would be kept subservient meaning NOW and most of the left wouldn't exist and Hillary would never be President.

Screw the libs!

Why don't you ever post under your real name, you pussy?
Interesting piece on WiN regarding Texas' public schools.

Man I love effective post that piss liberals off.

We don't post our real names because we are UNDERGROUND you frustrated liberal NAZI.

Did the occupied French broadcast who they were to the Germans?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Stealth, sabotage, subterfuge, and psychological warfare...brought to you courtesy of the UH Conservative Underground.
Again, Saved by the Bell, erasing your first post and coming back ONE MINUTE LATER when you "have more time." I hope you are successful in your studies and one day have a thriving practice as a traffic lawyer.

Until then, please let Liberal Hater do the talking.
It is called correcting a typo moron.
18 year old sycophants, liberals who have never held a job, anonymous posters with no true convictions, I love to piss them all off. Just for you I think I’ll delete this and post it again anonymous. Enjoy!
Saved by the Bell, you need to delete one of those posts to correct a typo. It should read: It's called correcting a typo, moron.

It's too bad you can't piss liberals off with logic, but then again, "anal polyps" was a good argument.

I really don't think an argument with you would benefit anyone, but for the good of this blog, please have the courtesy to look through your posts before posting them -- that way you can find typos quick and leave more room for the people with mature points.
Hey, Saved by the Bell, how are you NOT an anonymous poster? Liberal Hater just made a good point -- it's not about broadcasting who you are; it's about being underground.

Just because I choose not to register really doesn't make me any more anonymous than you. Even with all your degrees from DeVry, you don't put any personal information up on your profile. For all anyone else knows, you and I could be the same person.

Thanks for playing.
Alright gentlemen, like the stupid liberal organization -- lets MoveOn.
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