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Monday, February 20, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Eddys 'Scared of Being Run Out Over Next Controversial Cartoon' (Against Press Censorship)

In the UH Daily Cougar, they can make jokes of Vice President Cheney, hip-hop evacuees, Christianity, Judaism, even Hispanics, but the unwritten rule of liberal journalism is that Islam is off limits.

The Daily Cougar Eddys were taken aback recently when they read that "on Feb. 9, The Daily Illini, the independent student newspaper of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, republished six of the 12 Danish cartoons depicting Muhammad that have become the center of a controversy involving protests, riots and a growing death toll."

The Daily Cougar Eddys in their editorial "Press censorship: Worst. Idea. Ever.," became quite concerned when the Daily Illini Editor in Chief and Opinion Editor were suspended pending findings from a task force determined "to investigate the newspaper's decision-making process" over the printing of the cartoons.

As for myself, I consider the DI Editor in Chief Acton Gorton and Opinion Editor Charles Prochaska heros, and the UH Daily Cougar Editors should rise to their efforts and risk a suspension by printing the cartoons. If not, then they run the risk of remaining lap dogs to the liberal left, and just being another mediocre liberal product that hails from UH, with no real meat to their credits.

UH Daily Cougar Eddys, Zack -- STAND OUT from your present and past colleagues, and print the "so-called" offensive Muhammed cartoons. Take whatever consequences that come your way, but know that you would print those cartoons with a clear consequence that the UH community may then have a better understanding of the causation of the riots.

It is not fair that newspapers can boldly print material that is offensive to one God and refuse to print material this is offensive to another for 'fear' of what might happen. The DI Editors were fearless, and in the end they will be noted for their fairness, which is the same argument that the UH Daily Cougar can use in their explanation.

I do commend the Eddys for posting a website where the cartoons can viewed, and I doubt that will get them any strife. In the end, I doubt the Daily Cougar Eddys have enough balls to print the Muhammed cartoons. They will continue to be helpful to the liberal left aims and causes, and their political correctness.

Screw the libs!

'Cencorship'? Don't you all proofread your headlines before you post them? You spelling is certainly a testament to your credibility.
im sawri libreal i wass onn mi wae tooo a tryal descusuon wit mi freens & i mayd a mstak

i apaulojiz an baw tooo yare libreal souppeariority
I check out the blogs, and Liberal Haters blog is in my opinion relatively clean in spelling. To get upset over an incorrect spelling in my view is petty. Any mistakes in Liberal Haters spelling are corrected quickly once pointed out, and he acknowledges his mistakes and does not make try to cover them up.
"...and does not make try to cover them up." You guys are fucking idiots and are devaluing my degree. How about you "make try" to get your ass back to elementary school, Jay.
People this is a blog. There will be typos because the point is to get it out quick. I'm sure if this were a newspaper we would all be much more careful about it, have our editors etc. The leftist blogs have the same typographical issues as this one. A Blog is not supposed to be like a newspaper. I know plenty of people who have submitted articles to the Daily Cougar and other publications who had their articles “edited” to the point that the meaning was completely changed. At least on a Blog you can say what you want and it does not get creatively edited. Yes of course there will be formatting and typographical errors but those are not the point, the ideas are. It is the ideas you should be fighting if you don't like them, not the typos people make when they are in a hurry, because in your heart you don’t like their ideas. For those who are majoring in minor things how about coming up with some fresh ideas for a change instead of petty gripes about typos, or deleting posts to fix typos.

The Bell has rung and the truth has been tolled!
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