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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Eddys 'Pissed Over Muhammed Cartoons in Europe' (Don't give a damn if Christians were offended with 'Piss Christ')

The UH Daily Cougar Editors can scold their European professional colleagues for printing those cartoons that offend the followers of the Prophet Muhammed. But will they ever scold anyone for making fun of Our Lord Jesus Christ or his followers. NO!

In their tripe today "
Muhammad cartoons: Worst. Idea. Ever." the UH Daily Cougar Eddys, can't even judge themselves before they judge others for printing controversal "cartoons in several European newspapers satirizing the Prophet Muhammad" which have "incited violence among [radical] Muslim populations."

This of course is the
complete opposite treatment that was presented by the lib media when Andres Serrano's "Piss Christ" hit back in the late 80's followed later by elephant dung on Madonna. Christians were offended as well, and the libs didn't care. Hell, back then it was about the ART and freedom of expression.

Now that Muslims are getting pissed, the lib media is saying "we must restrain ourselves," hence almost no US media has had the onions to show the offensive cartoons, and that goes for the onionless
UH Daily Cougar as well.

"Anger is certainly the appropriate response when your religious beliefs are mocked at an institutional level," and that goes for beliefs period seeing as the UH Daily Cougar Editors were rocked with anger by the NAACP-UH last semester with the printing of the now infamous New Orleans evacuee cartoon. Fortunately UH did not experience any riots due to the uncalled for and offensive cartoon.

Thankfully the appalled
UH Daily Cougar Editors condemned the Islamic violence, stating "the cartoons -- one of which depicts Muhammad with a bomb-shaped turban -- are unquestionably offensive. At a time when the West and the Islamic world are often on shaky terms, and according to some extremists, at war, the drawings are incredibly ill-advised." The cartoons were initially printed back in September, but it took a while to get the Danish flags to the Middle East so the protest for the West's cameras could start.

The recent re-printing of the cartoons in Europe simply shows a growing discontent for non-European races that are forcing their religious lifestyles down the throats of white Europeans. The next European Inquisition or eradication of a peoples for their religious beliefs is coming. Whether they re-open Dachau and Auschwitz or by expelling them, it is coming.

Yes, the UH Daily Cougar Editors call for an end to all offensive cartoons, expect those that insult Katrina evacuees and followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Readers can tell in the Eddys writing that they someday hope for peace in the Middle East region. It ain't going to happen. Case in point, the recent sinking of that Egyptian ferry. The Israeli Navy offered assistance in search and rescue operations and were flatly turned down by the Egyptian government. Islam won't even allow Jews or Christians to interfere in live saving efforts of islamic women and children and many died.

That is the measure of Islamic resolve, and their will never be peace between Israel and any Arab state, nor Arab immigrants and any western country they migrate to -- ours included.

Yes, "our fellow Cougars" who are followers of the Prophet Muhammed, and feel that you have been forsaken by the press in the recent publishing of those cartoons -- join the club.

Screw the libs!

Why do you have World Internet News marked as "UH Leftist TV"? What do you find so left about it? It's an attempt at investigative reporting.
# posted by Anonymous : February 05, 2006 11:07 PM
Why do I call UHs WIN leftists.

Of all politicians, you interview socialist Cynthia McKinney and take her seriously.

In reporting on American soliders in the WOT, only criticism is applied.

The Texas Observer is taken as a major source of news. WIN loves unions, hates Wal-Mart and Christians.

WIN regards the NY Times as "supposedly liberal." Male Prostitutes use your program to advertise how much to do what act.

Shall I go on?
# posted by UH Liberal Hater : February 06, 2006 12:08 AM
I know this is confusing to you Talibanos after decades of listening to Orwellian doublespeak from parasites and prostitutes like Hannity, Limbaugh and that guy Coulter, but America was founded by liberals on liberal principles. Bush is, using the classic definition, a leftist.

Anyone who thinks that Sheehan is a socialist is a nitwit at best.

Many hate Walmart because it is anti-capitalist. Many hate the nasty, vile filth that identifies as "Christians" because they are anti-Jesus.
# posted by Anonymous : February 06, 2006 1:02 PM
Damn liberal WIN lover be pissed.
# posted by UH Liberal Hater : February 06, 2006 1:22 PM
No our founders were not liberals in todayƕs terms, they were Libertarians. They were concerned about all of our freedoms including economic ones, and they believed in a strong military that could defend us along with a government that was small and responsive to its citizens. Had a Jesse Jackson, a Ted Kennedy, or any other Liberal of today been in their midst, our founding Fathers would have reached for their muskets and ended the problem themselves. Liberals of today wish to steal from productive working people rather than earn their own way and take responsibility for themselves and their families.

Wall-Mart is anti-capitalist? That must be some damn good crack you are on. The only time Wall-Mart engages in anti-capitalism when the liberals force them to in order to get into a particular market or avoid endless hurt-feelings litigation. Do you know anyone who has worked at Wal-Mart for a long period of time? I do and they all have great things to say about it, but then again they are people who take responsibility for their own lives and are not looking to get anything that they have not earned themselves. Capitalism has given us the most abundant society the world has ever seen. We are prosperous not because the government intervenes in the economy, but in spite of its intervention. It is a true testament to American workers and entrepreneurs that they can still make this country so prosperous even with the chains of government regulations shackling them to liberal pandering.

Obviously you are too much of a bumpkin to realize that the meaning of words changes over time. The word liberal as it was used in the late eighteenth century in a political sense equates to how Libertarian is used today, it does not mean Liberal as it is used today--the meaning has changed. Take an English class moron.
# posted by Saved by the Bell : February 06, 2006 1:30 PM
I didn't write the comments earlier in response to Liberal Hater, but I think I'll give it a shot now.

Number one, concerning Cynthia McKinney--So what if she was interviewed? Fox News has interviewed Michael Moore. Does that make them leftist?

Number two, the only story regarding the military was written by Nick Low (a vet of Afghanistan) who had just returned. I'm sorry if his story was too critical for you, but I believe he has earned the right to report what he knows.

Number three, you are incorrect in assuming that the Texas Observer is taken as a major source of news. In fact, it used as an example of alternative media in comparision to the mainstream dailies. Kudos to the Observer though for breaking the Abramoff story. I've been reading about his illegal activities for about two years thanks to their fine investigative reporting work.

Number four, WiN does not love unions nor do they hate Wal-mart and Christians. WiN does recognize the importance to unions in this country's history and cares about the concerns of average, working Americans. WiN does not hate Wal-Mart, they just wish they would stop running sweatshops, using government money to subsidize their employee benefit plans, and discriminating. As to hating Christians, I have no idea where you are coming from.

Number five, regarding the NY Times. I think the way you see things is way off. Instead of being so concerned with left and right, perhaps you may want to look at things from a bottom to top perspective. If you don't understand--I'm talking about a class society in a country that purports to be classless. The NY Times, as does every mainstream news outlet, reports from an upperclass perspective. Rarely, do you have stories written in the perspective of the people in the trenches (middle and lower classes).
Finally, the male prostitute story was written because no other news outlets are talking about these people and a profile story seemed relevant (WiN also did a story on the euthanization of animals that shows an animal being put to sleep. Watch it. It's called "Hapless".)
# posted by Anonymous : February 06, 2006 11:46 PM
Damn, WIN lib be pissed.
No, just responding. This is an open forum with varying points of view. Right?
It seems as though the whole purpose of printing the cartoons is to show that the Islamo-fascist fundies were going to react just like the pictures insinuated. Now most Muslims even though they would be offended and hurt by the cartoon are better than that. There are many Muslims and Arab Americans who I am proud to have called friends. One the finest officers I ever had the privilege of serving with was a West Point graduate of Syrian extraction who would never behave this way.

Most Muslims and Arabs are of course not terrorists. However we must realize that there is a substantial group of millions of what Bush would call radical Islamists who have as he said hijacked Islam and wish to hijack our world and return it to an oppressive 13th century theocratic dictatorship.

Western Civilization itself is in danger of these Islamo-fascists. The recent escalation of the Iranian nuclear problem, along with this global violence over the cartoons are only reminders of this. I like what one of my Jordanian friends said after 9/11...we have to kill these people (the terrorists) there is no other way. I also like what my Algerian friend said concerning the misguided Arab and Muslim students who were engaging in all the war protests on campus during the war on terror...If they don't like it here they can go home, they are making us all look bad and encouraging people to discriminate against us. Then she said about the 9/11 terrorists...they killed innocent people, they killed the religion.

I think these two fine Muslim Arabs who became Americans have said it best, both are in their 40s and have lived in many parts of the Middle East as well as America one has a PHD, one has two masters degrees.

Our armed forces and the war on terror must be given unequivocal support, and we must also get the normal people who make up the vast majority of the populations of the nations of the Middle East to clean their own houses. We can't afford to lose this one. The war on terror is a life and death struggle for the freedom of our world and that includes the Muslims and Arabs.
It should be..."Too chicken to go."

Referring to UH journalists at the top of the page.

With all your degrees, you'd figure you'd know the proper usage of the word "too".
Y'r wright freend i wil ad th letr "o" an th Engls langage wll frver b gratful fo y'r evr obsrvnt i.

I, like El Rushbo, always make the quickest efforts to respond to mistakes and I have done so.
Rush admits to mistakes? When did this start?
why should the eds care about Piss Christ? That happened before some of them were born.
I know to liberals time didn't start until GWB was elected president.

But knowing about some insults to Christianity would have given the eddys a better frame of reference in writing their tripe.
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