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Friday, February 17, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Eddys 'Not Being Fooled w/non-stop Cheney Coverage' (Take a swipe at Kennedy of all people in response)

As I woke up in cloudy and cool Austin this morning reading The Daily Texan, and noticing the big changes that will challenge the current face of their West Campus. I missed my daily trek to pick up a freshly printed copy of my favorite collegiate waste of trees the UH Daily Cougar. I'm here in Austin for a wedding, and will be back in Houston Sunday afternoon, but each time I'm in Austin, I always visit the LBJ Library on the campus of UT and am currently at a friend's desk in the government school next to the library making a quick post before I start my activities in support of the upcoming marriage. Not mine thank goodness, but after this weekend, I believe I will be getting more hounded to become an instant daddy.

I was able to check out the Daily Cougar Online editorial this morning, and low and behold I agreed with everything the Eddys had to say.

The renovations to the M.D. Anderson Library are great.

I knew that the soccer name 1836 would be a problem, especially in Houston, a town that has a history of victory over Mexico. In order for the Houston club to be a success, they have to have the support of the Houston area Hispanic community. Case Closed. It's obvious that there should have been some sort of contest to name the team, and the team should have consulted common sense before ever a thought of naming the team. There are plenty of names that would have been fine that wouldn't have caused a stir, but those lugheads in the 1836 front office wouldn't listen to sense if it was squirted in their ears.

Lastly, the Eddys tackled the Vice President Cheney hunting accident, "Shot in the heart, and Cheney's to blame," which thankfully they gave a "D" in reference to its news coverage and not Cheney himself. I think it should have been an "F" but I'll take a "D" for now. Zach and the boys thankfully are not joining in and "hyping the story" for the media. Incredibly, the did their homework, and actually did some research on past VP Burr and how the popped a cap into Alexander Hamilton. Thankfully Hamilton accomplished so much before he was killed.

I agreed with the Eddys that the hyped Cheney stole the spotlight from "much more important stories" such as the Saddam tapes which proved there were WMDs, which the media is totally ignoring. But I loved the Eddys spill on good 'ol Teddy Kennedy, in which they wrote "please wake us up when Cheney gets hammered and drives his pregnant girlfriend off a bridge" at Chappaquiddick.

Screw the libs!

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