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Thursday, February 23, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Nick Somarkis 'Only Conservative Press Should Nix Agenda' (Liberal Press continue as you were)

You will never read this statement from worthless UH Daily Cougar columnist and ex-UH College Democrat officer Nick Somarkis.

"Over three decades ago, Senator Ted
drank beer and then killed a young woman after abandoning her in a sinking car. The woman could not apologize for ruining Kennedy's career because she drowned."

But you will read this today from worthless 'ol Nick and his worthless excuse for a goatee.

"A couple of
weeks ago, Vice President Dick
Cheney drank beer and then shot an old man.
The old man has since apologized for
ruining Cheney's hunting trip."

That's the measure of liberal resolve. Nothing ever happened prior to President Bush's election. Hence you cannot compare real liberal screw-ups to Conservative accidents.

In his tripe today "Press should be without agenda," our stoned friend Somarkis cries about how Cheney "handled the press after the accidental shooting of long-time friend Harry Whittington."

First, get the man medical attention. Thankfully the VPs medical staff is always a stones throw away, and Mr. Whittington was looked after immediately.

Looking back 37 years on July 18, 1969, the first thing that Kennedy does is swim to safety and save himself while letting the girl in the car die. He then stumbles drunk down the road from where he came, not bothering to go to the nearby houses to report what had happened.

Somarkis cries scandal asserting that "Cheney avoided the press until after the owner of the ranch where the shooting took place called a local newspaper in Corpus Christi to inform it of the shooting."

Back in 1969, "Kennedy discussed the accident with several people, including his lawyer, before he contacted the police" the next day, and never once thought that the first thing he should do was contact the press.

When the VP finally talks to the press "after a couple of days" Nick asserts, "Cheney finally decided to do an interview with Fox News anchor Brit Hume ­a conservative reporter who was soft on the vice president."

Back in 1969, The Swimmer was not interviewed at all by the press and on July 25th, makes a calculated political statement that saves his political career from disaster.

Somarkis, as most liberals do, see the Cheney hunting accident through the eyes of scandal. The Kenedy County Sherrif's report mentioned no one being drunk, unlike Kennedy. No one left the scene of the incident, except Kennedy. And which one let their unintended victim die, Kennedy.

Yeah, I see a liberal press agenda alright. Conservatives bad, liberals good. The liberal press avoids reality while making up their own.

Screw the libs!

You are so gay.
There you have it folks, a typical display from a liberal who refuses to deal with the truth even when it's thrown in their face.

Liberals cannot fight Conservatives with facts and have to result to name calling.
Looking for conservative websites. I would like to find some that are not in the mainstream. Any help would be appreciated.
Also, looking for the moderate Republican voice.
Moderate Republican voices are found near democratic circles.
We want all sides. Far left, Moderate Democrats, Moderate Republicans, Far right. It makes for an educated society.
I've been visiting your site for awhile now and I must say, you are a GODSEND for college students like myself who are feeling like liberalism is poinsoning the nation I love. Keep up the good fight buddy, and I will do the same.
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