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Monday, February 13, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Jamaal-Rashad Smith 'Gullible on US Recognition of Hamas' (Hamas needs to demonstrate peace before they are recognized)

In a day when liberal US media outlets are refusing in "fear" to print the Prophet Muhammad cartoons out of outright intimidation by the Muslim community, yet at the same time prints information that is helpful to the cause of America's enemy.

Of course liberals will trash Christianity and Judaism at will, but when it comes to Islam, the secularists liberal media will treat Islamists with greatest of ease.

Why? Because the radicals of that religion, like liberals, hate America with every fiber of their body, and anyone who hates America gets a pass from the liberal media. Hence US liberal media will not run the Prophet Muhammad cartoons. I believe one paper in Pennsylvania has had enough onions to run the cartoons compared to the rest of the eunuch liberal media, which gladly runs prints arts offensive to Christianity instead.

UH Daily Cougar opinion columnist Jamaal-Rashad Smith's piece "Hamas will test faith in democracy," was a good effort for most of the piece but calling for the US to recognize Hamas at this point should not be a consideration in the slightest sense.

Hamas has to demonstrate they want peace in their region. Now for someone who cannot stand Jews this is going to be pretty hard. Hamas ought to be thankful they have their own government and haven't been pounded into the ground yet.

Israel has been friends with the US since it became a nation, and if that causes our enemies to want to kill us -- then so be it, we have enough bullets and bombs. Thankfully, most Arabs don't want to kill us. I believe they want to live in peace, and if the liberals would just let the US drill for our own oil, our footprint in the Middle East wouldn't be as great as it is today.

Hamas has to present progress before they are taken seriously. Just being elected doesn't mean Hamas should be recognized off the bat. Its going to be difficult for Hamas since their previous history of violence has countries that once funded Fatah now withholding their funding. And without money coming in, improving infrastructure in Palestine and creating jobs will be difficult.

Smith's assumption that "America lacks credibility among Islamic countries" is wrong. Hamas lacks credibility with the world. Hamas has just as short a memory as American liberals do, so they don't know any better.

President Bush's decision not to recognize Hamas is a great move that will show that the world that we will support a proper democracy, and not a so-called "democracy" that is run by terrorists.

Smith's notion that "Americans will not stand for U.S. soldiers dying for democracy in one country and the government suppressing it in another" is wrong as well. The United States is not suppressing democracy in Palestine. They just elected a government that will suppress it for them, and the world is not being fooled.

Americans will sacrifice for democracy, and the gullible Smith will not tell you that the United States has sacrificed much more in the past that we have in the present. Democracy is a choice, and Hamas, even though they proved they can hold a successful election, doesn't mean they can belong to the community of nations. Once they demonstrate a consistent effort of welfare for their people and express peace to other nations as well as to Israel, then they should be recognized, but not before that point.

Screw the libs!

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