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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Places Hopes in Democratic Polling' (Just like they believed the Kerry exit polls in 2004)

It has been said time and time again, "the only real poll that counts are the election results."

Democrats have been showing promise in the polls since 1994 when they lost their total grip on power, which eventually resulted in a total shift in the Congressional power structure and then the White House. Liberals literally cannot stand being out of power.

Even today, when there is a issue of national importance, where does the liberal media turn too -- people like former-Senator Tom Daschle, or other worthless liberals who are not even in charge of a damn committee. Yes, the media depends on mostly liberals who cannot make a damn decision as to the welfare of the country, much less where they stand on an issue.

Well, today UH Daily Cougar columnist David Salinas, gets his marching orders from Democratic Headquarters -- "keep hope alive." Boy that sounds familiar.

Anyway, Salinas' mission is to keep the Democratic party from imploding, keep the Blacks on the plantation of intellectual slavery, and drum up support for a liberal party that has not one idea to:
Yes, today UH Daily Cougar columnist and resident cotton picker David Salinas relys on the liberals old standard -- polls -- which make liberals look good and Conservative look bad. Polls, that if worded right, would give Adolf Hitler higher favorable ratings than that of our own George Bush. Polls in which liberals have already made a predetermined outcome, and if they don't meet those outcomes, then they will have those outcomes placed in order to have the polls show promise for the liberals in the next election.

In his tripe today "Polls showing promise for Dems," Salinas rallies the liberal troops with so-called "scandal" on the Republican, hoping that all that will motiviate the liberal base to come and vote for democrats. Where is this supposed "liberal Contract with America" that the liberals were promising:
where is that?

If running on so-called scandal is all the democrats got, then the liberals are in trouble. All this "if the elections were held today" crap is just that -- crap. Democrats are living in the past, with no hope of what to do in the future. No wonder they have no humor. All the things they supposedly fought for:
were passed with the help of Republicans, and not with the majority of the democratic party. They'll call Black Republicans racist, while giving passes to former KKK members like Senator Robert Byrd. They'll blame VP Cheney in his hunting accident, while giving a pass to a drunken Senator Kennedy who let his pregnant girlfriend die in a submerged car while he saved himself, then spent the next day trying to sober up and explain what happened.

Salinas tries to cover up the ousting of Iraq War Veteran and former liberal Ohio Senate candidate Paul Hackett who was ousted by Senator "Dingy" Harry Reid with threats of revealing evidence that Hackett committed war crimes of all things in Iraq.

David's message of hope with other liberal favorable polls is pure tripe. When voters really find out what those liberal candidates are hiding, then the polls will dramatically tighten. David Salinas won't tell you that, but that's what will happen.

Salinas had to wait until the last paragraph of his tripe today to clear up the "biggest misconception about the Democratic Party in that they don't have any ideas and that they lack a voice." The liberals have ideas? The liberals have a voice?

OK Salinas. What ideas? Where's the voice?

Screw the libs!

What a surprise, David Salinas is an idiot.
I second the motion.
No, Salinas is not and idiot...he's a tree-hugging, latex-chewing shitbag.

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