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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Bush White House tricks?' (The Clinton Administration was obviously a good teacher)

According to UH Daily Cougar columnist David Salinas, evidently history didn't begin until President Bush won the Presidency.

I, like a majority of sane Americans, resigned myself long ago to believing that the liberals will always be negative towards President Bush, and to think the opposite is plain poppycock. That's what liberals do best -- complain.

I'm convinced that if a six-mile wide asteroid were headed straight for earth, the environmentalist libs would be crying over the environmental impact to the world's trees, the anti-war libs, would be against the use of nuclear weapons to stop the damn thing, and the rest of the libs would be insisting on a UN Resolution to take unilaterial world action against the asteriod due for a vote two weeks after the asteriod is schedule to hit. It's maddness.

Today UH Daily Cougar columnist and cotton picker David Salinas is pissed over some podunk Corpus Christi newspaper scooping his beloved national liberal news agencies.

In his tripe today "Don't take White House tricks lightly," Salinas goes on about the accidential shooting involving Vice President Cheney and his friend Harry Whittington, and Salinas couldn't even get that right. The VP was using a 20-gauge shotgun and not some "pellet gun" that David assumed he was using.

In Texas, the type of accident that happened with the VP doesn't even have to be reported to the police, but in the liberal media you would have thought it a crime, since they got upstaged by the "Corpus Christi Caller-Times reporter Jaime Powell [who] broke the story only after receiving a tip from the owner of the ranch where Dick Cheney was hunting."

During the Clinton Administration, there were many times "the public did not know what had happened for almost 24 hours after" an incident had occurred." I can go on and on about Clinton Scandals, where the liberal media and people like David Salinas would gladly give a pass to that liberal, but if one Conservative accidently shoots a rich Austin lawyer, then all hell breaks loose.

Salinas is just illustrating the liberals obsession with trying to bring down the Bush Administration. Hell, I hope that the VP invites a few liberal Senators on his next hunting trip to Texas.

Salinas won't tell you that when something like this happens to liberals, for instance when Clinton hurt his ankle in March 1997, there is nothing but the utmost reverence and devotion for the man and his condition. Stumbling on stairs mind you, yeah, when you are either stoned or carrying a hot chick upstairs so that you can be serviced. Now I can buy that.

Salinas' belief that he and millions of Americans are being wiretapped is so off the wall its laughable. My Father is a big liberal, and even he has enough sense to know that Americans are not being wiretapped, that the feds will never have enough capacity to listen to every conversation, nor does it wish to listen to every conversation, except if your being called or calling terrorists.

I mean, who would want to listen to two stupid liberals talking about their next dates with homosexuals. The Clinton "White House increasingly invade[d] the personal lives of Americans through wiretappings" and by viewing their FBI while in the White House. Nothing ever came of that, and the liberal press never made hay over ones civil liberties back then, nor were we at war.

But now with a Republican President in office liberals like Salinas will make every effort and stretch the truth as much so they can possibly get away with, and they know it's a lie.

Salinas complains of the administration refusing "to release photos of George Bush and Jack Abramoff," when they know that liberal organizations would just use it against them. Who can blame them. And Salinas claims that Abramoff "personnally" gave money to any campaign is another lie. Jack went around existing law, and liberals are just glad they haven't been implicated in the same efforts. Well, just wait till Tom DeLay's trial, which I welcome, and then it will be shown.

Of course, while we are on the subject of "so-called" Republican Presidential scandal, Salinas won't even mention that it took Clinton 30-hours to release the death of Vince Foster, or the White House Coffees, John Wong, the Buddist Temple and Algore, associations with known criminals, the transfer of missile technology to Communist China, etc. I can go on and on, yet David Salinas falls silent on crap like that in lieu of grasping for straws for any substance he can pull up on Buch-Cheney.

You know with all this liberal attention focused on Cheney, I wouldn't blame Cheney resigning his office for the good of the country, so that President Bush can appoint someone like J.C. Watts from Oklahoma as VP to finish out the Bush Administration.

I would love to see a J.C. Watts - Condi Rice Republican ticket in 2008.

That would have the libs reeling until 2022 since most of the stuff the libs tread after does backfire.

Screw the libs!

what is it that you say lh "is he drunk again?"
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