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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Adil Saleem 'A UH Subversive Who Hates SUVs' (Tries to shame us into driving inexpensive deathtraps)

What is it with liberals?

If they ever like something that is good for the United States, will they blow up?

UH Daily Cougar columnist and failed al-Qaeda suicide bomber Adil Saleem switches gears and instead of supporting al-Qaeda or Hamas, he attacks Detroit, the mean and evil American polluters.

In his tripe today "SUVs demand double-take," UH terrorist Adil Saleem shows his gullibility to liberal commercials when he "heard a man on the radio asking for advice on how to discourage his wife from buying a sport utility vehicle." Initially, he "was surprised, but [the commercials] points were valid, and they really made me re-evaluate my own position on SUVs."

So this week, instead being lectured by Adil on the greatness of Hamas or al-Qaeda, we get pounded on how bad SUVs are. Who cares if they "are not used for their original purpose anymore," they are being driven because people like to drive them.

I'm tired of liberals like Saleem telling me what is good and what is bad for me to drive. Who cares if SUVs are driven by large families or by a lone person who can afford it.

SUVs are what America wants, and who are Saleem, an unclean liberal to tell Americans what they can or can't drive. Saleem is a degenerate who proudly touts President Bush's statement from the State of the Union that America is "addicted" to foreign oil, but throws out the rest of the speech.

President Bush knows that it will take decades to perfect the initiatives that President Bush mentioned, and it will take ten years to get any increased meaningful production and refining of homegrown oil sources before we can see significant drops in prices at the pumps. High gas prices even effect the poor too.

If Clinton would have not VETOed drilling in ANWR during his Administration, we would be drilling there now. The market will eventually dictate a standard of energy that is marketable, just as gasoline is now, but it is going to take a long time.

Who is Adil Saleem to tell us that he is appalled when he sees "Hummers on the road, despite the fact that gas prices are through the roof." Saleem has the audacity to criticize Americans about our vehicles when in Pakistan what a person drives doesn't even register on their radars.

Saleem goes off about us on "conserving resources." Why? "Some people are still buying new trucks they don't need." Again, why does Adil hate you for being able to buy the big truck of your dreams? Because he can't get one.

Saleem is simply jealous, and since we are not "willing to change our habits" he's out to shame the UH weak minded into believing that SUVs are bad. Until that time Saleem is just waiting out his time over here until al-Qaeda activates his cell for their next attack.

Screw the libs!

This is the most ridiculous weblog I have ever seen. Are you taken seriously on your campus?
Anonymous, to read this stuff you have to have a sense of humor. Evidently you don't. The guy has explained himself time and time again that his blog is his way of coping with you guys on campus.
With a recent survey reporting that only 30% of liberals considering themselves as "happy," Anon's comments are understandable.

I feel sorry for Anon. He wants to spread his misery to others. He will see the glass always half-empty. The United States will always be the bad guy, and the American soldier can "kiss his ass."

The only time Anon is "happy" is when its reported that 1000, 2000, or 3,000 US soldiers have been killed in Iraq. Then and then only Anon cracks a smile.

I get this all the time. Liberals who come to the blog, see one post and think we are dead serious.

This blog is not designed for liberals, its for Conservatives on campus, to give them a smile to deal with the sorry liberals that populate UH.
We do make points on here that are designed to help you think about the liberal bias on campus and especially in the state funded campus media. We do it in a humorous way because we happen to have a sense of humor unlike the angry libs who can only foam at the mouth when presented with an argument they have trouble defeating.

If there was not such a culture of squashing the conservative viewpoint by neo-communist professors on campus, senior UH administrators, and the campus media, we might not need a blog like this.

We went underground because like the Polish resistance of WWII we were not going to give up our campus and our country without a fight, but there were too many red party apparatchiks in place within the positions of power in the skewed system, and they have indoctrinated enough of the Kool-Aid people to believe their tripe, not because it has even a kernel of truth, but because of the positions they hold.

We are here to sabotage their agenda with the truthful viewpoint that too often is not allowed in any other forum, but we intend to have a good time about it all the same.

If the libs don't like it that we fight tough, make raids on the secular progressive liberal agenda, and use the First Amendment to fight as the partisans of occupied territory and patriots we are, then they should blame themselves and their Communist Young Pioneers of Kool-Aid people indoctrinees for occupying our campus and America to begin with.

When Liberals try to destroy our country with their tripe the Bell is going to start swinging, hit the libs with his righteous clapper, and flush their tripe down the crapper, because the Bell rings true, just like Liberal Hater and the rest of us at the UH Conservative Underground.

Screw the libs!
Check out World Internet News' new stuff. I'm sure you'll love the Lanford Wilson interview. Actually, you should watch them all. You might learn something.
I think that Lanford might be the perfect gay sugar daddy for James Davis.

Wilson is just another washed up liberal. Does he not think that everyone, Republicans included, have to drink the same water and breath the same air.

Wilson had to be a talking head for the Al Gore campaign. He's a liberal that feels that if some shit hole country on some shit hole continent doesn't like us, they the US is wrong for not being like. To him, everyone must like us, or the US is wrong.

I commend him for hating the liberal media, but he is dreaming that absolutely everyone should be helped, which is impossible. If one person is left in the gutter by choice, then the country is wrong.

Wilson is left of left, and WIN loves him.

In a perfect Wilson and WIN world, we would have a USSR type economy, with long lines for food and not to mention few choices for food on the shelves. I've been to Communist countries and it wasn't pretty.

Thanks Aaron for pointing out more WIN tripe that really shows another liberal in need of psychological attention.
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