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Friday, February 03, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Cartoonist Arturo Gonzalez 'Waiting To See If Arab Students Will Be Offended At Latest Hamas Cartoon' (Insults Latinos too!)

It seems that once a semester that UH Daily Cougar cartoonist Arturo Gonzalez comes up with a controversial cartoon. This time the race to insult are the liberals second favorite terrorists, the Arabs Hamas from Palestine, as well Hispanics, who are perceived as know nothings. Hamas are the liberals second favorite terrorists because they have killed Americans 'en mass' yet. While Hispanics are the liberals second favorite minority, since they don't vote as blindly democratic as Blacks do.

In today's editorial cartoon, a couple of students are sitting on campus, the white female is reading the paper, and a Hispanic male is eating a confectionary, when the white female student asks the obviously Hispanic male, "Hey, what is your take on the Hamas?" The Hispanic male, not knowing what to think utters, "Mmm, it's very tasty. It has a small saltiness with a little zing. It's affordable and very nutritous."

The question is. Which group will take the most offense? The Arabs or Hispanics, or both?

UH readers will remember Gonzalez' editorial cartoon of last September 19th that looks the same as the cartoon of last September 16th, and is seen below, because then racist Opinion Editor James Davis and then racist Editor in Chief Matt Dulin could not collect all the hardcopy papers that are scattered on campus with the offending cartoon after it was distributed.

Arturo at the time maintained he was not out to "offend any African-Americans," and thought he could fool the UH weak mined with the quip that the evacuee male "could be have just as easily been perceived as Hispanic, white or any other ethnicity that embraces hip-hop culture."

It's going to be interesting to see how the Arab population of UH reacts to Gonzalez' attempt to gain humor from a democratically elected government, as well as the Hispanic population which is perceived as dumb.

The UH Daily Cougar has been caught before, and will be caught again. With so much diversity on campus, someone is always going to be offended and complain, and its so fun to see the liberals kissing the butts of offended minorities.

Screw the libs!

Are any of you related to Mark David Chapman? Some of your rants echo his.
No, but hopefully you will someday be able to separate a person's good music from their bad politics. Lennon was great as one of the Beatles, as a political figure he made all true Americans want to scream like Yoko Ono everytime he opened his festering liberal mouth. OOOhhowwwwoohowwooowwwwoohhh!.

Sad that he's dead, but hopefully his brand of political thought will come to meet him soon.

Screw the libs!
Although Chapman had "issues" he did Lenon a favor. Lenon wouldn't be as revered as a looney old man as he is in having an early death.
So, Idealism is not your thing? Isn't perfection the goal of mankind?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Liberal "idealism" is about like talking about the "ideal" prison style gang sodomy by HIV positive inmates. I'm sure it is someone's dream like our newly barbecued Toxic Tookie, but it should not be America's.

Conservatives are idealists but their ideals are pursued through bringing a high level of consciousness to their actions along with a healthy dose of morality and practicality.

Conservative idealism is not an Alice and Wonderland world of neo-communism and socialist chains that the liberals thought up on one of their Mushroom trips.

For Conservatives, the ideal society is a decent one that celebrates all of our freedoms enjoyed with personal responsibility, while including our economic ones and recognizes that those in our armed forces made them all possible and keep them for us always.
Saved By the Bell, please start your own blog and stop clogging this one with messages you delete yourself and your half-witted propagana. I don't care what side of the aisle you sit on, but if you have the audacity to think your opinion is important have the decency to make a real argument. Don't just do for the right wing what you say The Democrat Cougar does for the left. Do us all a favor and learn how to understand all those non-fiction books you pretend to like.

Liberal Hater, again, I agree with you many times, but this is an obviously desperate attempt at finding fault with the Cougar. The man is not clearly Hispanic -- unless having black hair makes one clearly Hispanic, and the joke seems to me to be the kind of mistake many college students and working adults would make.

Because it appears I should explain it, the man is mistaking the violent political party Hamas for the Middle Eastern food Hummus. Sure, it's a mistake not likely to be made by someone following the news closely, but I'm sure it's a mistake that has been made several times by intelligent people.

Every day, there is some nonsense to attack in The Daily Cougar, and there is still a distinct lack of a conservative viewpoint because Jacob Blizzard decided not to return and no conservatives have risen to take his place (hint, hint). Please try to be less sensationalist with your own tripes, however. There have been many missteps made by the Cougar, but this was certainly not one of them.
If I delete something it is because I have gone back and decided to reedit it when I have more time.

For someone who claims to be a conservative who is going give intelligent criticisms of anything I post you sure seem to lack any specifics. Blanket statements like yours are hardly the "real arguments" you claim to desire from me. I have not seen anything insightful from you have I? I'll put your opinion through proper channels, one flush should do it.

Why should I get my own blog? Liberal Hater is doing a great job putting this up for all of us. My own blog to promote conservatisim at UH would just be redundant.
I'm sorry to hear that Jacob decided not to return.

What did you guys do to drive him off? Jacob Blizzard is certainly welcome to comment on this blog seeing as he is not welcome at the Democrat Cougar.

At the very least, write Jacob a note and ask him and his Conservative friends to contribute to the Cougar.

As far as Arturo's cartoon is concerned, I interpreted the guy as a Mexican because of his seat cover that resembled a Mexican Baja shirt in a triangle pattern that Arturo would be familiar with since he comes from Mexican ethnicity.

In political cartoons, I've always been taught that the smallest detail has some sort of meaning. I don't find fault with the DC. The DC finds its own faults and I just point them out.

I remember hummus as some sort of dip that I remember eating with the Arab version of our tortilla. The guy in the cartoon looked like he was eating some sort of pastry.

Anyway in art, interpretation goes to the viewer, and I sincerely believe that Hispanics should be offended and they don't even know it.
Saved by the Bell, I never claimed to be anything. Maybe you should look over something before you decide to post it so you don't have to delete it and repost it four minutes later "when (you) have more time." Not too convinced you're right? Me neither. If starting your own blog is redundant, so is the word pollution you smear all over Liberal Hater's. He's got a better voice and you add nothing to it.

Liberal Hater, it's not exactly a dip, but it is also not a pastry, which is clearly the object being consumed. Whether it is the mistake of the cartoonist or he simply assumes readers will understand what hummus is is open to interpretation.

That the pattern on his seat is a sign of his ethnicity seems far-fetched though. To me, it seems similar to the patterns on the chairs found in doctor's waiting offices or coffee shops, but you are right, it's open to interpretation.

That you think an entire ethnic group SHOULD be offended is interesting. In the spirit of argument, how do you decide what any ethnic group SHOULD feel? Do you feel like you know their interests and can speak for them? Do you feel that you know the stereotypes that affect them most and can spot them better than they can? Do you feel a need to take care of them because they are not able to?

I am curious to hear the logic.
Hummus is made with chickpeas and is spread on bread called nan that is a lot like a pita bread. I'm with Liberal Hater, it looked more like a dessert. I've had two years of Arabic, though that was a while back. I know a lot more than our brave anonymous thinks.

No you did not say you were a conservative, but you said that you "agree with Liberal Hater many times" this would indicate you are a conservative since this is after all the UH Conservative Underground and there is no question that what Liberal Hater writes is from a conservative viewpoint. No, you did not specifically claim to be a Conservative, but you need to pull your head out of your fourth point of contact and learn what the "reasonably prudent person" standard is. As for pollution read your own anal polyps of ignorant postings and you will see some real pollution.
Saved by the Bell, I'm sure your head hurts from that attempt at an argument, but you should probably go get your GED before you argue at the grown-up table. There are people in this world intelligent enough to see logic in both conservative and liberal arguments without alligning on every single issue. My political allegience is not vital to this conversation, but I feel flattered it is so important to you.

Liberal Hater, I apologize for wasting space with this argument that is clearly unproductive and off-topic. I look forward to your response to my previous post.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wow, you called him stupid enough, but didn't actually respond to his counterpoint. I believe that's what law scholars all an ad hominen attack.

Also, you seem to enjoy talking about butts. That's cool, I guess.

-Different anonymous
typo correction:

*call an ad hominem attack
Saved by the Bell,
When are you going to get a job?
I hope you're paying for those degrees without public money.
I work full time and go to school thank you very much. I'm not a retarded 18 year old who thinks they actually know something about the world. As for other ways of paying for school. Ever heard of the G.I. Bill? Some of us actually have ensured that morons like you have the freedom to spout your liberal tripe to begin with. As for talking about butts.. the whole purpose of this blog is to not play nice with the libs. I say what I know is most offensive to them. Liberal hater says to stop being nice and I agree.
Yeah, I'm familiar with the G.I. Bill. It was created by liberals. You ought to thank them all for giving you your education. If it was up to W. and Co., you'd get shit for your service or did you miss all the cutbacks on veteran benefits during his nightmarish administration?

As to your service in the military-- whoopee. No one forced you to sign up. A lot of people have served this country and they don't try and use their service as a tool for promoting their opinion.

I think you're a liar. Just another bitch, sitting behind a computer screen trying to act macho and dreaming of finally getting a piece of ass.

If you're so gung-ho about the war--Why the hell aren't you there?

Another thing, a lot of people have served this country and not all of them were soldiers. In fact, some have been journalists.
Oh yeah, Where do you work?

Wal-Mart? :)
Good game, ya'll.

And to think, without The Daily Cougar, none of us would be having this exciting exchange of ideas.
So, the only way you know how to not be nice is to talk about ass?

Like I said, if that's your thing, then run with it.

-Anonymous #2 (no pun intended)
A journalist has given the same kinds of contributions to this country that a member of the armed forces has? Give me a fucking break! Guess what we got here is some kids at the DC who got some hurt feelings! Good! That is the purpose of this blog to begin with!

Screw the libs!
Wow, it's amazing the things that can happen when you leave the Internet alone for a couple hours. I'm starting to think Saved by the Bell is making his roommate over at Moody Towers pretty angy with all his late-night yelling at the computer screen.

Ladies and gentlemen, please get back to some sort of discussion. Saved by the Bell, if you love posting so much, please respond to my ever-so interesting line of questioning that got you all hot and bothered with talk about my anal polyps:

"That you think an entire ethnic group SHOULD be offended is interesting. In the spirit of argument, how do you decide what any ethnic group SHOULD feel? Do you feel like you know their interests and can speak for them? Do you feel that you know the stereotypes that affect them most and can spot them better than they can? Do you feel a need to take care of them because they are not able to?

I am curious to hear the logic."

I'd rather hear Liberal Hater respond, but it seems you have more time to waste. I'm sure I'll hear from you soon.
Gentlemen, this has been a spirited post. I retired early last night and missed the volleys. Thank you all for the excitement.

We all have multiple degrees and that tends us to go on with diarrhea of the mouth sometimes but its good that this stuff gets let out.

It relieves tensions.

Mr. Anonymous asked "how do you decide what any ethnic group SHOULD feel?"

I don't. But when we look to Jesse Jackson it many times can be assumed that he knows how the Black community fairs. The same for Quannel X. But they don't know anymore about the pulse than I do.

No one person can speak for a race or know their entire interest and to even think so is lunacy.

In reference to the seat in the cartoon, the seat cover is characterized by a stereotype of the type of garment that poor Hispanic peasants wear. I only pointed the sterotype out in my interpretation of Arturo's work.

If the UH Hispanic community were to get upset, which I don't think they will, I would not get the blame for point it, but it would be Gonzalez for his published work.

Anyway, I'm glad the debate was only subject to this forum, because we don't want to bring anymore embarrassment to the university.
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