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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Request to UH Daily Cougar Columnist or WIN Reporters 'Please do a piece on the UAE Leasing Our Ports'

Just got an e-mail from an old war buddy working in Dubai.

I've got lots of information and I'm ready to fire.

If you have "lots of information," please submit a guest column. I don't know what your experience has been in the past with the DC, but we are well aware that the opinion section leans to the left. Blizzard left to focus on his blog, but for all the hits I'm sure conservative blogs get, we have tens of thousands of readers on campus and online who should hear both sides. If you have the time to post massive critiques, you have the time to write 500-700 words for the newspaper.
Send the story idea to the managing editor of WiN or Dr. Schiff. Please include sources and contact info. I'm sure they'll give it a look.
I'm not going to blow my cover to WIN, the DC, or my profs. I'll continue to rack up my "A's" telling libs want they want to hear, and set my own course later.

Anyway, this port deal with be history by the time WIN goes into production, and the lib media will be onto the next so-called "Bush scandal."
you have some tired excuses. republicans are in the majority in the white house, and both houses of congress. stop acting like you're the minority and you're the one being persecuted.

grow some balls liberal hater. if you can write your narrow minded bullshit online, write it to the newspaper too. what are you afraid of? can't stand up for your beliefs?

what kind of patriot is too afraid to say what he feels? i think thats a coward not a patriot.

so what if your views offend some liberals, they'll be pleasant to the thousands of conservatives just like you right? voice your opinion out loud buddy, so all the conservatives can hear you.

fucking pussy.
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