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Monday, February 20, 2006


The Crazy World of UH Leftist TV I

That's the dumbest thing I've ever seen.
Other than a "W" state of the union address.
Come on, who can't appreciate the humor in a WIN extreme close-up.

This cartoon only illustrates WINs taking it to the next level, and is meant to be funny.

As soon as they are able to transplant humor into liberals I'll let you know.
Thanks for pointing out the lack of humor in the liberals. That is why they get so pissed when we make fun of them. Like I said before if the gay liberals can take a dick they should be able to take a joke. I guess a joke hurts them more than a dick becuase they aren't as broken-in in that department.

Screw the libs!

p.s. check your mail mister hater. There is something good in it that you will love. It would be great for the Blog if you can manage it.
To Jessica, Elly, Melissa:

Jessica, thanks for being a good sport about the stuff we've done about you. I know that it can be hurtful at times. Most of us on this blog are ex-military, I'm a combat vet, combat wounded, and I've seen and "did" a lot of shit, and can get carried away in maintaining my sanity.

I know you are a beautiful person, hell, you are "hot," beer or no beer, and from now on I will concentrate on your journalism and make comments when warranted.

In your pre-production practices I would hope that WIN emulates major network productions with appropriate graphics and presentation.

And Jessica, make-up or no make-up, hair down or waved, there are guys out there that are watching, and I would love to see you shine come production time.

Elly, I am flattered about your offer for me to write for WIN, but with my time schedule it is just not possible. I would hope that your offer extends to other UH Conservatives out their who want to contribute. I would hope that WIN and the DC be receptive to the other point of view, and welcome them with open arms in the arena of sharing ideas. I lauded a Daily Cougar Conservative writer recently, and I come to find out that he was not welcomed at the DC so the story goes. I know we share different ideologies on campus, and there is no ballot box to shut us up. So we are stuck together.

Elly, I would hope that a Conservative News source or two would grace the bottom of the WIN website. That would be a small gesture to show UH Conservatives that WIN is willing to share both ideologies in their endeavor.

Melissa, I'm glad I could make you so "controversial," and thanks for being a sport. I knew that you were probably Catholic and not gay, but we just don't see to many Conservatives have what has become to be known as a "Brokeback Moment" like President Bush recently had. Your column just oozed fun that day.

Thanks all.
Good enough. It's just fun anyway. We'll look into posting a few conservative news sources. Perhaps, William Safire's columns, the O'Reilly Factor page, George Will's columns, etc.
I look forward to spying those links. Please drop us a note or comment to let us know when this is done.
World Internet News Mission Statement


We are a news organization committed to telling the whole truth in context. Ours is a convergent newsroom, publishing online, on air and through cable. Our stories focus on issues, not just events.

We begin with the fundamental fact that the commercial news media routinely ignore or under-cover a wide range of issues, sources and points of view. Low income households, working people, ethnic minorities, union members, women, gays, the young, the disabled and foreign nationals are usually marginalized by corporate news values. Executives, officials, businessmen, politicians and experts are the typical sources and subjects of mainsrteam news -- as if they represented the public in an unbiased and objective way.

Our idea, then, is to create a non-profit news outlet that is better balanced. By being free from advertising and corporate sponsorship, we don't have to maintain a buying mood nor go soft on the rich and the powerful. Our idea is to produce the "other" side of the news that is not being done by commercial news outlets and publications. At the same time, we are committed to the highest standards of journalistic excellent. Quality journalism means being accurate, fair and balanced. It means showing compassion and telling the truth to the full extent that we know it.

Students and faculty from the School of Communication at the University of Houston did the stories and media critiques that are published here. Many of our pieces were broadcast on 30-minute "Not-For-Profit" News shows, produced for our non-profit radio and cable channel partners. We are working with KPFT 90.1-FM, which is a 100,000-watt, listener-sponsored Pacifica Network radio station, and with Houston Media Source, which operates WTP-TV Cable Channel 17.

We have additional goals. We seek to put news issues in historical and comparative context. In effect, we are trying to unify the two dominant knowledge-producing institutions of our times: the media and the universities -- by supplementing investigative reports with the expertise of social scientists and historians.

While the Internet holds great promise as an instrument for human betterment and universal enlightenment, it is quickly becoming commercialized and dominated by increasingly concentrated corporate interests. We seek to counterbalance this trend by producing content for the free side of the Internet and by creating a unique environment for the youth, self-educated adults and working intellectuals of the world to come together to report news and share ideas.

We want to focus on the unanswered structural questions of our times. We are convinced that the mega-cities around the world have similar issues and problems. Mega-cities like Houston, Buenos Aires and Chongqing act as industrial power centers in each nation-state and as intellectual poles of development in their regions. We seek to ascertain what their problems are and to look for social experiments where some successes have been found. We've taken the name, World Internet News, to reflect our intent to focus on the common issues and problems in the mega-cities of the world.

Starting in Houston, we are creating an online news network produced by reporters and editors from leading public universities around the globe. We seek to become a 24/7 non-profit news service and public forum that delivers text, audio, video and graphics for free over the Internet. We want to recruit investigative teams to consist of five to 10 students working under a faculty editor-publisher. We want a cooperative arrangement where reporters and editors continue to own what they produce and keep the copyrights to their work.

Potentially with 200 universities and 1,000 to 2,000 reporters spread out to every country on earth, the World Internet News group could expand news coverage well beyond the scope of commercial news services, which concentrate their super-bureaus in the industrialized G-8 countries. WiN will be closer to its sources and thicker on the ground than existing news agencies. By representing ordinary people in each country and region on the planet, WiN aims to establish its niche among online news services.
Now, if that's not big thinking then I don't know what is.
How about a quid pro quo. If WIN will do a good and decent news story about the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, or AMVETS, then Saved by the Bell will do a good post about the NSA and some of its past programs. I agree with an Admiral I once heard who said I don't give out intelligence information and I would like to shoot anyone who would, so what I will use is something that has been in the public domain for about 25 years so it should be fine, but since it is a very obscure source you will likely not know about it. If you guys want to know the truth then you should want to compare what the government is doing now with the so called "illegal wiretaps" during the War on Terror, versus what it did during previous administrations.

Which brings up a point. If the liberals on this board are so upset about potential invasions of their privacy by the NSA that is tapping people to get the terrorists, why are the libs so concerned with learning the identities of the Conservatives who post on this board like me? Isn't that really inconsistent? You can hardly make the case that there is any national security interests in your attempts to draw us out. You should stick to your principles if that is what they are. You guys are either privacy advocates or you are not. You don't get to cherry pick when you will and will not be for privacy.

As a libertarian I am a strong privacy advocate, it is just that I realize that in some cases national security must trump some of our most cherished liberties because without our great nation and our lives, we will not be able to enjoy them.

So think about what I have written here. If you want some good stuff from me, do a positive, and quality story about one of our proud veterans organizations that I have mentioned, going on a berry picking mission for some member who has something awful to say about the president or the war will not be considered a positive story.

The Bell has rung and the truth has been tolled!
I disagree on the point about giving up freedoms in the name of security. To me, what good is security if I have to give up any of my freedoms. I think it is an insult to soldiers past and present that fight for American freedoms to have them stolen by beauracrats in Washington.

As to identities, my questioning your identities was solely based on your attempt to try and attribute comments on this link to members of WiN without knowing for sure. You're the one throwing around names in the public. I just think it is the people who's names your throwing around right to know who their accusser is. No hypocritical actions here. Just want a level playing field.

As to a story about veterans, I'll try and get someone to do one. No promises. The reporters are all working on other stories currently.

As to your NSA idea, it's been done. We could talk about Hoover and McCarthey's activities all day.

Got to run.
There is more to the story than Hoover and McCarthey. Like I said, I don't think you are familiar with the source I'm speaking about. If the positive story about one of the veterans organizations is done however, I will keep my word.

The Bell has rung and the truth has been tolled!
Would you consider a story about benefits lost by veterans during the "W" administration and the effect on their lives be a positive story in your eyes? Now mind you, it might have no effect on some vets lives and we will tell that part of the story if true. We will go to the vets (WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq War) and tell their stories.

As to your NSA piece, I don't want another one-sided Democrat bashing piece. I think we can agree that any spying by the government, no matter who is in power, is good for the American people. If you are going to cite Democratic administrations, I expect fair time given to the Republican administrations.
I don't have a problem mentioning what is covered in the source about Nixon or Eisenhower, as well as Truman and Johnson, and there is a little about Carter if I remember correctly, it is too old to have much on Reagan I don't know if there is Much on Ford. I have to reread it. Truman, Nixon, Johnson were wartime presidents like Bush. Kennedy and Carter were not unless you are referring to the Cold War.

The whole point would be to give people a comparison and let them make up their own minds and also if they want to get the source and read more themselves they can.

As for your piece it should mention things like it was Ronald Reagan who made the department of Veterans Affairs a cabinet level department to begin with in 1988. I think costs of the current war should be covered as well since that is being given for a reason for cuts everywhere in the government. I'm for smaller government anyway so most cuts are fine with me or don't even go far enough, even some cuts to healthcare for veterans who did not serve in wartime and have no service connected disabilities.

Even though some veterans benefits are being cut, or deductibles for healthcare are going up, realize that healthcare costs are skyrocketing for all Americans and that of course winning any current war is going to have to take precedence over benefits for veterans in some categories, especially those who did not serve in wartime and do not have service connected disabilities. The VA puts veterans in different categories for good reasons.

The Bell rings true and the truth has been tolled!
Here is a little incentive for you guys to do a good story on the veterans groups. Read this story that came out today. Regardless of my own opinion about the gay agenda, Fred Phelps should be sent to Guantanamo and tortured to death for this! May he slide down a 50foot razor blade, land in a tub of salt and alcohol and then rot in hell for all eternity!

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Boy I'm feeling really generous towards you libs today. Discuss this one. For the record I'm against the President on this one. I don't think any foreign power should be running any aspect of our ports even if they are a close ally, even if they can do it more effectively, to me it is a vital issue of National Security, especially because of the nature of terrorism. Even if they are not running the port security, they are in a key position to observe it and find weaknesses in it, when they manage other aspects of the port. It is way too easy to slip agents into such a situation to help smuggle WMD into the country to attack America. It is hard enough to keep the ports secure with all of the foreign ships coming in, letting a foreign power run any part of it, even a close ally like Britain is too dangerous. I've said it before, National Security trumps a lot of things I am usually a strong supporter of, even unbridled capitalism. What is next? Do we let the Saudis run our nuclear plants?


The Bell has rung and the truth has been tolled! Fuck the terrorists and their front companies who want to spy on the American ports!
I agree with you on both stories. This Phelps character considers himself a man of God? What a joke! I hope he burns in hell. I don't know what makes people think they are here to judge others---what gives them the right? There are alot of these so-called religious people that aren't worth a squirt of piss in my opinion.

As to the ports, just another example of Bush cronyism. It's pathetic. I've been reading his comments regarding it and I can't believe he thinks people actually believe him.

I hope John McCain is our next pres. I think he will be much better than the last several we've had. He should have been elected in 2000. Shit, I think Kinky Friedman would probably would do a better job.
I meant to say judge others and persecute them.
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