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Monday, February 27, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'UAE Ports Deal Coverage is Hyped' (Let's not rush to judgement and not be influenced by the liberal media and libs)

The all talked about port deal story I checked recently has been known about as far back as November 2005 in British and American newspapers, and probably even before that.

So why there is so much outrage? Oh let me see, could it be because:

so who do they chose -- not al-Qaeda, but the UAE. An American ally. People who want to be more like Americans and the West more than they want to live in the 12th Century and like Osama Bin Laden. I suppose if OBL wanted to buy into the ports, the liberals would stand back and let it happen.

In reviewing
UH Daily Cougar columnist Adil Saleem's three-quarters tripe today "The word of the day is ignorance," Saleem hit upon the point of liberal ignorance and the double standard they afford themselves when they become the racists. Just because the UAE are Arabs, they cannot buy into the ports because they will be running the cranes, hauling the containers, running port security, noting any security weaknesses; all false of course, but liberals will tell you that many Arabs will be invading and taking union jobs if this deal goes on as scheduled.

Saleem informs us of those "Muslim fanatics who are ignorant of their own religion." Those fanatics are really facists who hide behind their religion while Muslims true to their faith and are peaceful, are caught in the crossfire.

The United States also has their ignorant people as well. Not relgious mind you, but those people who are ignorant via the democratic party. To be a liberal-in-charge of anything, ignorance is bliss, and that makes for uninformed people making hasty choices, and hence we get those crazy flash polls that have got liberals and Conservatives on the same side.

I'm not into uninformed decision making. Most of the people surveyed recently, about 64%, didn't even know that some American ports are foreign run. Even the Chinese have an interest in a port near Los Angeles, and liberals nor Conservatives raised a stink about that. Some ports are run by American government entities, but not one American company has an interest in running an American port. One, maybe two, Houston based of course, Halliburton and Bechtel have such a capability, but it is not in their interest -- they are in business elsewhere, and when you have liberals like Chuckie Schumer calling for Halliburton to run these ports, then something is wrong after the verbal thrashing liberals have given them.

Look, the government has checked out Dubai Ports World. If they didn't check the backgrounds of their personnel they would be stupid. The UAE runs ports around the world. That's their business. They made $100 million in contributions following Hurricane Katrina. Does that sound like an outfit that wants to harm the US?

If the UAE wanted to harm us, all they have to do is send a container with a bomb through one of our ports and that would be that. You don't have to run an American port to do that. Did OBL buy the World Trade Center before he bombed it? Look, seeing as the UAE allows American inspectors in the country along with our Navy, and many other American businesses in their borders, and if UAE officials found out that if someone wanted to harm us, then they would tell us. If they don't they stand to lose alot of business.

I've purposely tried not to pay any attention to the port deal lately, just as the hype with the Cheney shooting. I'll wait until the 45 day waiting period is over. That gives everyone a chance to get their issues cleared, and then calm and logical decisions can be made as to how to proceed.

I'm still leaning towards the port deal. But it will be interesting to see that once this story dies down, how many people will be backtrack on what they said during the "hype period" when the sincerity of DPW is revealed.

Jimmy Carter's early endorsement of the port deal I take as a a ruse. He's the democratic scapegoat on this one that gives those on the GOP side a reason to oppose. With American law in place, American employees moving the containers, and the UAE only writing the checks, that is a much better move than trying to Deep-6 a friend in the War on Terror, pretty much our best friend in the Persian Gulf Region.

Forcing an American company to go into the port business is not good for business. On the same hand, growing government to expand more into the port arena is also not good. The UAE is the most viable option that as compared to other port companies around the world are most willing to work with the US and it's unions. I believe when all the facts are reveal and the hype quelled, then it will be shown as the best way to proceed.

Screw the libs!

Like I said this is why this is such a great story on so many levels. You have some real diversity of opinion on this. I agree with a lot of what Liberal Hater has said as far as motivations for many people to be against it, that the UAE is one of our best allies in the Middle East, and that if people were going to raise a stink about this they should have before about all foreign companies running the ports. I did not no about this before this story broke, so that is why I never mentioned it or thought about it. Liberal Hater is right that getting the government involved will cause some economic distortions as I mentioned previously. However, my conclusions are still that all ports need to be American run as an additional layer of security, and that this should have been done after 9/11. I know that won't make the ports perfect, but I think it would give us better overall security. Once again though, recognizing the issues that Liberal Hater have raised and that I have mentioned before concerning our allies. If this deal does not go through, we need to make sure that it ends in a way where the UAE can save as much face as possible so that we will not lose our ally and other allies like Jordan.
It is clear that the Democrats are plotting to use the UAE Ports Deal against the Republicans at the very least for fund raising purposes. So how do you stop them?
It is amusing to see that Hasan Rizvi and Adil Saleem fall on the same side of an issue that I do, but one can understand their motivations.

They are proud peoples protecting their race. If they were Africans, would not Kalaiha, Darrel, Chris, and Dante fall on their side as well.

Liberal democrats only talk of profiling and racism only when someone else is doing it. Although I favor profiling, the people being profiled will not turn out to tbe the culprits each and every time.

If DPW is found capable of operating the ports without compromising our national security, then so be it.

If an American company was geared up to run the ports without being told, then I may have supported that, but that's not the case.
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